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The book — The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

chapter 8 — inter-dimensionally traveling with your body



The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Welcome to The Inter-Dimensional Traveler

the inter-dimensional traveler, inter dimensional travel, diane holycrossMy name is Diane H. Holycross. If you found my website, chances are you are starting to spiritually awaken, and are most likely experiencing some unusual dream-time adventures. You are might also be starting to having a lot synchronicity (coincidences) happening. Trust me, nothing is a coincidence; it's all divine.

Writing my book is part of my divine purpose. It's time for all of us 1st-wave Lightworker's to activate and fulfill the purpose of their soul journey to planet Earth.

My book includes all forms of spiritual travel, including my forte; inter-dimensional travel. Several years ago, my guides suggested that I write a book and to use my journal for all references. They told me that "The entire world will read your book." I said, "Really?" They said, "Yes."

I always thought everyone experienced "dreams" like me, but apparently not. They made it quite clear that I was unique in my dream-time; not like others, and it was important to document the "time" or lack there of, which I spend on these planes of energy.

We are "spirit having a physical experience in an organic body suit." We are all living in an a hologram that we, as creators have individually created in an collective illusion. We are truly that powerful of beings, created by the most powerful on high; Lord Father/Mother/God.

In my body, I'm a well-known, web-based, ceramic tile artist. I own a business called Tiles with Style. I have an over-abundance of orders, because of my great spirit team and savvy business skills, but most importantly my own creator abilities. Out of my body, which is most of my day; while I work, and at night, I spiritually travel.

My book is 100% FREE. I personally don't believe in charging for spiritual gifts, as they should be shared. My soul path requires that I do not accept funds for my book, as it is unnecessary for my financial success. We are all part of a massive collective of spirit energy, sharing the same source energy. What I do for you, is like doing for myself, so why would I charge myself for my gifts? Instead, I have learned how to create supply and abundance by utilizing my creator abilities that we all have within us.

My book is 175 pages in length. It contains many of my spiritual experiences, my own "awakening," definitions and examples of spiritual travel, and DIY methods that came from my own personal journal. Much is channeled from my guides.

As I mention in the Preface of my book, please read the entire book; in order, including the Preface and the Introduction. DO NOT jump around, or you will miss vital information, and probably not comprehend much of it.

My book is copy-written, but feel free to pass it around to your friends.

The left column of this website contains my book, as well as my Wordpress blog articles, which I reference in the book.

10/30/2017 08:33:55 AM

My book should be available as a .pdf file, Kindle book, and on this website soon; I'm awaiting the Copyright office registration number.

Just fond out it takes 6-8 weeks to get the copyright number.