My animal totem/spirit animal/power animal; The Snake
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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Snake animal Totem — 3/15/18

bust of athena with snakes and zeus pendant statue of athena with staff and snake golden snake and shield of athena bust of athena with snakes and zeus pendant

For those of you that have read my book and channeled messages, you will have discovered that my oversoul is Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility. Much of the art of Athena shows her with an owl or a snake. The owl actually is Athena; she is the owl. She has the ability to morph back and forth, just like Coeus and Cronus into an owl form or parts of an owl. I also do this when I'm my oversoul and channeling Coeus. I'm the cute little owl that you see in the logo above in the header and Coeus is a big hulking, broad-chested, sexy owl, with tiny feet.

I believe that Athena's mystical powers come from her relationship with the snake energies which can manifests into her mystical abilities. If you have read my channeled messages, on a few of occasions I've heard a hissing sound or I've seen a snake.

On the morning of January 3, 2018, I experienced the following during channeling Coeus.

(D) Somebody whispered to me “temptations.” It was a snake-like sound. I’ve heard this once before. Like an airy hissing sound. The energy was moving in a wavy, vertical motion. I could feel a huge energy shift. I didn’t like the way that it felt. It was like an enticement to come to the dark side. It only lasted for a second, but now it’s gone.

 Point taken.

On February 5, 2018, I had a psychic vision with a snake.

(D) Now there is someone lying on the ground on his back. The top of his head is towards me. There is an arching snake between me and the man. I’m an observer. The man seems aware that the snake is behind him and quickly rolls to the left as the snake strikes and hits the ground; missing him.

This morning, I was having a "psychic dream" involving a huge snake. There were some people and animals in one of my stair-less buildings, where I had to crawl through things to navigate the energies. I talk about these types of inter-dimensional experiences in my book. The people and animals were so frightened of this large snake, and were trying to run from it, for fear they would be caught and eaten. When looking at the snake from the front, it is almost like a snake is within a tan/gold colored tube.

I gathered the people and animals together and hid them from the snake. Then I went out by myself to confront this giant snake. When I found him, I approached him head-on. Instead of "conquering" the snake and over-powering it, I talked to the snake and told it that I love him. As you might recall, it's important in any battle to "choose your battles wisely." That is exactly what I did; avoided a battle by eliminating fear.

The snake looked back at me and was in such joy. All he wanted was to be loved; not feared. The problem was that everyone would attack him "thinking" that he meant them harm. He was being falsely judged, which is why it is so important to listen VERY carefully to each others words and feelings.

spiritual meaning of a snake animal totem powerWhen I arrived at the farm/studio, I searched on the spiritual dream meaning of "snake." I first searched using images and found one of the most beautiful animal totem websites I've ever seen. It's called, "What is My Spirit Animal."

After I read about the snake, there was a quiz that people could take to see their own spirit animal. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, pressed the button to find out my spirit animal and poof!, it was the SNAKE.

I'm going to start calling upon the power of my spirit animal; the Snake, as most are not to be feared; but loved. I will be cautious of its "temptations," but not fearful. Fear comes from not having accurate truths. ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK, then use your heart and brain to find the knowingness you require for your quests.


I found a correlation to Coeus and snake energies. I've been lead to research the twelve Apostles of the Bible. These are the same beings as the twelve Titans, twelve Nordic Gods, etc.

 There is a Nordic God Bragi that exactly describes Coeus; Bragi is the God of poetry, eloquence, wisdom, word-smithing, and music. There have been several reference to Coeus being "Shakespearian" in his speaking, which often comes out in his channeled messages, the remainder is quite obvious as you read his messages. Music is definitely his thing. He loves playing songs for me and singing to me. He always wakes me up to a song, or references one during messages.

This morning, after contemplating the 12 apostles during the night, I received the song, "There's a Kind of Hush," by Englebert Humperdink. He's one of Coeus' favorite artists. He wanted me to stop thinking about things. It was my main issue during Judgment on the Super Blue Blood Moon.

Anyway, Coeus' morphing abilities are extensive. I believe that he was once again, "in disguise," when I encountered the snake. I felt love for the snake as I do Coeus. This is another example of testing the spirits.