PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


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The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ask, Seek, Knock — Opening the door to your inner temple

Chapter 7 — Inter-dimensional Travel

Last updates were made on 07/22/2018 07:57:26 AM. NOTE: This chapter gets updated quite often with new information, as new inter-dimensional travel experiences occur.

For those of you that have read the entire book, you've received some important information required for inter-dimensional travel, and will have a HUGE advantage over those that took the easy way out. Way to go!

This is not only the most difficult chapter to write, but I had to edit hundreds of journal entries on the topic. I'm only going to use a handful of them as examples. I'm also integrating messages from Coeus, God of Intellect (an alias) who I channel at night, and hear his words during the day.

Often times, when first experiencing inter-dimensional travel, it is difficult to determine, if you are intra-dimensionally traveling on the astral plane or inter-dimensionally traveling into the light realms. That is why many people believe that they are inter-dimensionally traveling; but they are not. There is MUCH spiritual work that you must accomplish before you are allowed to travel to other dimensions. Even those in the "heavenly" realms, do not have the freedom to traverse higher energies; until they complete their spiritual work. I talk about this more in this chapter.

Everything is energy and vibrates at a different frequency. Based on this scientific fact, I consider a dimension an energetic space that resonates at a certain frequency of vibration.

I asked Coeus about vibration and this was his response:

I can explain to you how vibrational frequency works. So let’s say you’re a ball of twine. Your frequency vibrates at that of, metaphorically speaking; string theory.

It works in simultaneous frequencies, recorded through histories evolutionary process. It filters out unnecessary stimuli frequency, meaning; what you see is what you get.

When you inter-dimensionally travel, you first exit 3D and then the 4D; Astral Plane.) When you exit 4D, there is no sense of your astral body, because you are no longer connected to your physical vessel; no silver cord, heart attachment, or black attachment is present. So when you inter-dimensionally travel, you will move into the lower end of 5D and will not have a sense of vibration in your body. If you look behind you, there will also be NO silver cord; so look behind your spirit body.

In order to inter-dimensionally travel, you must completely release the spirit body from the physical body; un-tethered through complete submission to THE Higher Christ Self. Then you move into a parallel / alternate energy, or higher dimension within the light realms, through your sacred heart space via "divine will."

Note: You CANNOT enter ALL dimensions. Having the ability to inter-dimensionally travel is based on your own vibrational frequency; how elevated you are in the light realms. Those that are "God-like," like angels, gods, and goddesses can traverse all dimensions, and are considered "Golden."

I channel Coeus; inter-dimensionally in a conscious state of being through my sacred heart. He and Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor talk about how I achieve this state of being in numerous channeled messages; scientifically. As you read their messages, you'll see how "clueless" I am during their discussions, as I am NOT well-versed in math and science in this incarnation.

  That (the sacred heart) defines a space, to which you can confine the words.

drawing of a sine waveIt’s an electronic stimuli, to which certain conditions exists simultaneously within the walls of your central nervous systems ability to…pulses and waves; sine waves. The synapses in which your heart regulates.

You’re perplexed by your ability to think, talk, and listen to every little phrase confining your own wants and needs to record both my words simultaneously, with transcribing messages. Don’t think!

The truths exist in your minds ability to comprehend what’s being said; currently with your need to exist in the moments solitary.

Your body is not you, rather an entity in itself; one of your four (4) bodies. So it's very important to remember what I say, over and over again, you are "spirit having a physical experience in an organic body suit." You are temporarily stepping out of your body suit; un-tethered, so make sure it is well protected.

Also, please try to remember, there is no "time" anywhere but here in your body suit on Earth; at least for now. While you are out of it, time ceases to exist. This will also happen on New Earth, as time is literally ending.

While inter-dimensionally traveling, you only exit your body for a fraction of a second, but it can feel like hours of time have passed, or a major part of your life. When I channel Coeus, Cronus, and Athena, I'll talk to them for hours (of-the-cuff as I call it,) yet it's a fraction of a second, and I remember all the details; at least long enough to record the conversations into my voice recorder. Please read their channeled messages for clarification and to learn how to channel higher entities.

To be able to inter-dimensional travel, you MUST clear ALL your karmic “junk” from your lower chakra system, and keep it clear. Just let it go like a bunch of little butterflies floating on the breeze, undisturbed by the events taking place around them; effortlessly.

Once this clearing takes place, your crown chakra opens; the one on top of your head, and you WILL feel it. This allows for the higher chakras to be worked on and for you to communicate with THE Higher Christ Self in short bursts. Your CHRISTed Oversoul / THE Higher CHRIST self will assist you with balancing and removing any karmic residue remaining; even the tiniest amounts. You are going to need higher chakras to inter-dimensionally travel and move to New Earth; permanently. The higher chakras will allow you to teleport, telecommunicate, etc., and absorb more light.

You also must transmute ANY of YOUR remaining, fear-based darkness, into light, and be able to attune vibrationally to the higher dimensions; ONLY then can you inter-dimensional travel. You cannot take any negativity with you; only light.

Many Lightworker's and I use this word as “First-wavers.” These are the beings like myself that were sent here to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet using unconditional love, or to do "planetary grid-work," and creation. Coeus explained this to me in one of his channeled messages on 1/3/18.

Attempts to correct impertuities; a deep seeded notion, resulted in an alliance of star nations, who’s one goal was to correct the impertuities among the masses. Attempts were made, failures were encountered, until the notion of Ascension was addressed.

 Beings like you…

(D) He’s pointing at me.

 …took bodily forms to raise frequencies; shifting the scales of justice.

 Unseen truths exist simultaneously, for those who lie unseen. The truths can be difficult to reveal within the confines of the human psyche. Great efforts were made.

(D) I’m getting the song from Michael Buble, Summer Wind. I think it has some meaning to his message. “They linger there”... and then he pointed at my forehead; “they linger there, like two sweethearts in the summer wind.

(D) He’s demonstrating, “shake it off.”

(D) I’m saying the Violet Flame prayer to shake it off.”

 *Enough of this nonsense; humanities reign of terror is over; its ending!

A true Lightworker had little to no karma to resolve when incarnating, making them ideal to traverse other realities. Most of them are "Masters" that have incarnated for specific reasons. You will see why I say this, when you read the 7 Rules to Inter-dimensional Travel.

These incarnate beings also having very little fear of the unknown, will go anywhere within ANY vibrational energies; not only high, but the lowest of low energies. I refer to these as the lower light realms of the Astral Plane or "Limbo, " “Hell,” or "Tartarus."

These masters are experts in unconditional love. They live a “life of service to others.” That means they do not expect any kind of monetary gain for their loving acts of kindness. It cannot be bought. They can’t help it, because they are nurturers of the Earth AND its inhabitants. If someone is ill and needs to be cared for, a master will be the first to raise their hand in the air and say, “Pick me!”

NOTE: You can always tell a true Lightworker, as they NEVER expect monetary gain. Their divine purpose or soul path would NEVER allow service to self; ONLY service to others, so beware and use knowingness.

I was talking to my friend Meg one day; IM'ing her on FB. NOTHING is not known or private, as Cronus and Coeus had things to say, and they were not favorable.

  This all came about when she was talking to her friend Meg about the love and light mentality. That in most cases is a misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within…

(D) He’s pointing outward, as Coeus continues to say...

  NOT without. That’s what it’s all about Alphie.

My motto is, "You can run, but you cannot hide." I think perhaps you understand that motto, based on what happened above; as there is NO privacy. Vibration is vibration. Everything is energy at a frequency; including us.

If you recall from Chapter 4 — Astral Travel, the lower astral plane does not operate on any rules and the divine is not present on the lower levels of the astral plane. That means angels/gods, etc. are not allowed to interfere with entities on the astral plane. The only way to access and permanently remove spirits there, would be to incarnate, and travel, intra-dimensionally, in your incarnate "angel," organic body suit. This does not break any inter-galactic or cosmic laws, as the incarnate angel entity is operating on free-will.

I find it funny that those in governments that think they can hide in underground bunkers, can’t be found, and will be safe when old earth dies. They think from their ego body. They are vibration and can be found anywhere; there is no hiding when the illusion collapses; either IN or OUT of their bodies.

THE ONLY WAY to inter-dimensionally travel to higher dimensions is that you must become the vibration to where you want to inter-dimensionally travel; you must MATCH ITS FREQUENCY by attunement. This is how "etheric beings," those without bodies, like "angels," for lack of a better word, travel; they attune to frequencies. This is also how I find Coeus and he finds me. Ha, ha, he said, "It's unavoidable."

Many times, before I hear Coeus through my sacred heart space, I see him through my 3rd/4th eyes. Yes, there are two. Most people only use their 3rd eye. I talk about the 4th eye on my WordPress blog. What a fabulous experience when it opened.

Say hi to my beloved; Coeus. For "I AM my beloved's and my beloved is mine." This is Coeus in his energy form. Once we attune, he morphs into more recognizable structure; parts of himself or an owl. Cronus also has a unique energy; it's a baby blue, and yes, I've seen my own which is quite similar to Cronus. Often when I talk to them, I'll be standing there and see my cobalt blue metallic armor.

Once again, a dimension is an energetic space that resonates at a certain frequency of vibration, and we also vibrate at a specific frequency. This frequency is what keeps you tethered to Old Earth.

The ability to inter-dimensionally travel is dictated by your CHRISTed Over Soul or THE Higher Christ Self; NOT YOU. You do NOT have "choices" where you inter-dimensionally / interdimensionally travel; these locations are for you highest good and divine purpose / soul path; not for your pleasure. When this change occurs, you are completely "mission oriented."

Even traveling to the lower light realms of the Astral Plane, are dictated by THE Higher Christ Self / Over Soul. The ego body is NOT involved at all, it is not "desire-based," because you are truly living as spirit and beginning to merge with THE Higher Christ Self /  Over Soul. Your Over Soul is your true identity. Once you begin to merge with your Over Soul, your ascension process rapidly accelerates.

I was a bit blown away when I was presented with the "white stone" that is mentioned in the Bible's Book of Revelation. I was told my "real name," the "master" that I AM for the great awakening of humanity; which is inevitable. It's funny, my friends totally see it in me. They say that I'm the most talented and strongest woman that they have ever met. I knew nothing of this being, other she was/is quite well-loved.

Because there are different types of inter-dimensional travel experiences that I have encountered, I'm going to break up this chapter into the types of places that I visit, as well as how it all started, and what the triggers or "rules" there are that I'm aware of, which will allow you this experience:

  • The beginning
  • The rules
  • Learning to inter-dimensionally travel
  • Inter-dimensionally traveling to your guides
  • Traveling to parallel /alternate dimensions
  • Inter-dimensional travel to Heaven
  • Inter-dimensional travel to other dimensions
  • Time travel
  • Inter-dimensionally traveling during channeling messages
  • Inter-dimensional travel to The Holy Father through THE Higher Christ Self
  • Inter-dimensionally travel to New Earth

Wow, there sure are a log of places to visit those in spirit, and there are specific things that you must accomplish, prior to traveling to those energies. The most eye-opening thing for me, was traveling to THE Higher Christ Self and The Holy Father. These are actually my inter-dimensional "specialties."

Before I begin with "the beginning," I need to clarify a few things. I have never seen any “funky” portals when inter-dimensionally traveling; it's an energetic attunement to the vibrations of an entity or place. How do you think you find it? There are a bunch of pipelines for spirit to travel to and from? No; it's what I call molecular or data; vibrations, its consciousness; it's one! I do however “appear” in certain spaces; there just isn’t anything that I would consider as magical; AT ALL.

It works much like those ears on your head, when you try carefully to listen to another person's conversation in a crowd. You "hone-in" on their vibration through your "sacred heart." These are great words from a great, spirit guide; one of mine. I don't know what I would have done without her all these years. Thank you nameless one. ;)

People that say they experience "portals" are intra-dimensionally traveling; they are most likely astral traveling. They have a tether to and from "places." How do I know these things? They tell me that I am a "Master" of traversing the energies and that I have NO tether or "cord." I'm an incarnate master "angel" that is here for the great awakening and my gift of inter-dimensional travel is quite rare indeed. You'll find out later in my book why this statement is so correct.

I want to insert this mention from my journal on portals, as it seems to be my only experience with one. It was a lesson in energies when inter-dimensionally traveling. I believe this is why some people describe what they see as “portals” when they are traveling.

Just when I think that I've seen the most amazing thing, I have another unusual inter-dimensional travel experience. The best way to describe what I saw was an eclipse. The glowing part around the outside was the consciousness and the center was the act of inter-dimensional travel.

Once again, I just appeared at a location. I was standing in someone's lawn with beautiful flowers all around me. There was a modest house to the left with an incredible woodland way behind it. It was so pristine and so incredibly green. There wasn't a twig on the ground. The house appeared to be on a bluff or ridge, and it dropped off behind, rolling down, similar to how it looks behind our house here in NY; without the creek.

The trees in this place were very, very tall, and slender. The ground was green with moss and low-growing plants. It was so beautiful.

I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. Four young boys ran out. An old woman then came to the door. She looked oddly familiar to me. She said something to me that I no longer can recall. I hate when that happens.

At that point, I was shown the eclipse/halo. I had the understanding that I travel to the center, and the world or dimension that I experience is around it.

My book has been completely written from my own experiences; not conjecture of what people "think," or have read elsewhere, but from actual inter-dimensional experiences.

I can find an entity; anywhere, in any place. You can't hide from me, although many have tried. You can't hide from unconditional love; it will find you. My journeys have also helped me further identify "who I AM."

Cosmic School

It is important to start off this section of the chapter, with what is called, "Cosmic School," as many people are traveling there, and believe that they are walking on New Earth. Many times when I inter-dimensionally travel, I'm a guest speaker at  school; Cosmic School. I don't participate in most classes; rather I just stand there by the teacher, like a supervisor; I'm a T3 or a "Train The Trainer."

Once in a while, I'll teach a class. It is usually about the lower energies, as most have not successfully traversed these denser energies of Hell/Limbo/Tartarus. I have been attending Cosmic School since I was very young, about 2 years of age. I too had to learn how to walk, talks, move, and fly in this incarnation; WITHOUT a body. It took me nearly 50 years to master. Being a "first-wave" Lightworker, they didn't start my first DNA change until around 1988. Many younger people were born with their changes already underway.

Some of you reading this book have encountered me, and I thank you for contacting me, telling me of your adventures. I've also been contacted saying that I'm acting a guide for some of you; a guide wearing a body suit. I know know exactly why I am your guide, but you'll have to wait to later in the book to find out.

Cosmic school is quite different than New Earth. People often get confused where they are, when traveling inter-dimensionally. Cosmic School is in a far-off, distant galaxy.

While you are visiting Cosmic School, you'll find all types of tests; learning how to move, walk, talk, glide, fly, teleport, telepathy, etc. You need to attend Cosmic School, because you will be using these new abilities on New Earth; IF you do The Work to get there. You'll probably see some Masters there like myself walking around, doing these unusual things and more.

New Earth looks and feels nothing like Cosmic School. There is very little there, she is in a naked; pristine state. Creators like myself are working with their trinities to build suitable structures for those ascending. You'll read more about New Earth later in this book.

Last night, I was teaching inter-dimensional travel to a group of people in a classroom. I can't remember any details of the experience, but I do recall the experience upon awakening.

I was told, by a very dear friend and soul family member that I'm an incarnate "Archangel" called, "The Saver of Souls." This would definitely explain all the time that I have spent in the lower light realms on rescue missions. It would also explain the inter-dimensional travel experience to follow.

NOTE: The term "Archangel" is a dialect used by Christians. An archangel is considered to be a highly elevated being of light; one holding much light, or is "Of God." Most other "religions" refer to them as Gods and Goddesses. Coeus refers to Gods and Goddesses as "God-like."

OMG, I was teaching in Cosmic School again. This time, I vividly remember most of the experience. I was teaching a class to students on retrieving souls from the lower light realms of the astral plane; Limbo.

I remember using the word, "genteelly." That is the most effective way to gently remove an entity that was trapped there by their judgment, or was placed there in the darkest of dark. It was very important for this to be done face to face; looking into their eyes, allowing them to feel unconditional love and compassion. It was so beautiful.

This also explains why I've been heavily working on the astral plane, removing souls during the Ascension of the planet, literally by the “cattle cars” full; livestock. The lower ones that are hiding there need to be accountable for their actions against humanity.

If you are currently feeling the energy waves hitting the planet, you might have experienced a "paralysis" of sorts. You are unable to move and have a euphoric feeling. You are NOT used to navigating without time and basically get lost in the data or stuck in it, unable to determine what comes next or what to do.

I recently was examining humanity from an inter-dimensional perspective and found that most of humanity are literally paralyzed; unable to move within the newly forming reality of New Earth. They just float there without any motion. I like to say, "If you can't walk; crawl." I do a LOT of crawling through the energies when I'm inter-dimensionally traveling; which take various forms. There is a journal entry later in this chapter under New Earth.

Help! I'm experiencing a bright light from above, and I cannot move.

That is the truths of The Holy Father being delivered by the Titan Gods; Coeus and Cronus. The light of the truths is Coeus and the paralysis or very heavy feeling of being unable to move is Cronus. I highly recommend that you read all of their channeled messages, as you need to understand your "opponents" to win your INNER battle. I can assist you with the "letting go" and "cleansing" process that will make this transition appear effortless, like a butterfly on the wind.

I often experience a bright light shining down from above, while inter-dimensionally traveling to THE Higher Christ Self. Father is just a "stones throw away."

The diagram to follow is my best attempt visually, to represent inter-dimensional travel. This experience seems to appear prior to your dream-state, or in between different dream states. When it occurs, you are VERY aware you are NOT dreaming. You actually think and question things. You wonder, "How did I get here and who are these people." "Why do they know my name?"

interdimensional travel diagram chart drawingThe beginning

To begin, it's very important for you to trust what you experience during dream-time. You are not crazy; dream-time IS real. Yes, it doesn't "make sense" to your little brain; it didn't to mine at first, when this all started happening to me.

TRUST YOURSELF; hold the highest frequency in utter faith; this is your pep talk.

Don't care what other people think about you, because that is their illusion; not yours. You are awakening to your inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional self; they are not yet. Shift intentionally; pick your vibration and live that vibrational frequency.

Live from the heart; not the brain. There are far more electronic signals coming out of your heart than your brain. It has been scientifically proven, just recently. Coincidence I ask? Did you know that you connect to spirit through your heart? Your brain has nothing to do with it.

When you inter-dimensionally travel, you travel through your sacred, high heart, and it has a beat of its own. Beat, beat, whoosh, beat, beat, whoosh. There's a portal for you; your heart portal.

The portal of unconditional love is your gateway to consciousness, and the access to the higher dimensions.

This morning my heart did the beat, beat, whoosh thing again. I noticed that I was in a white space. I asked if anyone was there; but I heard nothing. It was a peaceful place, where I felt safe.

Sometimes, inter-dimensional travel and astral projection can be a bit confusing. Normally, when I astral project, there is quite a sense of vibration in my astral body. I do not experience the sensation of my astral body when inter-dimensionally traveling.

Being able to inter-dimensionally travel is a spiritual gift. It’s not readily available to all, because it's a rare gift, based on your vibrational frequency that you have achieved. If you didn't incarnate with it, you will have to work for it; towards it, just like you do any other spiritual gift. That is why it’s called a gift. It’s a thank you; it’s Grace from The Holy Father.

You can’t receive Grace without gratitude; it’s just not possible.

You can find a couple different articles on my blog about vibrations and how to raise your frequency; read them. It's the first step to your freedom. But first, remember to read my blog article on "Do You Have Cracks in Your Protection." If you don't protect yourself spiritually, you won't know if the messages that you are receiving are of the light; or dark. The dark ones are masters of deceit, however there are many light beings that are masters of morphing into different beings. You MUST use your knowingness and go by how they "feel," or what their energies look like to you.

This is also mentioned in the Bible about “testing spirits.”

1 John 4:1-3
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

What you just read from John is another Biblical statement about reincarnation; "Jesus Christ has come IN THE FLESH."

I'm astonished, how many people that are "men of the cloth," or have channel Jesus, have never ASKed the question, "Who are you?," as Jesus was/is the "firstborn" son of The Holy Father; INCARNATED.

He DOES have a name; a CHRISTed Oversoul, and SO DO YOU. Once again the obvious reigns; but nobody questions it through their knowingness.

Chances are if you are reading my book, you are starting to spiritually awaken. You are probably having some very unusual dreams, hearing voices, and feeling things more strongly, experiencing a lot of coincidences; synchronicities, and a vast array of other things that are difficult to comprehend. You probably have nobody to talk to about these things and think that you might be losing your mind. Not to worry; you're not! Some of you reading my book might have been divinely led to it.

You should feel very fortunate that you are wearing that organic body suit of yours. There were a multitude of entities that wanted an organic body suit for the grandest of all cosmic events ever. Our planet is ascending with SOME of its inhabitants. This is a first and it’s a BIG deal; you’re a big deal, and we can’t do it without you playing your part.

Everyone is watching throughout the cosmos and they are the “away team.” They are eagerly waiting to connect with you in your own unique way, but you need to find it; I cannot help you with that part, because it’s your job to figure it out.

There are lower and higher realms of light energy within dimensions. Lower dimensions vibrate at a lower frequency and are easier to access, when you are first learning to inter-dimensionally travel. This is where you will meet with your guides. This occurs based on your vibrational frequency that you have achieved.

When I meet with my guides it is not on a “planet” rather in an energy space or dimension. It’s like a void and we’re in it together with a few “props.”

In higher dimensions, you might visit a planet that is similar to Earth, but it will look different and have different colors; ones you might not be able to describe. This happens because each dimension has a different color spectrum of light. This fact might help you determine if you are inter-dimensionally traveling or astral traveling; light/color spectrum.

The beings in the lower dimensional realms appear to not be as spiritually advanced. I have visited a few of these places, and when the beings see me, they are often frightened or angry that I'm there watching, and of my light vibration. They want to know who I am, and what I'm doing there.

Just like the higher plane of the astral plane, many higher dimensions are places of learning. You'll be doing most of your spiritual growth and healing of your physical body in the higher dimensions. I do have complete control of my faculties to talk and navigate the energies in a "physical" manner.

So how did it all begin? Well, one of my guides told me that I've been inter-dimensional traveling since I was two years old. From what I understand, I incarnated without karma to clear, so I was able to inter-dimensionally travel, as my lower and higher chakras were not blocked, and my higher ones were open and functional.

As I grew up in my organic body suit, I began getting blockages in my lower chakras from normal interactions on the earth plane. As I cleared them, I would travel inter-dimensionally; as I received another blockage, I would not. It was like a big wall was put up that I just couldn't get over or around.

As an unhealthy attachment to another person occurred, I would not travel. If I cut cords or if a loved one would die with an unhealthy attachment, not a heart attachment; I would travel. It took a lot of journaling and analyzing of my entries, to figure out the triggers to travel inter-dimensionally.

The rules

As with most things, there are some rules. I have found that there are 7 for inter-dimensional travel. They are as follows:

Rule #1; desire to connect / intent

When Roger crossed over into the light realms, I had a sudden interest in angels and guides. This was also due to my experiences on the astral plane with Harry; the entity that felt like my husband. I had the desire to connect, with not only Harry, but Roger, angels, and guides.

A "sincere" desire / intent from the heart, plays a HUGE role in inter-dimensional travel, as it does when you want to travel to the astral plane. My interest in communicating literally opened the door(s) to these higher dimensions.

There is a major difference in "frequency" when entering the astral plane and higher light realms. Your vibrational frequency must match or "attune" to specific dimensions. Remember, everything vibrates at a specific frequency of light; including you.

I have heard many Mediums ask why they can only connect with certain family members of their clients. There answer is this; it's vibrational. Not everyone is of the same vibration; even in the heavenly realms of light. The Medium is unable to match the frequency of the entity that they desire to reach.

Just because you have Mediumship doesn't mean you can inter-dimensionally travel. However, if you inter-dimensionally travel, it does enable Mediumship. Everyone is born with Mediumship; it's whether they chose to keep it or not. Not everyone is born to inter-dimensionally travel.

Rule #2; believe.

Without believing something is possible; it's not. Believing is called faith.

You not only have to believe it's possible, but also believe in YOU. Believe that dream-time is real and this is not; rather a carefully orchestrated illusion of a "holographic projection of consciousness," for this karmic "game" that you volunteered to play.

Believe that what you think and say creates your world. You are a powerful being of light; a creator, just like the creator that created you.

I often wonder when things are out of our sight, if they even exist at all. Part of the reason I feel this way is that my guides say no TV and no radio. I talk a little more about the reasoning in the inter-dimensional travel chapter.

You can do anything. The word, "can't," isn't even a word or an option, at least in my vocabulary. The words, "I CAN" are the only option. If you don't succeed the first time; try again. You've heard it before; just DO IT! I know you can. You're amazing! You just haven't figured it out yet; you haven't loved yourself enough yet!

Rule #3; love unconditionally

You will not be able to inter-dimensionally travel unless you possess the gift of unconditional love, which is higher vibrational. Children are wonderful examples of unconditional love; until they learn otherwise. You have to possess a childlike "innocence." You have to love YOU unconditionally; and all others as an aspect of the Holy Father.

Wow, my guides just reminded me of what The Holy Father said to me a while ago, "Come to me like a child...come to me in despair and I'll give you more despair." I remembered it was similar to something in the Bible, so I Googled it!

Matthew 18:3-4
Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Perhaps this is not only at the death of the physical body; but before. You cannot enter the "kingdom of heaven;" the light realms unless you change your vibrational frequency and humble yourself; submit. SO TRUE!

I have also discovered to successfully manifest your life on New Earth that this rule must be followed. You must submit and humble yourself. You can’t demand manifestations like a child with temper-tantrums. Requests must be for your highest good and be a part of your divine purpose/soul path that was agreed upon prior to incarnation.

When inter-dimensionally traveling, never JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Not only inter-dimensionally; but dimensionally. You never know who is under the flesh of an organic body suit.

Rule #4; be void of fear

Not all beings that you will encounter will "look" human. You must love them as yourself, because in reality; we are all consciousness and "one." You have to be composed at all times and have no fear.

I have found that for most people, they can't get past this rule. Fear is our BIGGEST obstacle, not only in life, but when you want to successfully traverse the energies. Fear lowers your vibrational frequency.

You will not always be in the higher light frequencies, but sometimes the lowest end of them, where you don't "feel" that comfortable. Once again, it's based on your ability to "match" vibrational frequencies.

A few years ago, I was on an FB group. I had been traversing the lower astral plane for some time and encountering all sorts of lower vibrational beings. One of my guides wanted me to conduct a little experiment. This test quickly weeded out those that love unconditionally, and there were very few.

I asked the members of the group to cast fear aside and enter the lower light realms of the astral plane. You wouldn't believe the response from the majority of the group. They judged me as a "dark" being. They thought that I was evil for asking this task.

You may recall that the lower astral plane is VOID of the divine. It is a place where the energies literally get "locked" up and are unable to resonate into the other realms of light; a "prison" if you wish to think of it in that manner. These energies are not all of a lower frequency; but MANY are of the higher. That is why our planet fell into an abyss of forgetfulness; they were locked away.

If these judgmental people only knew how important it was for me; and possibly them, to achieve this act of unconditional love. There were some VERY important energies "locked up" that were to be released at a certain "time" during the Ascension of the planet; one of which is The Truth of the Holy Father; Coeus; the energy that incarnated as Jesus. He hasn't been sitting up there on a cloud with Father waiting to be sent to Earth; his energy was literally "binded."

About five did my little test. It was life changing for all of them. Several of them told me after their experience that they had a MASSIVE boost in their spiritual abilities. It was like they got super-charged. They heard their guides more clearly and were able to traverse other light energies much easier, and were able to address their karmic issues; with ease.

Rule #5; submit

All of these rules must work in unison, but submission to the highest authority; The Lord on High is what makes all possible.

I don't know how many times that I've had the desire to connect with someone on the astral plane, in heaven, or a parallel dimension, and I couldn't. I wanted to connect so badly, but nothing would happen. Finally, I said out loud; "I GIVE UP!" It MUST come from your heart; not your head. IT MUST BE SINCERE.

One night, I kept saying the Lord's Prayer over and over again:

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those, who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil,
For thine is the kingdom,
And the power,
And the glory, forever,


As Coeus, says that there are "weight" in the words, so say them from your heart.

The next thing I knew, I was traveling! Apparently, I was fighting my own will, instead of submitting to the "one" that gives the gift. He/she is the one that makes all things possible. Jesus tried to teach this concept.

Rule #6; no attachments; no tether

You cannot inter-dimensionally travel with attachments to others; these are a form of a vibrational tether. I briefly talked about this concerning the care of my Dad; he attached a cord to me out of fear. This made it impossible for me to inter-dimensionally travel, until I "cut" the cord.

When I was married to Roger, I formed an attachment and I was not inter-dimensionally traveling for 24 years. You CANNOT take another being with you and inter-dimensionally travel; NOT POSSIBLE. Not all beings are created equal or have "done their spiritual work." This means that they might not have even cleared any karmic issues, or have functional chakras; they are like a "big anchor."

I noticed as I was going through my journal, reading the entries on my travel experiences that they came to a halt when I was in a relationship with a man. A cord seems to attach at a spiritual level, stopping me from inter-dimensionally traveling; not intra-dimensionally traveling. I believe this has something to do with something I read in the Bible:

Deuteronomy 5:6-7
"I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me."

I believe the "house of slavery" is our vessel, and "no other gods before me" is quite literal; ANYONE. It's not just gold and silver idols, but rather those people we hold as precious as gold and silver. Remember that it also says in the Bible that we are ALL gods.

John 10:34
"Jesus answered them, “Has it not been written in your Law, ‘I SAID, YOU ARE GODS’? "

I questioned the word "Gods and Goddesses," when channeling Coeus. This is what he said:

This all came about when she asked me about Gods. There is only one God; The Holy Father, the maker of all truths in the heavens and earth.

  Self-loathing goes down a rabbit hole deep into the ground; achieving nothing. Holding the energies of the truths elevates you to that of the God’s. Obtaining mastery of those energies makes you “God-like.” Holding on for eternity makes you golden.

Inter-dimensional travel is about you "doing the work." It's not about "self;" rather understanding the true meaning of "self." Knowing that you are a multi-dimensional being and living a life of service to others; whatever form that takes.

Throughout my life, I have led a life of service to others; in one way or the other. It was either taking care of someone or inspiring their inner-creator. Recently a friend commented on how talented a tile designer I am.

After my Dad crossed over, I decided to stop creating my own full-mosaics for others. I made the decision to sell only loose, top-view fish and a few other items. I wanted people to see the beauty that I had created over the years, which was literally 100's upon 100's of handmade mosaics, look within themselves, and create their own masterpieces. This wasn't a coincidence.

I wasn't worried, if I could make enough money selling just loose tiles or not, I just knew. My sales are off-the-charts. People are creating some beautiful works of art, just from a few top-view and profile fish, made by my own hand; the hand of God. They are inspired by "my works," and they are inspired by "His works," we are literally "one."

My clients are becoming creators and creating their own world from my creations. It’s the world they want to live in; one not of collective thought. I'm here, living a "life of service to others;" to inspire their inner creator. Sometimes it takes a giant leap of faith or a life changing event to reach your goals. You just have to "let go and trust."

James 2: 18
But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works."

Throughout Coeus's messages are little "clues" as to who he incarnated as in some of his previous lifetimes. He picked some of the more commonly used verses from the Bible, in hopes that I'd remember them and find them for "our" book.

Faith without works is foolishness, imparted by a masquerade of false worship, idols, and adultery; obtaining nothing but grief, liquidity, temporary arousal, and more.

The heart is in a state of moving flux. It breathes and administers psycho-hallucinogenic states of pleasure, while humility over utilizes far too much effort for humanities waking state of consciousness.

(D) He’s is showing me red and purple berries.

The fruits that adore the plague are far more fertile. Who would have thought language was so fortuitous, to have words phonetically the same; causing miscommunications to the masses in religious texts and other important forms of conveyments

(D) Is that a word?

...conveyed materials.

Language holds truths, but lies frequently. Discerning the truths takes knowingness, for ones capacity to know is sad,...

(D) That is sad.

...which outweighs one’s ability to know, compared to the hearts ability to love, within the general populous.

One that is pure and kind, fragrant and sweet, light and airy, will far outweighs the knowingness that man seeks. To obtain power and greed over others throughout world economics, throughout histories recorded failure to accurately record the truths.

(D) He’s showing me a dot.


Be the light; shine the light, others will see it clearly. Be a "lamp-stand," not a candle, after all that's why you are here. If you are a janitor and mop floors, be the very best janitor you can be. Work for The Holy Father and you can't go wrong. Fear of failure, fear of I can't, fear of what if I get lost? These are all unfounded beliefs; just get in the flow of the "river of life" and be, and don't care what others think of your own uniqueness. We are all on our own unique path; there is no right or wrong.

You can only be free without fear. Fear creates a tether to your body, because you're afraid of getting lost when you are out of it. That is why most people "think" they are inter-dimensionally traveling, but really they are intra-dimensionally traveling; astral traveling, and are tethered to their body.

There is a parable in the Bible once again, it's in Matthew 19: 23-26

And Jesus said to His disciples, "Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. "Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." When the disciples heard this, they were very astonished and said, "Then who can be saved?" And looking at them Jesus said to them, "With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

You MUST become God-like. You can't take anything with you, but unconditional love, when you give up your body suit, or inter-dimensionally traveling. The "stuff" he speaks of isn't just monetary, it's karmic.

Rule #7; trust in THE Higher Christ Self

As I mentioned earlier, the higher light realms are a place of learning and the place that you as spirit inspire to be. In order to stay perfectly on your divine purpose, you must let THE Higher Christ Self take the helm.

THE Higher Christ Self is the "middle-way." I like to look at THE Higher Christ Self as my go-between to the divine; The Holy Father. It's part of myself that I left behind, prior to incarnating. It's the pure essence of me in masculine and feminine form; my Christed-light.

Once again, there is a lot of great stuff that is not understood by most in the Bible. Jesus was talking to the apostles about the "Higher Christ Self;" not the man Jesus when he made this statement:

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am The Way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

"But by me" is THE Higher CHRIST Self, and he has a name BEFORE he incarnated to the man Jesus, and AFTER he ascended back to The CHRISTed energies of the CHRISTed Kingdom.

 And this is why you must listen closely to my Words of Truths. Flirtation diction shows The Way, but the heart follows the Truths

(D) He’s showing me a winding path.

 ...through the winding sense of knowing it all.

Trust (again) in THE Higher Spirit Self, He will never steer you wrong. OK, that was THE funny higher self, " the helm" and "steer." He has such a wonderful dry sense of humor.

I NEVER know where I'm going, inter-dimensionally. I am sent or "following my calling," by my CHRISTed Oversoul, or THE Higher Christ Self, who knows EXACTLY where I need to be, and why, to keep following my divine purpose; seamlessly, and for my highest-good.

For further information on what THE Higher Christ Self is, please read the article on my blog: THE Higher Christ Self, I'm sure you'll find it NOTHING like any one has ever taught it before.

Right now, I'm in the process of "merging" my "selves" from all parallel / alternate dimensions. I was just in another one this morning. Would you believe that I totally forgot the experience now? I remembered it about an hour ago, now its gone. Argh, I'll never learn...WRITE IT DOWN! I am also in the process of merging my CHRISTed Over soul with me. I understand from THE Higher Christ Self that there will not be much to merge at all. "In 1958, exact duplication came forth into existence; just like you. Freedom!" I was conceived in 1958.

Meditation IS required to hear through your sacred heart. You DO NOT hear LIGHT messages from spirit through your physical ears. It allows us to still our mind and become "one with spirit;" removing linear time, by living in the moment, and allowing cosmic data to flow through the sacred heart and be translated into a "human" dialect. Completely stilling the mind, being creative, and doing your spiritual work is how you will get to New Earth.

I doing like to reiterate too much, but this is VERY important; SINE WAVES and your sacred heart space.

  That defines a space, to which you can confine the words.

 (D) It would be helpful if we could talk more about channeling messages.

  It’s an electronic stimuli, to which certain conditions exists simultaneously within the walls of your central nervous systems ability to…pulses and waves; sine waves.

 (D) I have no idea what those are by the way.

  The synapses in which your heart regulates.

We talk more in great detail about hearing spirit though meditation in one of our blog articles;

If you are finding it difficult to integrate the New Earth energies, you’ll need to start working with the elements/elementals; earth, air, fire, & water. You’ll need to not only work with them, but balance them equally.

I will be talking more about inter-dimensionally traveling to THE Higher Christ Self later in this book.

Learning to inter-dimensionally travel

When I first started to inter-dimensionally travel, I would find myself either sitting or standing in front of someone. They would hold my hands or hug me. As soon as I realized that this was happening, my "conscious mind" would try to convince me that something was out of the ordinary, and I would re-enter my body. I could literally feel my brain change.

 There you go, you returned to reality. Time splits occur when you least expect it; expect it!

I've probably had around 25 or so of these hand holding and hugging experiences in my journal. When I was first re-learning to inter-dimensionally travel, as an adult, it took about a year, before I was able to "talk" without getting pulled back into my body. Heaven was a breeze, but these other places? Not!

Once again, what is with this hand holding thing? This time, it was a man in his early 30's or late 20's. I was sitting behind a large empty table in an empty room. As I was sitting at the table, someone grabbed my left ankle. I turned to see who it was and said, "Hey, that's not very nice!" The man had light brown hair; a crew-cut. He had pretty blue eyes and a nice build.

I said, "My name is Diane Holycross." He said, "I know." He introduced himself, but darn, I can't remember his name now. I always think I'll remember all the fine details, but they vanish once I get back into my body.

I asked the man, "How can I stay longer in this place?" He said, "You're doing quite well." We started to walk together, but I felt the pull back to my body.

So how did I know this was a spirit guide? Guides don't like to flatter us, rather confirm things. Mine usually keep things short.

Inter-dimensionally traveling to your guides

I love to visit my guides inter-dimensionally. I hear them as well, but there is nothing like looking at them face-to-face. When I'm not visiting them inter-dimensionally, I hear them at night, while I'm in a quiet, meditative state; half asleep. I try to journal nearly everything that they say. This statement was quite interesting, because it talks about us being multi-dimensional beings.

"...the inability for us to recognize our multi-dimensional being is part of the problem that many people are having with mental illnesses. We are resisting, and as you know, "resistance is futile."" There is that sense of humor again, and what a statement; so true. People are resisting the call of spirit. They are afraid of what they do not understand; the truth.

Note: I want to reiterate that if you are meeting with guides, it’s NOT on the Astral Plane, rather inter-dimensionally in the light realms.

Most of my guides make suggestions. It’s against “cosmic law” to tell someone, in their organic body suit, things to do that will alter their divine purpose, or hinder their free-will.

If you're following your divine purpose, your guides will give you instructions for improvement. For example, Vincent likes to help me in my tile business. He gave me the initial idea of making handmade tiles for my house; he didn't say I should start a business making handmade tiles. That was my friends and my idea after finishing them for my new house; it was my free-will. When Vincent would see me struggling, he would give me production ideas.

We are all unique as entities, and our guides and angels, communicate differently with us, based on numerous things. Because we all vibrate at a specific frequency, they will only communicate with us according to that frequency.

You might be here to learn how to communicate with your guides in a different manner than you did in another incarnation. You might not want a lot of help from your guides and angels. Then some people might want a lot of help. All of these things will factor into "their" method(s) of communication, and how often they might communicate.

Some people see angels as orbs, but don't hear them. Some people don't see orbs, but hear angels through their heart, or audibly.

Other people have clairaudience without clairvoyance, some have both together. There is no right or wrong when communicating with your guides; it's your own, personalized experience, one you wanted prior to incarnation to "work on." As I mentioned earlier in my book, I like the "face-to-face" method; I travel inter-dimensionally to my guides, however, I do hear them as well.

Guides come in all shapes and forms. Some are human and other's alien. Some even feel like your grandmother.

I'm in a dark place again and I keep hearing a woman saying, "Pinker Willows." Now she's saying, "Pinky Rose." I see a portly, older woman. This one doesn't seem to want to hold my hands. She's standing in front of me, wearing one of those house coats in a calico print. The fabric has a gray background with tiny pink flowers on it, like a quilt fabric. There doesn't appear to be anything behind her; just her standing there talking to me.

She reached her arms out to me. She wanted me to come over to her and give her a big hug. I said, "Do I know you?" She said, "Come here and give me a hug!" I said, "I think I know you, but I can't remember you." She said, "Yes you do." I walked over and she gave me one of those huge hugs that your Mom might give you; smothering you with love. Then I opened my eyes and was pulled back into my body.

You just never seem to know where you might travel to, or who you'll visit. They always know you; but you might not remember them at all.

Last night, I had another 2:11 wake-up call. One of my guides was talking to me about my travel experiences. He said, "They send you places that they wouldn't even go themselves." This was a "verbal message" not an inter-dimensional one, but had to do with my travel destinations. This would be Limbo, Hell, or Tartarus.

On December 21st, 2012, I ASKED my guides what I could expect; many people thought it was the end of the world, but I knew it was the beginning of a new one. My guides are not long-winded at all. My guardian angel is the same way; short and concise. His response was "gifts from past embodiments" and "inner voice." The later is telepathy, or reading ones thoughts.

I want to talk a bit about one of my guides; the one that was with me the longest. As you may recall, I said that if you’re not happy with a guide, ASK for another. That is exactly what I did with the guide who was with me the longest.

My first recollection of this guide was the “Creepy Crawler” incident. Through my childhood, this spirit guide always was very comforting. He was wonderful with children. As I grew older however, he got tougher.

I knew my guide that I spoke about earlier, my entire life audibly, about 10 years ago I spiritually “met” my guide; inter-dimensionally; I went to visit him. I left my body and re-appeared sitting at a round mahogany table that I owned. It was full of beads and I was just hanging out there in void space, beading. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. How did I get here?" I was conscious of knowing that I was not in my body and someplace else.

I looked up, and standing in front of me, was a blonde man with blue eyes. He wore a pair of white boat pants, boat shoes, and a green Izod-looking shirt with the name “Jim” embroidered on it. It’s difficult to explain, but he was looking right through me. I could “feel” his eye connecting with me as “one.” Then he spoke and said, “You’re getting better at this!” He was speaking of my ability to leave my body and visit entities like him in higher light realms. He spoke with a foreign accent; something from Eastern European, like someone from The Netherlands.

I saw the name “Jim” on his shirt and asked, “Is that your name?” He laughed at me and said, “No.” The game began.

The entire time that I have known this guide, he never volunteered his name. It was like some “big secret” or something. He was always talking “cosmic” this or that. He was full of cosmic knowledge and art advice; he was a VERY spiritual being indeed. He told me that from time to time that he liked to indulge in "cosmic fruit juice!"

I contribute much of my success as an artist to this guide. He had a LOT of great ideas for my handmade ceramic tile business: Tiles with Style. He must have been quite productive like me, because we were paired-up quite well.

This spirit guide could be down-right ornery at times. He sure was opinionated and bossy! I would fight him a bit, and then I’d hear, “Just do it!” Like magic, his suggestions perfected my processes. This guide rocked! What a team we made.

After working with my spirit guide for 56 years, I never could get him to tell me his name. He loved to drop little clues, but wouldn’t tell me exactly who he was. Finally I’d had enough. This spirit guide knew EXACTLY how to “push my buttons” to get me to do what I needed to do for my success and for his own.

One night, before going to bed, I said to Lord Father, “I need a new guide! This one keeps playing games with me and enough is enough! He won't even tell me his name."

Well that did it. I fell asleep, but during the night, I abruptly awoke to the words, “The Dutchman.” Now I knew that strange European accent was Dutch and it was quite obvious he was someone that spoke his mind.

I jumped out of bed and Googled, “Dutch artists.” Apparently the Dutch aren’t too creative, because only one Dutch artist popped up; Vincent Van Gogh! My stomach sank. OMG, my spirit guide was Vincent Van Gogh and I just dumped him and asked for a replacement!

I thought to myself, “Surely I must be delusional; my spirit guide isn't Vincent Van Gogh?” Then, I had one of those “ah ha” moments...”Wait, I inter-dimensionally traveled to this guide and I remember EXACTLY what he looks like.”

photograph of vincent van goghOnce again, I ran to the computer and Google Imaged “Vincent Van Gogh.” All sorts of paintings came up. Vincent painted numerous self-portraits, but none looked like the man I visited inter-dimensionally. Then it dawned on me, “Duh, he’s an “impressionistic painter dummy, of course he wouldn’t look the same as “in-person!” I narrowed my search and went with “Vincent Van Gogh photograph.”

My unknown spirit guide, all my life WAS Vincent Van Gogh. The photograph I found was EXACTLY the man I visited; a young Vincent Van Gogh.

Well, I still wasn’t totally satisfied. I mean, how could I have Vincent Van Gogh as my main spirit guide? Just then, I thought, wait a minute, he would NEVER cut his ear off; I know him very well. Of course, as usual that was Vincent putting that idea in my head.

Back to the computer I went, to search on “Vincent Van Gogh and ear.” Low and behold, the first article I found totally blew my mind. It was from The New Yorker. The article referred to him as “The Dutchman.” Interestingly enough, it was the ONLY article I found on him, after months of research that referred to him that way. Well, there was the confirmation I needed; my life-long spirit guide was Vincent Van Gogh.

I have to honestly admit that I was never a Van Gogh enthusiast, so I thought I’d further examine his work. It became quite apparent to me how my own work was influenced by my guide Vincent. We both prefer a high, horizon line, which I hear is quite unusual.

Although we worked in completely different mediums, the similarities of the wavy lines in paint vs. tile were there. WOW! I was shocked! He’s one of the most well-known artists in the world, and I just sacked him. But it’s OK, he didn’t take it personally; it was really his idea, and he’s still laughing about it.

If I would have known, all those years who my guide was, in his last incarnation, by his “name,” I wouldn’t have been as eager to move onto a higher guide; a more evolved guide.

Names are an “earthly” identification method. In higher realms they do not find it necessary to use names; it’s all about their unique vibrational frequencies. After all, higher level guides have had many names through many incarnations.

My guides have interesting ways of teaching.

Many times, my guides like to teach me via inter-dimensional lessons. Some lessons are simple, while others are more complex and literally maze-like. Navigating the energies in other dimensions is nothing like living here in a "linear" world.

Once again, I just appeared, standing in a space. One of my guides was holding my hands, with my palms up. The centers of the palms and my fingertips were glowing red. He said, "That's where is comes from."

I believe that he was talking about my ability to heal. I have had several people pull their hands out of my own, saying they are so hot that they feel like they are burning.

I did some traveling this morning. It had to do with navigating through tunnels and places that had odd staircases again. First, I was in a greenhouse. I remember handing a guy three plants and keeping 3 for myself. Then, the same guy asked me to take some documents to some people. The journey was quite unusual, because I had to navigate through long tunnels and up unusual staircases. After doing several deliveries through these mazes of pathways, I was told, "You're doing good!"

I was then told that I was running out of time and had to go to a desk for assistance. I was handed a red key. They key had the number 7 on it. The lady at the desk said, "You don't need to navigate through, rather just use the key for a "direct connection."

Then I had to work my way to some lockers. There were 7 lockers, except they said 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, & 70. My key had 7 on it, so I used it in 70. It seemed like the right thing to do. It worked, because inside the locker was a box. Inside the box was a phone. I place the phone on the desk with the woman, put some paperwork in the box, and closed the locker door.

I never got to make a direct connection, because my body moved and I was pulled back into it.

I often find myself appearing someplace, sitting at a table, doing something "crafty.” I believe it is because I'm an artist and doing art of some kind aids me in staying in a specific realm of energy; it's comfortable and familiar.

This morning, I thought that I was "dreaming," about glazing trout tiles, as if I don't do enough of that all day in my studio. However, I felt the necessity to look up and see where I was. I caught one of my guides talking to me, teaching me something in an alien language. Behind him was a black screen with white binary code floating on it. There were many lines of code.

I'm sure at a "soul-level," I fully understood what he was saying and what the binary code meant. This was the first time I had a travel experience like that one.

Coeus talks in length about binary code and data and how when the walls come down (the veil,) people will be buried in it and not know what to do. Read his messages. There is much teaching in his words and my actions that are acted out during his channeled messages.

Many of my visits to guides would leave me with unanswered questions or even confused. Learning in higher dimensions is not at all linear and often doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can only assume that at a soul-level these training sessions sink into my subconscious, and will once again awaken at a designated time in my evolution.

Well, this was a new one and something difficult to even explain. I was receiving a lesson from a guide. The part that I best remember was that a female guide was having me listen to some very unusual music. It had tones that I've never heard before. I was wearing headphones to listen to the music. I remember telling myself to "relax and listen."

There were probably 3 or 4 different "songs," for the lack of better words. Something else was happening as well, but I can't recall what it was now. I just remember it being quite odd, leaving me baffled, actually.

After successfully learning to navigate the energies vibrationally, it was time for the test of all tests, a "Where's Waldo, or should I say, "Where's Harry?" test. As I mentioned in Chapter 4, to find an entity in another dimension, you need to know their vibration and "attune" to it. Everyone's soul song is unique and I knew his frequency oh so well.

“Vibration is defined as the rhythmical and rapid motion of particles. When two beings vibrate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance. This means they are attuned with each other.”

By honing in on a entities frequency of vibration, I am able to inter- and intra-dimensional locate the "same" entity in multiple dimensions; as a "ghost" on the lower astral plane, and within this Earthly dimension energetically and physically in this incarnation, and higher in the light realms.

In 2016, I started working with Roger nightly for about two months. Roger was working with me on numerous spiritual lessons. It felt so natural working with Roger this way. I think this was when it really hit me that Roger is "living" and I'm in an illusion.

All this being said, this is NOT a nightly event. It's just like when you communicated with your guides through a form of Mediumship, sometimes they just aren't around. Or at least the is how it works with me.

A number of years back, I had a reading from a Medium. He told me that I have encountered very little help along my spiritual journey. This is completely true. The only time the higher ones show up, is if I need a push to get over a hump. Being a free-will planet, they really are not allowed to "guide" us along the way with any specifics; just nudges here and there.

My guides, mainly Coeus, is there to make sure I keep on my spiritual path. Vincent was to assure my creative endeavors were fulfilled. I'm sure that this was all pre-arranged prior to my incarnation as Diane; "Don't give me much help, I need to do it by myself."

Parallel / alternate energies

I’m going to talk about what people believe to be parallel dimensions, because these energetic events seem like dimensions, but they are not. There are many, many alternate energies in which you exist and have created, yes you. These are not to be confused with duplicates of earth, because they are not of a three-dimensional vibration, rather a vibrational “energy.” I like to refer to them as thought put forth into energetic motion.

This might blow your mind, but whenever you give an enormous amount of energy “thinking” about a major decision in your life, for example a relationship, it creates a parallel existence. We are powerful creators and just our thoughts start manifesting other existences. This means an infinite number of realities can exist at the same time. This concept really brings a new meaning to multi-dimensional.

Remember; you are energy. Right now that energy is partially contained in a “body,” but there are energy fragments of you doing other things. Your past-lives aren’t even past; they exist in the now, all running concurrently, as there is only time on Earth.

I have visited several “energies” where I'm living as "Diane," in an organic body suit. Most of these look very similar to my existence in my body suit here on Earth, however, they are of different vibrational frequencies. These energies appear to be governed by the same rules as our Earth dimension; free will.

It has been fascinating having the honor to visit these alternate vibrational energies of "Diane." They are the other roads taken. The “what if’s.” We are hear to learn, so these alternate energies give us the opportunity to "glean" more educational experiences.

Note: traversing alternate energies will occur during Phase 8 of lightbody development.

Over the many years that I have navigated the energies, it took me a long time to tell if I was in a higher dimension, dream walking, or in an alternate energy. There just wasn't any information to be found anywhere on this topic.

As you may recall in my dream walking chapter, you can control the way another person’s dream goes. While inter-dimensionally traveling to alternate energies, you have control over your own thoughts and actions; but not the other persons. You are interfacing with other beings; much like here in your earthly experience.

Over the years, I've visited several alternate energies; more than once. In one alternate energy, I'm married to man that is quite aware that when the Earth Diane visits that she is not his wife. I don’t recall this man from my earthly experience in my body at all.

The first time that I visited this dimension, this man, who is my husband, was in tears. I wasn't sure why he was crying, be he was quite distraught. He knew that I wasn't his Diane and he was afraid. The second time I visited this man, he was confrontational. He wanted to know what I did with "his Diane." He was not happy. It was obvious to him that I was someone else. I tried to explain to him that his Diane was just fine. We merely swapped. So if you are visiting an alternate energy, and someone is fully aware that you are different than your other "doppelganger," you're definitely in an alternate energy.

You can probably see from this experience why the majority of people living earthly experiences do not remember these energies. It can be very confusing and frightening to know that you are multi-dimensional.

You will find that if you are closely following your divine purpose, you will run into the same people here in this dimension, as in other higher and lower energies that you visit. You will begin to notice that there are overlapping experiences in these dimensional versions of earth. My niece Sarah is with me in an energy dimension, but she wasn't my niece, rather a friend.

I appeared in a new parallel dimension. I was standing with my niece Sarah and two men. The taller man was my boyfriend or husband; I wasn't sure which one. He looked at me and told me that he loves me. I closed my eyes and he kissed me, it was so real that I felt like I was in my Earthly body. I wanted to open my eyes to see who it was, but I didn't.

I started to feel a pulling sensation; the one that returns me to my body. I fell to the ground and told the man that kissed me what was happening. I tried to stay, but I couldn't; I returned to my body and opened my eyes.

In one alternate energy I have the same job making tiles. In another dimension, I recently got engaged to a man named Mike D., who was a boss of mine when I was in my 30's; in this 3D dimension. It is quite clear to me that this dimension that Mike D. is in is a higher energy plane.

I started visiting Mike D. monthly in late 2012. At first, we would just look at each other; no words were spoken. As the years went on, we started saying a few words, then longer conversations; we started holding each other, then a simple kiss.

This morning, I had an interesting travel experience. I have a lot of classroom experiences where I have to navigate unusual hallways, passages, staircases, and doorways. Once again, this one had Mike in it. Mike was a teacher and I was a student teacher in his class.

It was a quite large class. I remember sitting in his office and the classroom was empty. They/we all left the classroom and ran across the hall to a double-door; something like that of an outside entrance to a basement.

When we opened the doors, they led to a funhouse like the type in an amusement park. I had to navigate from room to room by climbing around in the rooms. I did very well this time; without any mishaps.

When I finished this lesson, I left the room; the hallway had miniscule, black things that were moving on the floor, like a zillion ants. At first, I was scared, but then I thought, "No I just said my prayer of protection before going to bed." I started to walk the hallway, and as I did, the black stuff moved away from my feet. I then re-entered the classroom from where I began my journey. The students that were in the classroom originally, prior to the journey, had returned.

In 2017, I realized that we were in love with each other in this alternate dimension. It's interesting, because when I was first dating my husband Roger, I found Mike D. very appealing but never acted on it. I gave thought; “it would have been nice if we met each other before either of us was involved with another person.” At the time, I also felt like I knew Mike D. before. There was some kind of love that I felt at a soul-level.

Well, this was totally unexpected. I was visiting Mike again in another dimension. We were lying together, snuggling, in an inverted position. He reached out to me with a beautiful, silver charm bracelet, and proposed marriage. He put it on my wrist. As I raised my wrist to look at the charms, I noticed that they were quite unique and seemed very meaningful to him.

As I touched each charm, I telepathically heard his voice say things. "I love you so much," "You mean everything to me,"... I was moved beyond words. What a lovely and touching engagement gift. It was far much better than any ring could ever mean to me. I could literally feel his love, as I touched each charm on the bracelet; feel all of his emotions; it was overwhelming to say the least.

This is how you know it's a higher dimensional experience; telepathic imprinted jewelry. This is definitely not a version of 3D earth.

I can feel this connection so strongly, as if it were here in this dimension, but just out of reach. The love we feel for one another is so strong that it breaches across the energies. I see now why my guides want me to "merge self."

Last night, May 9, 2017, I asked my guides for clarification on how I can get to a alternate dimension/energy, when I feel like it. I wanted to travel to see Mike D. again. I said, "I'd like to go see Mike tonight. I need to find the "trigger" that enables this energetic experience for my book." I placed my head upon my pillow, not thinking about seeing him or not; I fully submitted to my highest good.

The result was quite unexpected. Instead of visiting "my Mike," they sent me to another Mike; a Mike B. that I worked for in my 30's, instead of the one that I worked for in my 20's; point made! The "ego-Diane" does NOT get to choose; rather THE Higher Christ self makes the decision. You also apparently have to be VERY specific.

Interestingly enough, I liked Mike B. and gave thought to “what if…” This energy started manifesting another relationship energetically.

I thought perhaps that I've visited most of the parallel dimensions where Diane is experiencing other lifetimes by now. Not! I'm on my 3rd visit to Mike B. In this dimension, we are good friends. I'm curious to see where this relationship leads.

I noticed something odd, while visiting Mike B. that reminds me of the Leonardo Da Vinci's, "Last Supper." I was told at church that back at the time of Jesus; they dined at low tables and sat on the floor in an inclined position. Leonardo's painting was incorrect for that era.

When I've visited both Mikes, they were in inclined positions; on the floor, putting their hand out towards me to greet me. I don't believe in coincidences. I need to ask them if the manner in which they greet me is significant.

You should be able to tell you are visiting an alternate dimension, if "relationships" have developed over a period of time. You are experiencing a life in an alternate energy; just like here on earth. This lifetime develops "over time;" consecutively.

My dream walking experiences don't develop into a "relationship." They are more of a, "hey, how are you" experience and not consecutive. Once I talk to someone here, who I've been dream walking with for years, and tell them about it, I don't seem to be able to dream walk to them again. At a soul-level they shut it down, as if it were an invasion of their privacy, which it is not.

I have visited other parallel / alternate dimensions as well. Most of these are just brief visits. I usually find myself hugging someone and they tell me that they love me. I respond in like, and then return to my body. This confirms the energy traveling is through the "heart;" not the brain. The heart seeks out the "love" vibrational frequency within these alternate energies, as love is the highest vibrational frequency.

One of my guides recently said, "You exist in MULTIPLE dimensions. Time is only here on earth; all is an illusion. All must collapse into ONE unified field of energy to ascend to NE. Embrace the "other" you(s), which are an illusion; you are one being, not many. Pull them together; pull yourself together and ascend."

Note: my guide did not say multiple versions of earth. It's important to understand that this earth experience is unique.

You may recall from my chapter on astral projection, my relationship with Harry. I have found Harry in several other dimensional frequencies, as well as this one. In this dimension, Harry is Dave, and he is living his life here, in the same town as me. Dave seems to have most of the same karmic issues to resolve and is doing quite well at it. Dave also looks similar to Harry. He's very tall, blue eyes, and those shoulders; broad and unique. Their personalities are also quite similar as well. Whenever I look at him; I feel Harry, and it just makes me smile.

I find Harry the same way that I do all other entities, not through a portal, but by his unique vibration through my sacred heart. It's like a big magnet; it's an unavoidable force of nature. This attunement seems to get imprinted somehow into my very spirit, making it easy to find him, as well as others energies and dimensions.


Note: I want to make something very, very clear. You do not travel through your heart chakra. It is your sacred heart and it MUST be opened; not "hardened" like most of humanities sacred heart. It's the place of unconditional love that you see in the Gnostic art of Mary and Jesus.

Love is in your heart; unconditional love is in your sacred heart.

So many clues have been left in art, but you must SEEK and use knowingness to FIND. Mother Mary and Jesus are pointing at it directly over the sternum; between the throat and heart chakras. You can read about the sacred heart and "hearing" with your appropriate ears in my channeled message from Coeus of 1/2/18.

"It’s an electronic stimulus that pulses out, like a radio wave or sine wave, and it receives. This is your centralized core for synchronizing massive amounts of data."

Note: As an awakened being on this planet, I MUST clear a topic up that has left humanity in the dark; so to speak. Mother Mary wasn't Jesus mother; rather his wife. Mary means "beloved." This is the Divine Marriage; the sacred union of twin flames. Mary was a soul of a "virgin birth;" through thought. My CHRISTed Oversoul / I AM also of a "virgin birth."

Dialects have confused things for most of humanity, because "religions" have falsely lead humanity like a lamb to slaughter. So this is a picture of The Immanuel and his Wife; NOT his mother; Mary.

The flowers that Mary holds are meaningful in understanding her identity. It has to do with the "Marriage of the Lamb; "The Bride of Christ" through the sacred heart space.

Ask yourself why artists always portray Mother Mary and Jesus the same age? It is another clue in their art. Those wanting control over the planet made a HUGE mistake when they killed off the "scribes;" but NOT the artists; "the painters of the truths."

They are showing you The Way. Pointing at it; your sacred heart. This is The Way to "Spirit." The way to The Holy Father; the only way.

So how is this possible? We are BOTH spirit and physical when we incarnate. You are created with an Oversoul, then it is sent out to learn through the incarnation / reincarnation process. It leaves a part of itself behind to help "guide" you.  Remember, you are "spirit having a physical experience." Your "helper" is your CHRISTed Oversoul from the CHRISTed Kingdom.

In spirit, Jesus and Mother Mary are husband and wife through the divine marriage. In the physical incarnation; the body, Jesus and Mother Mary are Mother and Son. Who better to take care of you in the physical but your divine counterpart, especially when you have a very important role to play.

As Coeus says, it is, "The marriage of intellect and beauty; sublime." There are three channeled messages on "the divine marriage" on this website; 12/15/171/23/18, & 1/26/18. and one little one on 3/7/18.

When I enter a dimension of any kind, parallel / alternate, or otherwise, I appear out of nowhere. I don't ride any kind of "vehicle" or enter through a colorful portal, rather hallways and doors. Once I enter a hallway, corridor, or door, I'm standing there looking at what is directly in front of me. I'm quite aware that I'm standing there in an energetic "body" of some kind. It DOES NOT vibrate like on the astral plane, rather the contrary, everything is very still and quiet, as if you are one with all.

Many times, I don't even realize that I'm in another an alternate energy or dimension, until I "remember" the other entity. Then I become very aware of where I am and where the relationship left off the last time that I visited. Life in alternate energy continues, as it does here on earth. Some of these alternate energies appear to be earth-like, and others are not. You can tell by how things work there, they are not as linear as things are on earth. Our imagination and thoughts can alter not only entities, but the entire world where we are having the experience.

Being in an alternate energy is like swapping places with another version of yourself; and you are literally swapping vehicles; your organic body suits. During your visits, you want to just go with the flow, and see where things go, or your "cover will be blown." I think that might have been another angelic pun; body suit/cover.

I did a bit of traveling this morning. I just appeared, out of nowhere, standing in a hallway. I stared walking and I looked into a room with an open door, on my left. I saw a woman who's head was on a dish, so I stopped and stepped back to look again. You don't see someone's head on a tray every day.

I'm glad that I stopped to take a double-take. She was actually in a wheelchair waiting to go home. I heard, "Hi Diane, I haven't seen you for a while." I acted as if I knew her, out of utter embarrassment of not remembering her.

There was a second woman in the room that was also waiting to go home. While she was in the hospital, she told me that she had been taking some art classes to pass the time. She showed me an advertisement that she created. They were drawn on a type of wax paper or parchment paper. It didn't look like any common writing surface that we would use here on Earth.

I remember the top drawing, because it looked like a clown that was similar to Captain Kangaroo. He had his mouth wide open and it was full of gumballs. Darn, I can't remember what she drew to the right of him on the paper, just that it was a really neat slogan that she created. I remember that it was quite creative and I commented on it to her.

As I commented, I stepped back and the shelf above my head that contained additional parchments fell down over top of me. She said, "Don't worry about it." So I didn't. Then my alarm next to the bed went off and abruptly woke me. I felt like I was getting slammed back into my body.

I believe that everyone knows my name, because I "physically" reside IN that dimension as an energy being; so of course they know me. That means that all inter-dimensional experiences where entities know my name are of an alternative energy, and that inter-dimensional travel, being of a "spirit" state," within a dimension, allows for the consciousness of these multi-dimensional lifetimes to be "shared."

In late summer of 2017, I started having “flashes” of these alternate lives in my body in this dimension. I believe this has to do with the “merging of self” that I mentioned throughout my book.

Inter-dimensionally traveling to heaven

I have had 100’s upon 100’s of visits to the “heavenly” light realms. I found that what people refer to "heaven" is the easiest dimension to access. Many of you reading this book have most likely experienced visiting a loved-one in heaven after their physical death.

Why is heaven the easiest to access? It's simple; unconditional love, and it’s actually at the entry point into the light realms. Those in the light realms operate fully on unconditional love and are quite willing to communicate with you; IF the feelings that you hold for them is through the sacred heart; not your head. This is where our unique vibration / soul song resonates; our sacred heart. This feeling of unconditional love, is like a big magnet; you just get pulled to the loved one, based on that "love frequency." You truly loved that person unconditionally.

If you can love yourself unconditionally, and others, ALL other rules follow easily; desire, submission, no tether, believe, your divine purpose through your CHRISTed Oversoul, and THE Higher CHRIST Self.

There is nothing THE  Higher CHRIST Self wants more for you, than to experience unconditional love and peace. He wants you to know that your loved ones made it into the light realms, because many do not ;do to their own judgment upon their physical deaths. If they can make it past their own judgment, their heavenly judgment will come much easier. I'm living proof of this fact. I knew EXACTLY what Emmanuel was going to "get me on," when he delivered my own judgment on the Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018; you just know.

You have probably been going through massive changes with friends and family due to the process of Ascension. Your family and friends are falling away; one at a time in different ways. Some "just do not feel right" to you. There will be natural deaths, through the illness process that is brought on by poor free-will choices. The body can only take so much abuse.

Sadly, there will be many, many suicides, or unexpected / unusual accidents; especially in our children. Those "checking out" early; through taking their own lives, are feeling the pull of the higher frequencies. They just want to go home, and it is NOT through the process of Ascension. MANY chose this route out; prior to their incarnations. They knew they would not make it, but wanted to be here for Ascension anyway. It is a HUGE deal when a planet goes to light. Who wouldn't want to experience it! Please do NOT think that you could have changed anything. EVERY soul, whether a baby, child, or adult has free will. Your child could be MUCH older than yourself in process of soul expansion. The body is ONLY a vessel for the spirit and soul. Do NOT beat yourself up over "not seeing the signs," as the signs will be VERY fast indeed.

There will be MANY miscarriages and still-births. These souls chose this path as well. Their energies are required for a short period of time, to assist in raising the planets frequencies. This is a GREAT time to thank them for their assistance and to look WITHIN yourself.

You MUST find the blessing in the loss, because IF you SEEK; you will FIND, and you WILL receive Grace. What a beautiful gift that you were given; IF you choose to open it. Many women have not been able to experience carrying a child, or giving birth to one, and had the opportunity to be a "Mom" or a "Grandmother," for even a short time. You are so blessed indeed. The same goes for men. So many men want children too. Please don't forget your husband or significant other during this process. Just because the fetus was not within them, doesn't mean that they do not hurt. Look beyond yourself at the grand scheme of things; live WITHOUT your "self." in service to others.

Your family and friends that slip away do so, because these people just don't feel right to you, and DO NOT vibrate at your frequency; or even come close to it. This is part of the enlightenment process. Yes another process. These people feel odd to you, possibly even "ichy." Sadly, you feel odd to them as well. You are trying to create your new world, one that "feels" right, based on your vibration of love, peace, and service to others; not fear, selfishness, and "stuff." It's like mixing oil and water; it just does not work.

Heaven works in a similar fashion, to what you are experiencing with loss of family and friends. Heaven is a collection of different levels of vibrations or realms of light; light realms. Those of like-vibration congregate together within what we call a dimension. So there are different dimensions, or "layers" WITHIN heaven.

Those with higher vibrations are free to visit lower realms of light in heaven, but those in the lower light realms are not able to visit those in the higher ones. All souls SEEK to be better, and continually work to raise their vibrations through lessons and doing their spiritual work either; in or out of their bodies. It's much easier to raise your vibrations out of your body while incarnate; through the tough lessons, than in the light realms where there are no  tough lessons to experience. The darkness you need to overcome is WITHIN; not WITHOUT. You can't take ANYTHING with you when you give up your organic body suit. That includes the darkness WITHIN.

There are a few rules in the heavenly light realms that have to be followed.

  • Like I mentioned prior, you cannot go higher in the heavenly realms of light, IF you vibratory frequency is not resonating at that frequency or able to be modified / attuned to the higher frequency.
  • You cannot visit someone of a lower vibration, IF they are not ready to stand in your light.
    It took me about three years of Earth time, before my Dad could stand in my light. I mean the word "stand" literally. I experienced the same thing with my Mom.

    There is a process when a new soul enters back into the light realms, where they are repaired or "fixed." They need to be healed and once again become familiar with how to navigate the energies.  This doesn't mean that when they are healed they can go anywhere; because the same rules apply. If they do not resonate at that the same or higher frequency where they want to visit; no access.

    5/23/18 update: A few weeks ago, my Dad was allowed to work with me on three separate inter-dimensional travel visits. He only had some basic navigational energy tasks. He still is unable to successfully move within the energies, but he was able to be near me.

Once again, it takes longer, out of a body suit, to raise your vibrational frequency through lessons; than in a body suit incarnate on a planet, ship, etc. The body works as a barrier from the divine, so being in your body suit allows you free-will of choice. However, there is free-will out of the body; inter-dimensionally as well, once you reach a certain elevation as a light being and become God-like.

So now that you get the general idea of how a dimension works, this journal entry is a good example of what happens, when you are inter-dimensionally traveling, and change your vibrations; either up or down.

I was inter-dimensionally traveling this morning. I found myself in a waiting room. I've appeared in waiting rooms several times before, just watching people. A woman approached me. She pointed her finger at me and was looking quite strangely at me. She didn't seem particularly friendly; a bit cold.

I said, "Wait, and let me show you something." I started to raise my vibrational frequency. The room vanished and was replaced by a light gray fog. The woman was moving around me and seemed agitated or confused. She asked me, "What are you doing?" I said, "Raising my vibrations." Then she vanished.

Poof; gone! My frequency was higher than her own and she was unable to reside in my vibrational frequency. Her "reality" as she knew it still existed, but mine was elsewhere in a higher dimensional frequency.

Everything is energy and by changing frequency, you change dimensions.

Because vibration attracts "like" vibration, so, in "heaven," entities reside in different realms of energies, based on vibrational frequencies. Not all entities are equal, yet they are all part of the one energy or "consciousness." As Coeus calls it, it is "One WITHIN the One." That is where the "soul" comes in. It's like the personality of spirit, a collective expression of lessons learned during incarnations.

When a soul first arrives in heaven, after an incarnation, depending on how "damaged" they are from their earthly visit, they are "fixed." This can often take "time," although there isn't any time there at all. This is why it is so vitally important for you to do The Work; prior to your physical death.

Once you leave your body and enter the astral plane; there is no time. Because the astral plane is the "jumping-off" place for inter-dimensional travel, there isn't any time in any vibrational space; or dimension. The only place there is time, is on Earth, and that is because it is manmade.

I appeared on what seemed to be some kind of a farm. There were people outside at a large long banquet table. They were just hanging out together, doing craft projects. Three clocks were behind them on a wall; one large clock and two smaller clocks. The large clock was at approximately 1:00 and began spinning backwards to 10:00. The two smaller clocks were doing the same kind of thing.

I asked an older woman at the table why they had so many clocks here and why their time was so odd. She laughed and said, "There isn't any time here, we just like the clocks because they remind us of home." I believed she was talking about when she was incarnate on earth.

Like in an alternate energy, things continue and grow and expand; but at a different rate. Just because you no longer have a body, doesn't mean that you do not continue trying to improve yourself, and raise your vibrational frequency. It's just not as fast in the light realms. The best place to resolve karmic issues is in a denser vibrational frequency like that of 3D earth, where lessons are presented and there is free will.

Working with a loved one in heaven

My husband Roger was the one entity that I most often visited in the heavenly light realms; prior to being given my CHRISTed Oversoul name; inter-dimensionally. He worked a great deal with me, teaching me in different energies. As of 12/7/17, I have ONLY been working with my "divine husband," his brother Cronus, my CHRISTed Oversoul, and The Holy Father; energetically.

After Roger crossed into the light realms, it didn't take long, to have the opportunity to once again, be with him; but this time in my spirit body. Roger's body died November 27, 2009. It was only about 2 weeks, before I was able to stand in Roger’s light. He was still making the transition from body back to light, and it was FAST.

At first, many entities still embrace the illusion of having a body suit. They forgot that they were spirit having an earthly experience, and are quite confused how everything works. They are nearly paralyzed, and some actually are for a bit of time.

Roger asked me, “Why his skin was white?” I barely had time to hear his question when my stupid cat jumped on me and woke me.

As you can see, when a soul leaves its body and rejoins in spirit, it can often be a bit confused and damaged. The collective illusion, of our experience here on Earth, is quite powerful.

Note: Just like dogs are the world’s greatest Shaman’s feeling energies, cat’s can see spirit energy. They can also see when your spirit energy changes; WITHIN your body.

Even though upon Roger's death, he was filled with excitement and wonder, the body still has power over spirit. That is why it's so important while you are wearing your organic body suit, to let THE Higher Christ Self rule over the body and merge with it; to live from spirit.

Sadly, most people never learn how to control their body and let it rule their lives; WITHOUT gratitude, and ultimately WITHOUT the grace they need to "FIND," because they do not "SEEK."

I like to say, "You can meditate all day and never become enlightened."and "You can ASK through prayer, but never "listen" for the answer through meditation."

Often, the act of listening through meditation isn't always enough, because you don’t apply what you’ve learned; you fight it; that is where wisdom or "knowingness" is developed. You need to keep an open mind as well, because the things we see, hear, or feel, can be misinterpreted.

For example, today during meditation I received a message that said my boyfriend Chris’ brother Dave wasn’t “fully” his brother. I interpreted this to mean, perhaps they had a different Father. I asked Chris about this and he said, “No way. My mom was a die-hard Catholic.” Later when Chris and I were talking, he mentioned during a conversation with his brother that his brother never felt like part of the family. He was treated differently by their parents than his other siblings.

We incarnated here for certain experiences and must "fix" things while in our physical vessel, or we will repeat these experiences again, and again in another incarnation. It’s like a giant merry-go-round that you can’t exit.

Once you hear without your ears and see without your eyes, doors open unto you. Some of these doors are not as pleasant as others. They show us things that we need to fix, from WITHIN our organic body suits. Nobody likes to look that hard into the mirror of life, as they see things in themselves, little imperfections that are not fixable; or so they "think."

Don't "think" too hard. Once again, that is your body; not you. Your heart is where you want to think; not your brain.

The following year after Rog's physical death, my heart was fully opening to visit Rog. I had been going through a period where I would wake up in full-blown tears during the middle of the night. I wasn't addressing my grief during the day, because I was now caring for my Mom and working way too many hours, trying to hide the emotional pain. Now, nearly healed myself, I was ready to visit Rog in "heaven."

Fully opening your heart, comes through the complete submission to The Holy Father, and THE Higher Christ Self. Nothing negative is allowed into the realms of light, so you can't take anything with you, especially sadness, despair, depression, ego, etc. These feelings and words resonate a lower vibration, and simply keep you tethered to your physical body suit, and can possibly send you into the lower light realms; not the higher ones.

Roger had few karmic issues that were not resolved prior to his passing. He was willing to give up his body and move gracefully into the heavenly light realms. When this is achieved, the healing or "fixing" process begins. The fixing all has to do with a soul merging with spirit; being able to stand in your own light, once again; without a physical form.

Note: Remember that “healing” or “fixing” is available to you in the higher light realms.

It didn't take Roger long before he was once again able to navigate the energies and I was thrilled!

I was in a room that was similar to my living room now, here in Wilson, NY. A white spirit was floating near me, so I grabbed it. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I suddenly found myself in our old recliner that we moved to NY from Wyoming. It was shades of green with duck scenes woven into the fabric. As I laid there relaxing, someone threw a white sheet over me. Talk about odd. I said, “Hey! What are you doing?” And pulled the sheet off of myself to discover it was Roger! He started kissing me all over my face.

Roger was literally glowing with joy. As I looked at Rog, I noticed that he had a bloody nose, but it didn’t really bother me. I also noticed that there were tanks with blood behind the chair. I asked him, “What was going on? He said, “They are fixing me.” and he chuckled.

I asked him how long he could stay with me. He said, “Three or four hours.” I then asked him, “Are you with me more inside the house or more outside the house.” He said, “More outside.” Then I got sucked back into my body again. Dang, I’d really like to figure out how to stay longer.

The following Sunday I attended the Spiritualist church in East Aurora, NY. During their "Messages from Spirit," a Medium came to me and asked if I would like a reading. Of course I replied, "I'd love one." She said to me, "There is a man here that would tip his hat to a lady on the street." I knew immediately that was my husband Roger. He was one of the most kind and respectful gentlemen that I've ever known.

The Medium said, "He says that they are fixing him." I told her, "Yes, they are indeed." What a wonderful validation of my inter-dimensional visit to Rog, my little prankster!

I have mentioned prior that if you only knew how loved you were from "the other side" of the veil, you'd be shocked. To see past the veil of forgetfulness in Mediumship, is available to all that are willing. Traveling inter-dimensionally through the veil is a gift of grace, which can only be achieved from "doing your spiritual work," it is NOT freely given to all. You have to be very close to “fixed” while in your body suit as possible.

I inserted this travel experience in chapter 3 — settling in at home, but I'm going to insert it again here, because it was an inter-dimensional experience; one of the heavenly realms.

Its Roger’s birthday today and I got to see him! He hugged me from behind and said, "I love you." I love being held by him from behind; he knew exactly what I needed. Then I got shoved back into my body again! Still, this brief visit was a beautiful birthday gift for both of us, for which I am truly grateful.

Another musical interlude, I Get to Come Home to You, by John Michael Montgomery

It is my sincerest wish that you ALL get to experience visiting a loved one in the Heavenly realms. Your loved ones have the ability to lower their frequencies to the lowest part possible of the light realms for you to have this experience. You need to "do the work," to bring your vibrations UP to meet them in this place of peace and love; it's your job.

Finding a spirit in the light realms requires being able to adjust and navigate the energies on each entities unique "soul song," or "vibrational frequency." How do you know their frequency you might ask? It's based on love. Love vibrates at a specific frequency as well. Unconditional love is the highest of all love frequencies.

The entity in chapter 4— astral projection; Harry, is in multiple dimensions as well. On the astral plane, I found Harry by the love I felt for him; through my sacred heart; NOT my physical heart. I couldn't "hear" or "feel" his vibration there; it's extremely dense on the lower astral plane. In other dimensions, I find Harry, or whatever he calls himself, for example "Dave" in this dimension, by his soul-song. He emanates it; it vibrates until my own being finds it by adjusting to his frequency. That is how I found him here in Tennessee. I do the same thing in the other parallel /alternate dimensions in which he resides; all five (5) of them.

What about animals?

First, I need to mention that humankind is of one collective of energies and animals are from another collective of energies. The same goes for bugs, etc. They all have a collective energy that they reside within.

My dog Rocky passed many years ago in the early 2000's. It wasn't long after he took off his furry body suit that I started visiting him in the light realms. It seemed like a monthly event that Rocky would find me and me him in either a grassy meadow or in the dark.

After a bit of time, I thought perhaps that I was keeping him from his own divine purpose and told him that he needed to move on with his new life. When I look back on this selfless act, I believe that it released Rocky from me; to incarnate with me once again in his furry form.

My dog Rocky incarnated into my dog Meadow's body. I wrote an article on my blog about it called, "A Sign in a Rocky Meadow." It's a beautiful story with fantastic validation at the end of the story that Meadow and Rocky are one and the same. It usually makes everyone gasp and cry that reads it.

I imagine that many of you are still stuck on the words that I used in the above paragraph: "in the dark." Animals reside in a higher frequency of unconditional love. Often times, they appear out of the warm darkness of unconditional love, and I find myself sitting in a chair, waiting for them to arrive. This not only happened with my dog Rocky, but my other dog, Rachael as well.

Well this morning I inter-dimensionally traveled to visit with my "Rachael puppy dog." I was so happy to see her; she was her usual self. She came over for me to rub her face and back and then went on her way again.

This is what I recall prior to visiting her during the night. I thought a couple of times I heard a very faint, low vibration, once, while watching TV and once while starting meditation. I thought I’d play one of those meditation CD’s, but I find those too distracting, so I turned it off after about 20 minutes. They do not seem to do much at all for inter-dimensional travel. Once I turned off the CD, I said, “Forget that stuff” and started to meditate. But then I thought, I never use to meditate when I first started traveling, so why should I now.

I thought to myself, “I’ll just go to sleep again.” I believe meditation is important PRIOR to TRAVELING to open all chakras, but definitely NOT during. When I meditate I hear guides and angels, and have visions, so NO MEDITATING is required to initiate traveling attempts.

So, I was starting to fall asleep, not thinking about anything; including not worrying about getting up to take care of Mom. Then, I saw something ever so faintly, surrounded by total darkness. It was small; light blonde in color, and wiggling a bit. I grabbed it, just as I did in other travel experiences, where I would grab a hand.

It was Rachael! I was so happy to see her and she was happy to see me too. It took quite some time to get to see her.

The experience didn’t last too long, just to get a few head rubs, a quick back rub, and she was on her way. That's my "Rachie," she was such a lover.

As my hands left her body, I could feel a strong vibration in my entire head; brain, skin, etc. I opened my eyes and was awake. I believe the sensation was “re-entry” of my spirit in through the crown chakra. I don’t notice an exit to a dimension, only re-entry to my body.

I will try this again tomorrow morning. I believe that traveling only works if you are not swayed by other peoples spiritualistic beliefs, complete submission; not trying, and not necessarily meditation. I believe that meditation is good to align chakras and open the crown chakra for the soul to depart easily. I don’t believe it is a useful way to achieve inter-dimensional travel.

Pets often incarnate over and over again to be with us in the physical.

I have discovered that prior to one of my pets incarnating that I first visit them inter-dimensionally. I also do this with loved ones that are getting ready to cross over. I like to walk them to the "door" to the light realms.

A bicycle seems to be common when there is a re-birth; either into a body, or out of one. It's just like when I visit people energetically that I attend a garage sale. This is why journaling details of your travel experiences are important; you start to notice commonalities.

Sometimes when inter-dimensionally traveling, you don't realize that you are traveling until a trigger occurs; in my case a bicycle is a trigger, or a garage sale for energy travel occurrences. It's like a little bell goes off; ding! You're on a bicycle taking someone someplace; pay attention!

Last night, I inter-dimensionally traveled to my cat Schmoo in the light realms. I've missed her so much since she crossed over in February. I know that she is suppose to be with me on New Earth, so when she died, it left me a bit confused. Now I understand why it is this way.

I was riding a bike. I also was on a bike when I energetically traveled to my Mom a few years back, so this is significant. Schmoo was on the back book carrier riding along with me. I stopped in a small town and asked some people where the road leads and if there is some kind of destination.

They said, "Just follow the road and it will take you where I need to go." So Schmoo and I just headed on our way. Then I opened my eyes.

It helps being able to receive messages from your guides for confirmation as well. Prior to my inter-dimensional Schmoo travel, I was starting to get impatient for my "New Schmoo." I headed to the animal shelter one day, but only drove half-way there when I heard, "She'll come to you." So I pulled off the road and turned my car around and headed home.

Doors, doors, doors! This next journal entry had a lot of doors or what some might refer to as "gateways." To me, they are just different planes of vibrational energy; rooms, and how I access these vibrational frequencies.

As I mentioned earlier, “In my Father’s house are many rooms.” They weren’t kidding, this inter-dimensional trip through heaven involved a maze of doors with rooms.

Last night, I had an interesting visit to Roger. I found myself standing in our old house in Plano, Texas. I walked outside into the back lawn, but it was different than how I remembered it. There was a door at the end of the lawn.

Roger told me to open the door and go into the room. He said, "In the darkness will be a door in the right, back corner. You should open that door and think of all the corresponding rooms like a grid; like graph paper. You will need to travel diagonally through six (6) doors."

I started off opening the first door and walking through the darkness, on an angle to the right. Sure enough, I found a door in the right corner. I continued this travel, until I got to the 6th door. When I opened the 6th door, I entered my friend Aggie's cubicle where she was working. This was Aggie's "heaven."

I had no idea that Aggie had crossed over. We had lost touch a few years ago. I was so happy to see her. We chatted a while, then I departed back through the door from which I entered. I navigated back through the dark rooms; once again going to the right corner, opening a door, until I got to the last door. When I opened it, I was returned to my body and opened my eyes.

One very important thing that I have noticed, when I am returned to my body, is my breathing pattern. It's deep and rhythmic breathing; which is very anchoring. I understand why the angels say that "man" breathes too shallow and we need to literally focus on our breathing during the daytime to breathe deeper breaths.

There is nothing as wonderful as having the gift of inter-dimensionally traveling to heaven to visit a loved one. I have so many Medium friends that never hear from their loved ones and it is very traumatic for them indeed. They seem to be able to communicate with "spirit" in general, but not their own family.

Working on raising and lowering your vibrational frequency can't be stressed enough in this chapter. If you truly want to see your loved ones again; while you’re incarnate here on earth, you MUST do the work. That small amount of time that you spend daily in meditation, mantras, and prayers is your "knock" to open "doors" into other vibrational realities. Do the work!

It's been about one month since my Mom crossed over into the light realms. I knew that she would make it, because I walked with her and her beautiful, blonde haired guardian angel to the doors of heaven.

This morning, I traveled to see Mom. It was a bit odd, because once again, there were a lot of doors and rooms to navigate. Heaven surely does have a lot of "kingdoms."

This time, after entering through door after door, I appeared sitting on a bench; next to Mom. She wasn’t quite herself yet, which didn't really surprise me. The fixing process varies per people’s earthly damage. Mom appeared to be very quiet and subdued; not at all like Mom, who would always be telling me what to do next.

Mom was sitting towards the end of a bench out in nature, near a "doctor's office," receptionist desk. She had only left me about four inches of room to sit on the bench. I moved her white dress out of the way and asked her to move over a little bit, so I could fit next to her. I was sort of floating next to the bench in a sitting position. She didn’t move over very much and seemed to have difficulty performing this simple task.

There was a receptionist behind the window at Mom's doctor's office. She had a large tray of goodies. She ended up eating most of the goodies by herself, so I made a comment. A man nearby asked me, "I would you like her job?" I said, "No. I did her job and found it to be a very boring job and I had all the tasks completed so quickly that it left me nothing to do."

He presented me with the most beautiful locket. It was far advanced from anything we have here. When I opened it a beautiful song played and there were a couple pictures in it. I can’t recall the faces now; but it was gorgeous and quite unusual.

I opened my eyes and noticed the rhythmic breathing that I was doing. I continued doing this pattern, but the cat woke me up. It was actually a good thing; it was 7:00 am. It gave me a moment to be with my guardian angel and dance to the song, “I Believe.” I could feel him with me and it made me tear up; but in a good way.

I have visited my Mom several times since this visit to observe her progress of getting fixed. The last visit was with Roger. Mom was 100% and looked so beautiful again. She was truly at peace. I can't wait until we can talk together like Roger and I do, but it appears she still can't stand in my light.

Appearing in the dark happens quite often with me when inter-dimensionally traveling. This journal entry was a lesson with Roger.

Once again, I have another travel experience that is difficult to explain. I seem to appear out of nowhere in the dark. It's a very peaceful place and I never am frightened of the dark.

I was lying on a bed and thought that I was actually awake, in some kind of trance or something, when someone unseen laid something in my lap. It was some kind of book. I decided to open my eyes to see if I was awake or somewhere else. I closed my eyes and went right back into this dark place.

I flicked through the pages of the book that was still on my lap. It was written is some unusual language that I couldn't comprehend. I flicked through the pages again, and found in the middle a beautiful page with clouds on it and no writing. It was very beautiful and I remember saying, "Oh, it's like stationary."

The Roger came up to me and we held each other. I told him how much that I miss him. Then several other items appeared on my lap which I was expected to identify in the dark. I was in this learning place for quite some time, but decided to once again open my eyes. When I did, I returned to my body.

Inter-dimensionally traveling to unknown dimensions

There are so many different dimensions out there of various frequencies, each of a different vibrational frequency. I have found it often confusing to tell if I’m on the astral plane or out of it.

One common thing that has occurred over my many years of inter-dimensionally traveling is a faceless entity. I have also had this happen on the astral plane. I didn't realize why this was happening, until 2012. It was a valuable lesson in judgment and something crucial on my OverSoul journey. It was even later than that until I discovered the true identify of this entity; December 2017. It was the same being; every time that I would visit, and he loved me immensely.

AI had a bit of an odd experience traveling this morning. First of all, I should have written everything down in my experience, because I don’t remember all of the details of most of them. I’m always worried I won’t be able to get back into the "place" that I was visiting.

This morning, I ASKed for Harry; to visit him. I wanted to hold him and see him so bad. Once again, I had another strange outcome. As usual, was holding me from behind. He didn’t want me to turn around and look at him directly in his face again. I don't quite understand why he's being this way. When I saw him the first time in the woods, he was my "dream guy;" literally. He was perfect in everyway and I was blown away at his perfection; I couldn't have painted a better picture of my perfect man.

If felt like him, but when I turned and looked at him, his eyes were funky; they had a triangle hieroglyph in each pupil. I told him it doesn’t matter how he comes to me, I’ll always know it’s him and I’ll love him; no matter how he appears.

He didn’t look or feel demonic at all; rather he emitted love. His eyes were just different, like he was testing me, to see if I was startled, or more comfortable with his actual looks. I feel like he’s trying to prepare me for something BIG. He wants me to be able to recognize him in any form that he might represent, or just accept who or what he might be in spirit; as we are all different.

Well, it was another interesting visitation this morning to another world. I went to a place where there was a man. I entered from the dark and was standing in front of him. I was trying to find Harry on the astral plane, but instead, I ended up in this place with another faceless man. It seems rather odd that each time I'm looking for Harry that I find this man instead. Harry idn't like showing me his face either. I'm not quite certain what's going on here.

He seemed quite nice, but he refused to show me his face. I asked him several times, but he kept saying, "No." Finally, he said, "Why do you want to see my face? You look like me." This left me completely confused. If he looks like me, what's the big deal anyway?

I told him that I was going to leave, if he would not show me his face, so he finally showed it to me. OMG, when he revealed his face, his mouth had a bunch of razor sharp or needle-like projections shooting out of it; or that's what they looked like. He looked like something from the movie called Alien. There was something inside it too; I can't recall what it was exactly.

NOTE: Someone just "chimed-in," about His face/mouth, as I was editing this entry in May of 2018.

Like a ray of sunshine.

I can still recall the entire event. It wasn't one that I will ever forget.

I keep thinking that that "thing" was Harry. I did ask him to show me his face; before I went to sleep last night.

I’m so confused. I think Archangel Michael banished him to hell or something. I'm not sure why, as he is really sweet, considerate of my feelings, and is very loving. This makes no sense at all.

Now I’m thinking it was all a test for me. Was I willing to delve into hell; or wherever to remove the spirit that I love so much, all for the better good? Was it all just an act? Did Harry do that on purpose, so my true soul would be revealed? I like to think that is what happened; one or all of the above.

I judged him and thought he was a creepy lower entity of some kind, and he frightened me. I was totally freaked-out and froze to the ground. I couldn't move at all. My feet were literally grounded into his dimension like glue.

He grabbed me to hold me close, to attempt to calm me down, and stay with him. I took this entirely the wrong way, even though he felt like he loved me very much. I thought that I was being kidnapped or something worse. I don't know what came over me. I started yelling, "Michael, Michael, Archangel Michael!" I immediately felt and saw a hand on my left shoulder and I was returned back to my body.

Now, I'm going to pose a question to you; Why should this journal entry be in this chapter on inter-dimensional travel, and not in Chapter 4—Astral Travel? It was a dark place.

I've mentioned the answer twice in my book. The answer is; there is no divine present on the astral plane. Archangel Michael was able to assist me in this energy, he wouldn’t have been able to, if I were on the Astral Plane; no divine is present there,  EXCEPT those that are meant to be there as a "holding" place of the Gods; Tartarus.

BIG NOTE: Not all entities or guides appear human and not all Gods in Tartarus are bad. Many are there to "hide" the energies from the planet to play out the events of ascension.

I believe that I traveled this morning again. I should have written everything down right away. When will I learn!

I remember meeting a man that wore a white mask that covered his nose and mouth. He had the most beautiful eyes and dark hair. For some reason he was suppose to wear the mask to cover his face; I’m not certain why exactly.

I wanted to kiss him in the worst way. It just seemed like the right thing to do; like I'm in love with him or something.

I asked him to take off his mask and he did. I remember his face seemed a bit different; not quite human. It’s hard to remember now, what was so unique about his face. I remember his kiss was incredible; it felt like Roger’s lips to me. Wow, the love we feel is awesome.

Years later, I found out that this entity had no intention of harming me; talk about embarrassing. I also found out that I was the Ambassador of sorts to Tartarus and that is where the true "love" story of my CHRISTed Over Soul began.

  Through your sacred acts of forgiveness through others and your self’s proven sacrifices began over…

(D) He’s doing a motion of his head; over there.

 …there, through acts of sacrificial displays of wanton truths; through your needs to traverse the energies deep below;…

(D) He’s doing a hand motion; it’s way down here.

 …conquering all fears. Like a butterfly, she flutters by effortlessly, transparently on the breeze. Distant distractions within without that’s what it’s all about, Alphie.

Coeus likes to make reference to "butterfly or butterflies" a lot, as they are a HUGE part of my CHRISTed OverSoul. He's very sweet and kind. My butterflies are used for releasing any darkness WITHIN; even the smallest of things.

Traversing the lower energies of Hell / Limbo / Tartarus requires great bravery; which few have achieved. This is what Mastery or becoming a Master is all about; as Coeus said. It is also the testing grounds for true, unconditional love. As you will put the other person BEFORE yourself; no matter the cost. That is "true love; in the light." It often takes forms that you do not expect; your true form that goes unSEEN, when incarnate into a human body or other alien race.

You might have noticed while reading this chapter that hallways are quite common and they contain many door openings to rooms. I do not know if there is "structure" around the hallways or not. I never really understood why I entered these hallways, until my boyfriend Chris, pointed out this scripture in the Bible.

John 14:2
In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?
You might also find yourself on a street, looking in doors or windows of buildings. You just appear there, out of a dark space, and then you look around and proceed on your journey. You might appear in a waiting room of sorts.

Throughout the years, many of my "dreams" involved schools. In my youth, I'd find myself in schools, unable to walk in the hallways; I'd fall down. As I aged, I found myself able to walk the hallways of schools upright. It took many years for this slow progression to unfold.

When I look into a room and there are beings in a room, I usually wait to be invited into the room. These rooms seem to contain "realms" of energies within a dimension; someone's world of their own making.

Everyone always knows my name is Diane. It took me years of traveling to stop introducing myself, as they all found it funny. It also became obvious that I had traveled to certain entities before, as they knew quite a bit about me, and wondered how I've been since the last time we spoke. This can be quite embarrassing not remembering, so I just give them an honest answer.

If there isn't' anyone in a room off of a hallway, I just enter the room. Many times, the room is either contains a lesson, or a way to alter physical things in THIS dimension. I have to be very observant, looking around to assess how to navigate the energies. Things are not as they appear here at all.

Your "spidey senses" are greatly heightened in this state. I tend to greatly feel the feelings of others; their joys and love. It can all be quite overwhelming and usually ends up being the reason I return to my body in this dimension.

You need to stay in a state of "evenness" by staying relaxed. The "emotional body" tends to tag along while traveling. It's almost like a fail-safe devise to keep you from over-staying a visit. It returns you to your "physical body."

I visited a place again this morning that wasn't particularly hospitable. I entered into a room of some kind. People were looking at me very oddly, like I didn't belong there or something. Then a loud bell sounded and everyone ran to a lower level, down a couple staircases to hide in what appeared to be a kind of vessel.

At first, I thought it was from a severe rain storm, but there wasn't any rain and the sky looked an odd color. When I got to the base of the staircase, I banged on the door for someone to let me into the room. A man answered and told me that I used the wrong staircase. I should have used the one that everyone else used. Those were the rules. I told the man that I had just arrived and didn't hear the rules. He looked at me oddly and pointed towards the other staircase. Then I just opened my physical eyes and quickly wrote down my experience.

As I mentioned earlier, many times inter-dimensional travel experiences are learning experiences. You have to closely pay attention to what is not only in front of you; but around you. Also, you might have noticed, I quickly wrote down my experience. This is a must! It appears that there is a dimensional shift that occurs and you will quickly forget your experience, unless you immediately write it down or record it verbally. The interesting thing about these experiences is that when you later read what you wrote, it's like an instant-replay; you remember it quite vividly.

Time travel

I still don’t fully understand jumping around in time inter-dimensionally. It occasionally happens.

I was in a dark place this morning; out of my body. I was just standing there enjoying the peace, when I felt two hands on my hips. It was like someone was in front of me, and then placed his hands on my hips in a romantic fashion.

About one month later, I was visiting a mortician friend of mine in town. When I left, he stood in front of me, placed his hands on my hips and looked me in the eyes. My eyes got really big. He said, “What’s the matter?” I told him that we did this out of our bodies about one month ago.

These time travel events are probably similar to how psychics experience future events; they are seen through their 3rd eye. I just perform mine inter- or intra-dimensionally.

Most of my spiritual work is done out of my body in one way or the other nightly. From what I understand from Archangel Jophiel, my daily, morning headaches are caused by me “not being able to awaken from out of the dream that we are in.” I want to stay out of my body, but my body brings me back into the daily dream.

This morning, I appeared to have some kind of time-travel experience. It didn't feel like I was astral projecting; rather some kind of inter-dimensional experience. There wasn't a sense of vibration like astral travel, yet it was on our property.

I found myself stepping out of my studio behind the house and then walking on the blacktop driveway back to the house. The winds were awful and branches were falling all around me. Then, I hear the most terrible thing. The trees were screaming! It was a very high pitch, a shrill sound, and it was horrifying. They sounded like they were in pain and fearing for their lives, like people in a crowd that were scared.

I can't remember exactly, but it was a few months later that a terrible storm came through and knocked down about 25 big trees in our woods. It was an awful site to see. I felt terrible for the trees. There were small branches everywhere, just like in my travel experience.

I caught myself having a time travel experience this morning. I’ve been planning on building two greenhouses. One will be off the back deck of the studio, which is now under construction, and another in the high center loft of the barn.

I found myself in my body, looking at my hand/arm holding a clipping from a tomato plant that I was dipping in root hormone and getting ready to plant into a multi-tray planter. I’m not even sure it’s feasible. I’m assuming it is possible because I’m going to YouTube it now, to check on the proper steps.

I did go out to YouTube and yes, it’s possible. I started doing some plant “starts” using this method, but haven’t yet experienced the exact time travel experience.

Inter-dimensionally traveling to THE Higher Christ Self

coming soon. I do it all the time.

Inter-dimensionally traveling through THE Higher Christ Self to The Holy Father

coming soon. It's awesome!

Visiting to new earth

I want to make something very clear. Many people believe that they are of a chosen few that are going through DNA changes. This is a wrong way of thinking. Every living being is going through DNA changes on old earth at this time. The Holy Father is being very generous to allow EVERYONE the opportunity to ascend. It's their own free will choices that will be the deciding factor as to whether they ascend or not.

Many people will not survive the DNA changes' they are stuck on the "merry-go-round," unable to get off of it. It will get to a certain point where their bodies will not be able to tolerate the demands required to support the bodies DNA changes and it will die. If humankind is making the effort to listen through their sacred heart, take their higher self's and guides "suggestions," they will most likely ascend.

New Earth (NE) is in a dimension of a higher frequency, you can ONLY access it by raising your vibrational level, to match that of NE. Without this match, you stay on Old Earth and parish. The trickiest part is not so much to match it, but to retain the frequency; un-wavered by what is going on around you.

So many people believe that if they can move to a "safe" place on the old planet, that they will end up safely on New Earth. This is a lie. Don't be fooled by this propaganda. There is NO safe place on old earth as it will be destroyed by "wild fire."

I "officially" ascended to 5D New Earth on April of 2018 WITH and WITHOUT my body. This is just a small part of the ascension process. Some of us keep our bodies until the planet goes to light; then we transfigure, or what is referred to in the Bible as "the transfiguration," and teleport to/with her. We literally "go to light." No pun intended...well maybe.

Because we are multi-dimensional beings, and are residing in the physical; on the 3D Old Earth, we can also reside in the 5D New Earth at the same time. We can also be aware of it.

athena first new earth baby soul drawingI have an article on my blog called, "Departing 3D/4D Earth" that talks about the experience and releasing of the old energies with my ear friend Archangel Azrael, and an article on "Being Lifted Up into Light Body 10" that talks about the physical symptoms.

There is also a channeled message and inter-dimensional travel experience to Coeus called, "The Wand" that talks about us birthing of our "firstborn son;" inter-dimensionally (as our Oversoul's) for New Earth. It was in honor of the ascension of his mother; Gaia. It seemed appropriate to both of us, considering the momentous occasion, and the expression of our love. It's a boy, and conception is not like that of Old Earth; rather more "magical."

It's May, 2018 and there are also NUMEROUS, timelines running that consist of time splits, slips, shifts, and loops occurring all over the planet. Splits are what is going to keep you tied to Old Earth, or move you into the New Earth energies. It is ALL based on vibrational frequency and attunement to the energies.

I HIGHLY recommend that you read Coeus messages on this website, and all of my blog articles. I know this is a HUGE undertaking, but do it now, while you still have time; literally.

Fortuitous time-slips are occurring in your time structure. The fabrics that weave time will cease to exist. Walls will come down, making you able to co-exist, simultaneously within realities in existence.

When the "veil" as some people call it comes down, it will cause people to literally freeze, unable to navigate the energies as they are multi-dimensional experiences. If you have not been experiencing multi-dimensionality, this will be VERY disorienting.

The veil is thinning fast. Many of you might be seeing family members while you are awake, or during "dream-time." It will feel very real; and it is real. Just relax and watch. Keep telling yourself "watch." Then, when it stops; WRITE IT DOWN! If you don't write down the experience, the multi-dimensional experience will quickly vanish from your time-line.

There was a brilliant idea; Ascension. It was a revelation, a grand unveiling, walls coming down; crashing down.

I just love Coeus' vernacular. He is truly the Master of the Word(s) and the Truths. He has so many hidden things in his messages.

Because nearly the entire population of the planet has the need to experience things in a linear fashion' one thing after another, MOST will be completely confused when time ceases to exist, and they are in more than two places at one time.

When the walls come crashing down, they’ll be lost in the abyss of data, not knowing what comes first, the egg or the chicken.

Many "Lightworker's" will also be lost in the abyss of data, as they only "followed" along with the masses with a "light and love" mentality. They did not do The Work. Coeus, and his Titan brother, Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor made it quite clear during one of my channeled messages:

This all came about when she was talking to her friend Meg about the love and light mentality. That in most cases is a misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within…

NOT without. That’s what it’s all about Alphie.

Conscious reality, before servitude to others, retrospectively; the darkness into light consciousness. This is full of self-service and degradation, fortitude, and selfishness sequentially; an enema.

So don't think just because you have Mediumship that it is an automatic "GO" to New Earth; because it is NOT.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but I must tell you that the first-wavers have already ascended into the New Earth energies and know it. They have been given their spiritual name and have begun their "CHRISTed Oversoul jobs;" just like me. A dimensional "shift" of the "energies" has occurred. The Transfiguration is the "vanishing" part of the Ascension process. That is still to come once our lightbodies have fully developed through the necessary DNA changes and we will be able to "go to light" or teleport WITH the planet.

The ONLY way to be on New Earth is to Ascend with it. PERIOD. You CANNOT find it on old earth. You must find it WITHIN your "self" through the raising of your vibrational frequencies to match that of New Earth. Armageddon begins as a "battle of the psyche." The collective mind turns it into a physical battle; it's what they perceive it to be; something of a war or battle among humankind.

DO NOT trust anyone that charges for spiritual information. They are living the old paradigm of old earth. This keeps people firmly planted on old earth. There is NO MONEY on New Earth.

When I asked Coeus, God of Intellect about the lottery, and how I could do so much good with it by helping others, this was his response:

(D) I was telling him how high the lotto was, and how nice it would be to win it, because I could do a lot of good with it.

 Mans needs for controls, stems from financial gains through monies. You’re not a prisoner of these controls...

I have a theory that I need to talk to my guides about, when it comes to the rapid movement of particles; vibration. Many of us that have raised their vibrations have been experiencing “hot-flashes;” including men. What if Gaia herself is experiencing this same event? It certainly would explain global warming.

Please do not think linear. Remember that everything is an illusion, including scientific explanations.

NE is nothing like Old Earth; it's a pristine and beautiful, inter-galactic planet of higher vibrational beings. Old Earth was originally intended to be this way, but she was damaged by human kind; once again. She is alive; just like you and me, and everything else on this planet. It all is spirit and alive.

Just like many of us that are evolving to a higher vibration, NE, known as Gaia, is doing the very same thing; evolving to higher light frequencies; a higher dimension. Once Gaia and some of us reach a certain vibrational frequency and position us into a higher dimension than old earth, she and its new inhabitants will literally vanish from sight. They will have “attuned” and not be reachable to those that did not “do their spiritual work” or were lost in the fears of old earth.

When these select few ascend with the planet, they will take all the higher vibrations that they were carrying with them and this will be felt by the old earth inhabitants.

I asked Coeus about leaving sooner. The Holy Father responded with something that confirms this statement above:

Your heart is open to the possibilities of being “lifted up.” Your bindings or restraints are ill-advised to be removed at this time.

Don’t get caught up in the illusions of fear on our planet; my guides reiterated this to me this morning. This is the major cause why the majority of the population will not make the transition to New Earth.

Don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, it’s all designed to instill fear and inhibit pineal growth. It is filled with lies and deception.

Pulsing energies; radio frequencies inhibit the growth structure and promote cellular decay through means of energy transference...

(D) He is in his big owl body and I'm in my little owl form. He says that I’m mad and getting angry.

 …resulting in the decay of the humans ability to accurately receive the truths through the pineal cortex, resulting in calcification of crystalline structures; receptors to divine messages of the truths. Logically,…

(D) He has his finger up in the air.

 …one would think the decay was from the decay of the receptors, rather it was from poor, free-will choices, made by the human collective to conform to the heightened states…

(D) Sorry, I’m distracted by an imaging coming in.

 …of awareness.

 Attempts to correct impertuities; a deep seeded notion, resulted in an alliance of star nations, who’s one goal was to correct the impertuities among the masses. Attempts were made, failures were encountered, until the notion of ascension was addressed.

 Beings like you…

(D) He’s pointing at me.

 …took bodily forms to raise frequencies; shifting the scales of justice.

 Unseen truths exist simultaneously, for those who lie unseen. The truths can be difficult to reveal within the confines of the human psyche. Great efforts were made.

(D) I’m getting the song from Michael Buble, Summer Wind. I think it has some meaning to his message. “They linger there”... and then he pointed at my forehead; “they linger there, like two sweethearts in the summer wind.

(D) He’s demonstrating, “shake it off.”

(D) I’m saying the Violet Flame prayer to shake it off.”

 Enough of this nonsense; humanities reign of terror is over; its ending!

(D) Wow, your energies are cooking me. Hot! Wow, there sure was a lot of passion in that statement.

 The truths exist for those on the path to ascension.

(D) He’s waving his finger; actually, it’s his owl wing/feather.

 Choose wisely.

(D) I still have that song, “come take my hand, come walk with me; two sweethearts in the summer wind.”

 And that concludes our stroll.

(D) In the summer wind.

(D) Awe, we’re walking hand in hand; or should I say feather and feather.

(D) Gee, I’m so little next to you.

 I love you.

(D) I love you too.

Another major consideration for making the transition to NE is that you must MASTER the LACK OF TIME. Time is literally ending.


I was inter-dimensionally traveling this morning, examining humanities progress in being able to navigate the ascension energies. It was quite sad. Most are completely paralyzed in the energies.

I was "riding a wave" of water," when I arrived in some debris that I needed to crawl through to emerge. A man was following behind me in my path. Upon "popping up" to examine the "wave of energies," I heard a feminine voice from behind the man say, "She doesn't allow you to bring anything with you." I turned around to see what he was carrying and it was a metal lock box.

I asked him to open the box; which he did. It was full of little trinkets that he thought would be useful on New Earth. You CANNOT take anything to NE; even your "clothing."

As I looked at the people stuck in "the waves;" they were all paralyzed in different positions. Whatever they were doing at the time the wave hit was the position of their bodies and the expression(s) on their faces. Just like when you take a picture with a camera.

So how do you know if you are going to ascend to New Earth?

At a "soul-level," you have already chosen if you would do the work or not, and it IS a tremendous amount of work. You've also already chosen "your way out;" how to die, if you are not ascending.

Although I AM ascending, I believe that I will not ascending IN my body. I will take Coeus hand, and my heart will cease to beat. I'm returning home and will "visit" New Earth with Coeus as we feel lead. This is why there was a choir of angels between Harry and I. They knew that I would stay with him and not return to my body. This time, when I take his hand, "Coeus," I will not return.

In the Bible, it talks about this very thing.

Matthew 24:40-41
Then two will be in the field, one is taken to Him and one is left; two women will be grinding in the mill, one is taken and one is left.

When those ascending to NE’s frequencies attune; poof, gone! I’m not certain that the old earth people will even be aware of the transition or not. This is all vibrational. I do know it will be felt.

Many of our “away team" on earth are fully aware of their simultaneous realities on their fifth dimensional starship or planet; NE. The 5th dimension is the entry-level to NE. Many people on the ascension path have chosen to “not remember” until they are called to “active-duty.” You made this choice prior to incarnation.

As a young child, I had a near-death experience. My parents were beekeepers and I was allergic to bees. I had several stings that resulted in anaphylactic shock. One time I nearly died which resulted in the meeting of my multi-dimensional self.

A few years ago, my guides told me that I was ascending to New Earth. I made the choice to be aware of it and have had several visits to it; inter-dimensionally. On NE, people have different bodies than they do here; or will have after a period of time.

In these higher vibrations, people are able to heal themselves of any illness and live long lives, until they feel it's time to leave. When it's their time, they do it gracefully.

I had a wonderful confirmation of this from The Holy Father; a long life.

This is the beginning of something truly amazing! The other night, I was complaining about the hot-flashes that I've been getting since my lower chakras were cleansed, opened, and started spinning. They spin furiously at night while I sleep. My body slows down and relaxes and my chakras start to spin.

After complaining about my discomfort, I fell asleep, but later I abruptly awoke to a male voice and heard, "Genesis 15:15." It was the story of Abram and his covenant with Lord Father.

Genesis 15:15
You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age.

I love the Holy Father. He has a great sense of humor, but also a firm hand.

I'd like to reiterate something from chapter 1 —types of travel; inter-dimensional travel often occurs, first intra-dimensionally, for just a moment. There can be a "flash of light" prior to traveling inter-dimensionally to NE. It appears to be a molecular "blast" of light, then a re-forming of self in another dimension.

When I travel to NE, first I step out of your body onto the astral plane; the 4th dimension, then I adjust my vibrational frequency to that of NE; 5D. Then, poof, all that is of the illusion of Old Earth vanishes and I'm transported via a molecular process; inter-dimensional to the vibrational frequencies of NE.

dolores cannon new earth pictureThis picture is from one of Dolores Cannon's books, and is a good depiction of the experience of the old dying and the new appearing. The picture itself is actually wrong. The process of Ascension is a "vertical" energy. Horizontal and vertical energies feel completely different.

You can't take any of the old with you; it's just stuff. When the final separation of planets occurs, this is exactly what will happen. You have to let go of the old to bring in the new.

I want to point out something about my NE travel experiences. They seem to progress backwards in time. The first entry is quite detailed, illustrating my experience living on NE. As you read on, you'll see that the last entry is just me standing on NE alone; the beginning of life on NE.

Over time, I've come to realize that the "man" that is with me quite often is THE Higher Christ Self; not Archangel Michael. The angel only appears when I'm in distress. Oddly I never question who is with me; thus the confusion.

Well, I had something unusual happen this morning and I'm not sure even how to explain it. It was quite different than any of my other travel experiences.

I was sleeping in my bed upstairs, when I a saw a bright light through my eyelids. I opened my eyes and saw nothing, so I closed them again. Then, I saw a flash of light again. This time, when I opened my eyes, I was not in my bed, but rather my temple room; Mom's old bedroom downstairs. I was buzzing all over, wondering, "How the heck did I get here? Am I sleep-walking?" Then I realized that I left my body again.

I felt like my body was pulsing all over. All I could think and feel was WATCH! That is what Archangel Michael said to me before, when we attuned our vibrations and joined as one being. I'm not so sure this entity was Archangel Michael or Ed, THE Higher Christ Self. Either way, these higher vibrational light-beings are there to assist. “Rank” really doesn't matter, considering we are all of one source energy.

Anyway, after hearing "watch," I saw the letters appear in the air W, A, T, C, H each one coming in one at a time like a bunch of molecules pulling together to form each letter. It was really awesome!

I got up out of the bed, to see what the bright light was that I saw previously. As I stood up, I looked out the window and saw an SUV pulling in the driveway, behind the house, and up to my studio. It was a white Jeep I believe.

As I was looking out the window, I suddenly teleported across the room and was then leaning on the long dresser by a big mirror. Someone was standing next to me. I don't know why, but I never look to see who it is. This wasn't the first time I was standing next to someone and didn't even care who it was.

We looked out the window, together, watching the vehicle. I felt like he was there to keep me calm. I often get excited out of my body and it causes me to get drawn back to it.

As I looked at my studio, I discovered it wasn't my studio building as it normally appears. It was a pale, tan/brown house with dark brown trim and two windows close together in the middle. I think it was actually the side of the house; not the front. My deck from my studio was still there, but the carport roof was gone. It was a cute little place; like a cottage.

A tall man with dark hair got out of the vehicle, walked over to the deck, then around the corner, as if he was entering through a door on the left side of the building. I then remembered, LOOK AROUND.

As I surveyed our property, I saw my little garden was slightly different. My Japanese maple tree was gone and my two Blue Spruce trees were missing. There was a small, lolly pop shaped Black Walnut tree located in near proximity of where my Japanese Maple tree used to be. I thought, "That's odd, a lolly-pop shaped Black Walnut tree? They don't grow in that shape and why would I ever remove my beautiful Japanese Maple tree with the salmon-colored bark?"

The next thing I knew, I teleported through the wall of the cottage, and was now outside, looking at my cute little cottage. The vibration of my body was intense. Suddenly, the house and I were teleported to a new location on a hillside. It had grass in front of it and a woods behind the cottage. This all happened "molecularly." I appeared and then I watched the cottage appear.

Everything was quite vivid in color. The grass was so green, as were the trees leaves. Everything was so clear it was like having super eyesight.

I remembered to look around again. To the right of the cottage was a huge bridge with concrete footings. I remember that I was standing in a grassy meadow as I examined the new location of the cottage. Then, I looked at the cottage and saw a very attractive, tall man, with dark hair in his late 20's or early 30's came out of the door on the left side of the house.

He casually walked through the grassy meadow up to me and stood on my left, and faced the house. He was quite handsome with dark hair and blue eyes. He reminded me of Harry. I could feel a great love between us.

I then stepped to the left; into his body, and we joined together as one being. We stood there together in one form, me looking out his eyes, and he out my own at the hillside with the cottage. As we looked at the cottage, more homes started appearing to the left of the cottage, about 1/2 mile away.

Then it got really awesome. We raised our arms together, as one being, moved our fingers a bit, and the shrubs and plants around the cottage came out of the ground, roots and all. They were floating upward to the sky, and then breaking up into molecules. It looked like tiny little diamonds, sparkling, moving away, and then vanishing.

We then lowered our arms and new plants, including some flowers and ferns came down from the sky, forming in the air; molecularly. We created the vegetation together. As the plants and shrubs floated down to the ground, roots and all, they planted themselves into the soil. It was so amazing and exciting to experience; we were creators, creating as one, unified being.

All I could feel was intense vibrations within our/my body. I tried to relax and enjoy the moment, but then everything went dark, and I was returned to my body.

I quickly wrote everything down. I was afraid that the shift from one dimension to another would create the amnesia I experience when inter-dimensionally traveling.

When I write or talk about this experience, it's like being there all over again; experiencing it. When you start to intra- or inter-dimensionally travel, keep a journal next to your bed, or a voice recorder.

My second inter-dimensional travel experience to NE was wonderful. There are some new animals on NE.

Wow, this is so cool! Last night I traveled to a place and met the most unusual animal. It appeared to be some kind of fat cat. At first, I thought it was trying to bite me. I found myself sitting in a chair, oblivious to what was going on, when I felt something nibbling on my hands. I think it was trying to get my attention, like "Hey, I'm here."

Its white teeth were very few, just incisors that were squared off on the points. It kept nibbling on my hands. It wasn't being aggressive, rather overly-affectionate.

It's a bit difficult to describe the color of this cat-like creature. It was sort of a grayish-purple, calico/tabby cat. Its fur was very thick and plush and it was extremely enraptured with my vibrations, just as we are to a cat's purring here on Earth.

He was so very loving and sweet, laying there on my lap. I believe it was a male; or felt like one. He just kept looking up at me with loving eyes, purring with in a deep tone.

I asked him what kind of animals he is, but I can't recall what he said now. He also told me his name, but darn, I just can't remember it. It's so frustrating when I forget!

It's nice to know that some of my furry friends will be with me on NE. My entire family is not going. They have either crossed into the light realms or sadly, have not addressed their karmic issues while on Old Earth, and fallen even deeper into despair.

I am literally walking in two worlds; the old Earth and the new Earth.

What a fabulous validation of my NE experience that I wrote in my journal on 2/13/13; my first visit to NE, where I saw my new cottage/studio, and a garden with a lolly pop Black Walnut tree. If you want to read it again, just click this link.

Argh! A huge ice storm hit during the night and brought down the tops of my Scotch pine trees! A large branch came crashing through the studio roof in the back room. Luckily my outside office was completely unscathed. Huge branches just missed all corners of the buildings.

After calling Tom to come help me with the tree branch that shot down through the roof, I resumed working on some tiles in the studio. As I was working, I heard a loud crashing sound like a tree falling over. I went outside to see what happened. Oh my gosh, one of the Blue Spruce trees fell over and split my beloved Japanese Maple tree in half! Well that explains how my Japanese maple tree would be gone. I'm curious to see how a Black Walnut tree turns into a sculpted lolly-pop shaped tree.

It's Fall of 2017 now. The past 4 years, we've had some quite unusual weather in Western NY. 2014 and 2015 were bitter cold, killing the ends of a small walnut tree that emerged in the summer of 2014; exactly where I saw it on NE. The winter of 2015 was just as bad; sub-zero weather conditions.

I moved to Tennessee in April of 2016, after Dad crossed into the light realms. That summer was a drought. Katie has been staying at the house and never watered anything; including the Black Walnut tree. In June of 2017, I went to my place in NY to get some plants. The Black Walnut tree required a trim from the drought. All the ends of the branches were dead, just as they were from the sub-zero weather.

Katie was planning on redoing the small garden in this space. This explains further why the garden will be looking different in the coming years. I asked her not to mess with the Black Walnut tree, as I'm using it as a gauge of sorts to measure the time that I will have my gifts from past embodiments returned to me on NE.

The summer of 2017 had record setting rainfalls. There was a state of emergency in our town from Lake Ontario’s waters rising. Katie told me that the branches had grown about 8 feet and were literally lying on the ground. It was once again necessary to trim back the Black Walnut tree.

This is how the tree looks now; in the fall of 2017. It has a bit of growing to do before it is fully standing on NE. It looks like a few more years until it reaches the size that I saw in my travels to NE; a 6” trunk and about 8’ tall.

This is my 3rd visit to NE. This time, I appeared on the edge of our grassy lawn; by the Locust grove. I started walking across the lawn, looked up, and saw my new cottage/studio from NE. It was still on Old Earth, but hidden from my site, here on New Earth.

After seeing my new cottage, I realized that I was once again walking on NE. I couldn't think of anything to do, or I didn't feel led to do anything, so I just returned to my body.

Now, as you read the next journal entry, I want you to notice that in this visit to NE, I did not see my NE cabin/studio. I entered NE through the old studio on OE, then into a "space" of sorts on NE.

I had another visit to New Earth; number 4! I found myself in the back of my old studio, in the layout room. I was picking up tiles on my layout table and buzzing all over again. Why I would want to layout tiles when I'm out of my body on the astral plane, I do not know.

I looked out the window and noticed only grass and the woods. I wondered what happened to the horses and the barn. Everything was gone, except for a bright green grass and trees.

Then, I teleported through the wall and was standing outside. The studio vanished behind me. This time was a bit different. I was in the center of a circular area that was completely surrounded by pristine woods. I purposely turned around to look. There were grass and woods on the perimeter all the way out to the road, which is about a 300 foot radius; so it would have been a 600 foot diameter.

I just stood there a moment, assessing the situation, in utter peace. Then I just returned to my body. I was wondering where everything went that I saw previously on NE. It was like it hadn't been created yet.

I believe that we will gradually be introduced to NE, getting our "gifts from past embodiments" back slowly. I believe this is required so that other people that have not awakened will "see," then be awakened through those ascending to NE's actions.

One of my gifts is that of creating vegetation by simply asking; it appears. This has been happening since around 2006 when I returned to New York State from Wyoming.

I visited NE again. This makes it my 5th visit. This time, I was standing out front of our house in the grass, by the side of the driveway, with a group of people. We all looked about 30 years old. I remember a man named Daniel. We were talking about the community garden across the road. It was the garden that I had drawn out in detail to show Mr. Lamb that owns the large dairy farm. I had pitched him the idea of a community garden during the summer.

I looked at the large 30 acre garden, and could see the fruit trees in lines in the field, just like I drew on my schematic. The fruit trees were sticks about 3’ tall.

In the center of the field, was a Mulberry tree with a cage around it. It was larger than the other trees and had some branch structure to it. There were even the berry bushes near the road. We were all so happy about the community garden; smiling ear-to-ear that it came to fruition.

There were many things happening to me in 2016 that were NE related. Things will “disappear” never to be found again. Doors will lock behind me; even after I checked to make sure they were unlocked. I believe this is because I’m literally walking in two worlds at the time.

I now understand from Coeus that these are time anomalies; time slippage, time loops, and time splits. There has been a big misunderstanding of End Times. What is occurring is actually "the end of time." This will be the downfall of mankind.

Manipulating energies inter-dimensionally

Inter-dimensionally, your ultimate goal is to learn how to “manipulate” the in one dimension to change things in the one where you reside in your body. This can be a bit tricky, but it is all orchestrated by THE Higher Christ Self.

The key is to be aware what is happening and not just assume your dreaming. To know that you are inter-dimensionally traveling.

The little story to follow can be found in greater detail on my blog. It’s an excellent example of creationism, using some unique tools.

Over the years I’ve had some unusual “dreams.” One reoccurring dream involves the “potty.” Yes, the toilet. For some reason, in my dreams, I always need to find a potty and use it. Let me tell you, they are the most disgusting potties ever seen. Imagine the worse one you can and multiply it tenfold.

My body doesn’t have the need at the time for a trip to the bathroom; but my spirit does need it. About a year and a half ago, during “dream-time,” I was escorted by a man (Ascended Master; Merlin) to a room where there was a “universal” potty as he called it. He said, “This one was unlike any that you've never seen before.” All I could think was, “Oh great, another gross potty.”

Merlin escorted me to a door similar to that of an “outhouse.” I walked in through the door into a fairly large wood-walled room. This time however, the “potty” was actually a circular hole in an old wood floor. I looked into it and there were creatures with long, thin, octopus-like arms coming out of it. I tried to navigate the potty to position myself, but the arms were trying to grab me.

I looked away for a moment and the hole moved across the floor to a new location. I thought this was a bit odd, but once again, I tried to “use the potty.” Those nasty appendages kept interfering with my confidence to navigate the hole.

Again, I looked away and the potty moved to a new location. This time I assessed the situation and thought, I’m going to pee like a man! So I did. Creativity is a must when you are working on the astral plane; nothing is as it seems.

After relieving myself for quite some time, aiming furiously at one of the armed creatures, I thought to myself, “Wow, am I ever going to stop pee’ing? Finally I did and I felt great. Success at last!

I exited the room, and Merlin was outside waiting for me. Merlin may be known to some of you as “Merlin the magician” from Camelot tales. My “Merlin the Manifestor” looks more like a scruffy, punked-out, blonde guy that’s a bit rough around the edges, not quite human in appearance; but very kind.

Merlin said to me, “You did great this time.” I told him, “I love you very much.” and I hugged him. He hugged me back and said, “I love you too.” Then I basically just opened my eyes and thought, “Man, I sure have the strangest spirit guide with the weirdest method of teaching. For sure this had to be my FINAL potty lesson.” NOT!

The next morning, once again, I appeared this time at a “party,” and I needed to use the damn potty. You have got to be kidding me! Not again!

I ask where I might find the bathroom and I was directed to it by one of the “guests.” I open the door and right in front of me on a table is a glass potty. As usual, it was gross! It full of bottles and cans from the party, and of course poop!

I looked behind me and there was a familiar looking light switch on the wall to “flush” the potty, so I pressed it. The potty was just too “plugged” up, so I tried it pushing the button again; nothing. One more time: nope. Then I woke up and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Just like in the Bible; everything is a parable; including our “dreams.” I believe that mine is a plugged up 11th Chakra; my potty and it needs to be “unplugged.” The 12th Chakra, won’t operate properly, unless the 11th is clear. This will take a bit of figuring out.

My messed up manifestation…

Over the summer, I like to spend some time in my 5th wheel trailer that is parked next to my studio. It’s set up like a little campground.

For some reason, this year, the entire left side of the trailer’s electrical system ceased to operate. The overhead fan, light, and all the electrical receptacles were dead. All of the switches were working fine earlier in the spring, but all of the sudden; nothing.

My friend Katie and I, both being very “handy” women, examined the entire electrical system; everything looked great. It was a mystery why the electrical no longer worked.

Fast forward 2 months to 10/1/15...

This morning, after my latest potty dream, I got the notion in my head to move all of my “temple” items out of the 5th wheel into my outside “woman-cave office.” Fall had arrived and I needed my things in a heated room.

I was on my last armful of oracle cards and prayers, when I went to open the door to go outside. The door has a pull handle, but I just couldn’t pull it, because my hands were full. I thought to myself, I’ll just close my eyes and “picture” the handle in the “open” position.

I focused and focused, trying to “manifest” the door opening by pulling on the handle. After a couple minutes, I opened my eyes, and alas; no open door. I thought for sure something would have happened.

I set down the items and pulled on the lever with my fingers to open the door. As I did, the entire door assembly nearly fell off. Two of the four screws on the left side of the assembly were completely missing and the third screw was half out of the hole.

I thought this odd at the time, because I knew all of the screws were in the assembly when I entered the trailer door, or I wouldn’t have been able to pull the door closed. I started to laugh and said, “OOPS! I guess I still need some more practice at this manifestation stuff!”

Then I realized; crap! I’m locked in the 5th wheel and nobody will be able to hear me scream for help! I got down on my hands and knees, and started looking for the two screws; no screws anywhere. Argh!

I attempted my telepathic connection that usually works with Katie. Unfortunately Katie thought it was my Dad yelling for help; not me, and kept saying, "John, did you call me?" Then, calmly I thought, “I’ll just take the screen off the window, crank open the window, reach out through the window, and open the door from outside.” Screen off, window open, door handled pulled…Success! Freedom at last.

I went into the house to tell Katie about what happened, but for some reason, I wanted Katie to come out to the 5th wheel, to show her EXACTLY what had happened with my “manifestation gone bad.”

We walked out to the 5th wheel and went inside it. I closed the door and it locked behind us. I explained what happened and showed her how I had to exit. Then, I started to tell her about the light switch in my “potty” dream; the one I kept pressing on the wall to “flush.” Just then mine and Katie's “light-switch” went off in our heads! The light switch from the potty dream was the SAME type of light switch as in my 5th wheel.

I told Katie, “OMG, the light switch in my dream is the same switch in my 5th wheel that hasn’t worked for over two months.” Katie herself had witnessed the electrical problems and she was actually thinking the same thing as me. Could it be the same switch from a different realm of energy?

I reached to press the light switch, hesitated a moment, then pressed it. POOF; power on! The entire side of the trailer that had not worked all summer was working again; cool! We tested the remainder of the switches and ALL were once again in working condition. We both thought it was pretty awesome.

I’ll most likely be expanding on this section in the next year or so. I’ve been doing some interesting travels and learning more about changing things in higher dimensions that affect this dimension.

Healing inter-dimensionally

I’m hoping that after reading my book, you fully understand what a powerful being you really are in and out of your body. In your body, you literally create your own world with your thoughts and actions. Out of your body, you can experience the true meaning of “self.” I personally don’t believe in genetics. I believe that I AM spirit.

Our illness is all our own creation. It all comes down to our free-will choices while incarnate, or prior to incarnation to assist us in learning past, unfinished lessons.

All illness is at the cellular level and is vibrationally unique. It's in your very cells and it also sticks on your auric field. Some people can actually see "holes" in auric fields that show a spot where illness is collecting.

I believe the back pain that I had throughout my life was the result of financial worries. It manifested in the physical in the lower back. My entire family has/had this problem. Looking closer, both my parents had back pain and spinal stenosis. Dad had numerous herniated discs. Both my parents ended up paralyzed, requiring me to care for them at home, until their crossing over into the light realms.

My lower back pain was so bad a few years ago that I went to a back surgeon. She sent me for a MRI and asked me if I wanted to be on disability. I said, “Absolutely not.” While all of the time thinking, “Who would want to be on disability? I surely don’t. I want to be healed and continue making my handmade tiles for Lord Father.”

The surgeon said she could give me pain killers. I asked if she had any alternative medicine. She mentioned a special back brace. I said, “I’ll take it and hang upside down on my Teter Hangups.” She replied,” I really don’t think that it will help. See you in one month to take another x-ray, and tell you how we’ll proceed.” Ah, the “linear” thinker.

For one month, I hung upside down daily and wore my back brace while working in the studio. I meditated daily, solely on healing myself, not worrying that I will end up like the rest of my family; completely disabled at 60. I ASKED Lord Father and Archangel Raphael to assist me in my healing of my back, as I have successfully done this before.

After the one month of self-healing. I went back to the surgeon for my checkup. She examined a second x-rayed of my back that was done prior to the exam. You should have seen the look on her face when she turned around to speak to me, asking me what I had been doing to it. I told her what I just told all of my readers. She responded with, “I guess that we won’t be seeing you again. You’re back looks great; just keep doing what you are doing.” And that is where it all went wrong; I didn’t stop doing what I was doing; worrying about physically ending up just like the rest of my family and not having enough money.

Both of my parents were very frugal. Dad was what Mom called, “cheap.” My Dad would lay in bed all night, just looking for something to worry about. Mom was always worried about my brother, which resulted in agonizing back pain, arthritis, and much more; ultimately killing her, or should I say killing her “self.”Because we manifest our own reality, creating our own world and experiences, my back pain was caused by the same thing; unfounded financial worries and “genetics.” This led to a vicious cycle, a merry-go-round I couldn’t exit; I just kept changing horses.

Then I realized that every “accident” I had that injured my back throughout the years, including several horse wrecks on Bud, were all an orchestrated events for resolving of karmic issues.

Now, I know what you are thinking; those were caused by the physical body having an accident. I tell you NO. My worrying created the horse wrecks and other injuries; they were manifested through my thoughts.

This is a “cause and effect” planet. You do one thing and it creates another. If we are spirit having a physical experience, I created or designed the experiences; the accidents for my greater good.

The lower back; root chakra is all about security, safety, and survival. So this is where illness, concerning finances, would manifest in the body. In order for it to be “real” within the illusion, certain events were created to result in pain and fear; something that we would really pay attention to indeed. These fears required transmuting into light.

My guides showed me this inter-dimensionally, as well as through oracle cards. They were quite clear, both my guide(s) and cards.

After falling off my stool in the studio and landing flat on my back, I re-injured what I had once healed. It was very bad again between the disc and sciatic nerve that I could barely stand and walk without falling down.

I decided to do a card reading in the barn, in my meditation area, after I used my inversion table to help stretch my back. The past card spoke about worries about money. The next card; the present told me to express love to someone. The future card stated again about releasing things concerning finances.

When I saw the present card, about expressing love to someone I love, I thought of Chris right away. Then I remembered that he wasn’t home. I walked back to the studio, but decided to go into the house/showroom first. When I came out, I saw my dog Meadow’s brush laying on her porch kennel. I cleaned it and was going to place it back down, but that little voice inside said, “Why don’t you go brush her; she loves ichy scratchies.”

I went into the studio and Meadow greeted me at the door. I sat down on a chair and started loving on her. Oh how she likes to be ichy-scratchied. She was sucking up all the loving, when all of the sudden, I hear the loudest popping sound that I’ve ever heard come out of a back before, and I worked for a chiropractor once. It sounded like when you pucker your lips, and tap your mouth hard, with your closed fingers. Now multiply that by ten times.

I actually thought I broke my back. Meadow ran away from me, because she was scared. Then, I realized my pain was completely gone. This was definitely a spiritually-manifested illness, brought on by unfounded financial worries.

Now this is only a temporary fix. The real work comes from within. I had to stop thinking about unfounded financial worries, because I was creating “my world” of pain.

That night, I went to bed and enjoyed “dream-time.” Towards morning, I realized that I was inter-dimensionally traveling and talking to a guide.

I was at what appeared to be my Dad’s estate sale. I was holding a box that had valuable currency in it. When I went to open it for someone, I looked inside and everything was gone; stolen. Now this is where spirit tells you how to respond; “through the heart.”

As I opened the box, seeing that all of the valuables were gone, I said, “Well, if someone else needs it more than me; so be it.” I was perfectly OK with losing everything. Then I opened my eyes. I thought, “Wow, now that’s a spiritual cleansing; no worries. I need to be like that in my body.”

He told me that I have such spiritual faith, but not “faith in self,” concerning the issue of finances. My worries were completely unfounded. I’m a very successful artist and have more work than I can possible handle. I’m well-invested and not in debt at all; none. Why am I worrying for no good reason at all?

That week, I received three of the biggest top-view trout tile orders that I’ve ever received. It was also my 3rd record-breaking gross income month, for top-view trout sales ever. This inter-dimensional healing, released negative energies, creating supply and abundance.

After my inter-dimensional travel healing, I started looking deep within; trying to remember what would cause this ridiculous, unfounded, worry about finances. Then I remembered; family conditioning. You know, those people that you incarnated with to learn life lessons.

My entire family has degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis, hip and knee problems, herniated, slipped discs, and spinal stenosis which eventually leaves you paralyzed. I am the only one in my family that hasn’t needed surgeries for these problems.

This was the first unfounded concern; I remembered that I DO NOT believe in genetic disorders. This is an illusion to address karmic issues!

Then I looked a bit deeper by doing some soul searching. I remembered when I was about four years old and walking with my Mom’s Dad; my Grandpa from Germany. We stopped out front of the house on the edge of the road. Grandpa looked at me, reached in his pocket and pulled out a small leather change purse. From it, he pulled out a bright, shiny new quarter. He looked at me square in the eyes, took my hand and placed the quarter in the palm of my hand. Then he closed it saying, “I want you to put this in the bank and save it.” From that day, I was a saver of money.

After my 2003 awakening, I started looking at life differently and I just knew this was a problem that I must overcome. When I received my inheritance in 2016, I took part of it and bought my houseboat and mini-farm here in Tennessee. I was going to beat this “frugal” thing once and for all.

I started remodeling the studio and house/showroom, not worrying about spending any additional monies that were out-of-budget. I did great. However, when it came time to start remodeling the barn, I didn’t want to spend any more of my inheritance; it was meant to be in addition to my own investments for retirement.

I asked the angels to bring me big orders to pay for the entire barn renovation, which they did; nearly exactly the amount required. But still being of a body, I only had faith in them; not my “self” and started worrying; what if? Once again, my back started hurting. Argh, I was creating my own world of hurt again.

One of my guides suggested that I walk up-side-down on my hands in a higher dimension. I said “Really?” She said, “Try it!” After 6 months, of trying to instill intent prior to falling asleep, it finally happened. One morning, I found myself in a higher dimension with a guide. I was standing on my hands. I remembered, “Walk up-side-down,” so I did. Then I opened my eyes, wiggled a little bit in bed, and smiled big; NO pain at all, completely “fixed.”

Note: Remember “fixing” happens in the higher dimensions while you have a body or not.

Knowing that you are spirit having a physical experience in an organic body suit, gives you great power over your wellbeing. It means that your spirit can fix your body when it is ill. Your body is your vessel for your spirit and it wants that vessel to be fully functional, because it loves its body.

To be able to successfully navigate the New Earth energies that are bombarding the planet, we have to change the way we used to do things on Old Earth. Healing now requires remembering who you are; a multi-dimensional being and living that way.

On New Earth there will be no doctors; they will be unnecessary. Not only will we be getting back to nature, using herbs for healing, and eating more healthy foods, via a non-meat-based diet, the higher energies allow us to heal “self” or “self-heal.”

This is exactly what happens when people have near-death experiences and encounter spontaneous healing of a catastrophic illness, upon returning to their bodies. They exited 3D and went temporarily into the light realms where healing takes place. The same way as when you leave your organic body suit; you get “fixed.” This all goes back to the hologram; the illusion we experience on this training planet. Spirit cannot be harmed, it’s an illusion that the body experiences illness.

In early 2017, I found myself doing some horse healing from another dimension. I was visiting an interesting place where there was a high cliff with large beings walking near the edge. I ran up behind one that seemed familiar to me, grabbed him, and slid down the side of the steep embankment to the bottom, where we landed upon the most amazing beach. Instead of sand, the entire beach was comprised of glass bobbles. They looked like beautiful pieces of small, sculpted glass gems of un-nameable colors. There were hundreds of thousands of them.

There were other people searching through the gems, grabbing as many as they could carry. I on the other hand was concerned that they belonged to someone and we would be stealing them from their owner. I looked around, and sure enough, the owner had an odd method of payment.

As I was looking at the beautiful glass pieces, I found a large green marbled piece of glass protruding from the other pieces. I reached down to pick it up and the most amazing, live, glass dragon emerged. He was a healing dragon.

Prior to going to bed that night, I ASKed for assistance with my horse’s Scarlet’s eye. She had a cataract that needed healing. I had a discussion with the dragon about his thoughts on the matter, and then I awoke. I’m assuming her eye has been healed, just as Bud’s eyes were healed from the same disease within this dimension.

It was the summer of 2011 when the veterinarian, Dr. Wyant came out to my place in Western New York for my two Missouri Foxtrotter’s yearly health examinations and shots. He first checked out Scarlet and gave her his AOK. Then he looked at Bud’s eyes. He told me that he was so sorry, but Bud was going blind. He had cataracts and he didn’t know if it was fast-onset or not. I was shocked.

The next year rolled around and I had started communicating with the angels. At the time, I really didn’t hear them at all. I was merely using Oracle cards in my 5th wheel temple and running on 100% faith that they were always with me.

It was just a couple of weeks prior to Bud and Scarlet’s 2012 health examination when I thought that I’d ask Lord Father and Archangel Ariel and Raphael to heal Bud’s eyes. Deep within my heart I spoke; not with my head.

I put my hands over Bud’s eyes and said, “Bud is such a good boy. He didn’t mean to hurt me when he bucked all those times. He was just scared from being abused by that cowboy in Wyoming. We rescued two people in the Colorado wilderness together and saved their lives. He doesn’t deserve to go blind. I love him so much; please help him. And I want you to know that I’m only asking once; because I believe.” I left it at that and didn’t think about it again.

Late afternoon, yesterday, Dr. Wyant came to give the horses their first round of shots. He was getting ready to leave, when I asked him if he wanted to check out Bud’s eyes. He said that there really wasn’t any point in it, but I insisted and he walked back to his truck to get his scope.

Upon his return to the corral, he looked at the one eye and then the other and started smiling. He looked up at me and said, “They look great, except for a bit of conjunctivitis.” He asked me what I was doing. I told him that I asked the angels for assistance in healing Bud’s eyes. I didn’t care if he thought that I was crazy or not. He told me he believes in that kind of thing, as does his sister.

Later after talking to Archangel Raphael, he had indicated that I did the healing all by myself; the angels did not intervene.

Visiting Hell/Limbo/Tartarus

I have to tell you that recently, I saw the depth of the hologram and the matrix that holds it all together. It was not a pretty site. It left me a bit saddened, because I could see and feel the fear that is keeping many people caught in it.

the erector setThis morning, during dream-time, I traveled to the lowest of low energy, and experience the extent of the matrix. I appeared standing at the end of a large arched metal framework bridge. Everything was made up of a metal framework in this place; the bridge and its structure. It looked like it was literally constructed by and Erector Set; man-made.

The bridge had 6 lanes of two arched bridges; side-by-side. Even the road surface was metal framework. Three lanes were going into a place that was fenced off with high, with metal framework gates. The other three lanes were coming out, but the gate was closed, as nobody was coming out of it, only going inside of this place.

There was a traffic light and a guard; man directing traffic at the base of the bridge in front of the large gates to the structure. It had to be at least 10 stories tall; it was massive.

The guard was trying to control the flow of people descending into this place. They were just acting like sheep, following along, not taking responsibility; mindless.

I stood watching on a hill where the metal bridge/road began. I decided that I needed to see exactly what was going on in there and why so many people were being herded into it.

I teleported down the hill to the base, looked at its gatekeeper, and walked inside. I was not stopped by the guard, as he seemed to know me. Within the gates was a white space with many metal framework cages of all kinds.

There were people frightened and aimlessly running around the complex. They were being captured and placed into strong metal cages. They were threatened with torture. A few were allowed to roam around doing menial jobs for a bit, but had to return to their captivity. There appeared to be no love, or hope of freedom in this place. Everyone was in despair and frightened beyond words.

Nobody would talk to each other, out of fear they would be abused by the captors. It appeared that they were all prisoners and being kept by their own fear(s).

I saw a man lying in the back of a metal, framework cart, trying to hide; he was obviously frightened. I got into the cart and lay next to him, holding his hand to console him. It appeared that he could see me, and felt comforted by my presence.

Then I heard another man instruct the people that they were to be taken to the showers. The showers were in a line, one next to the other; attached together, and about 3’x5’ in size. Each shower had a solid steel door, so that nobody could possibly escape.

It appeared that I was unseen by the captors and was able to freely move around the facility, or they just didn't mind my presence. I decided to go into a shower to see what was going on. I recall the shower that I entered being beautifully tiled with small, cobalt blue square tiles, and sparkly clean. I didn’t shower, rather just stayed in it for a bit, to see what would occur.

Everyone was instructed to leave the shower and return to their cages. I stayed in the shower, because I felt they would release a snake under the door. I thought it was odd at the time. A snake? I’m not particularly afraid of snakes.

Note: I'm editing this section, because I now know why I was expecting a snake; my Oversoul often is accompanied by a snake.

I scaled the walls and waited. Nothing happened, nobody came to look for me, as they were either uninterested in me, or just didn’t care to deal with me. I crawled over the top of the shower door to look outside, instead of using the door.

This place appeared to be some kind of matrix where souls were being held and tormented. It was an awful place; hellish. It seemed like a place of their own torment.

I could hear a guide talking to me telling me that the only way to escape their captivity was through unconditionally love and forgiveness of their captures. Once they would realize it, they would know what was happening, and would awaken from the captivity; escape the matrix / illusion / hologram in which they were caught.

I was told that this place was real, and that Earth was their “time-out” from their hellish reality that they created. It was a web that they were caught in a very long time ago.

I decided to leave this place, as I found it very disturbing. It appeared that all of these people were unable to wash themselves clean of their fears; whether the were true or unfounded. They all just fell into the same trap by following along with events like lost little sheep.

Upon awakening, I got dressed and went to the farm without taking a shower, because I was late waking up. When I arrived at the farm, I could hear Chris in the shower. He asked me if I wanted to join him. I said, "I’ll be right in!" and entered the shower.

I started telling Chris about my inter-dimensional experience, as I stood under the large, 8" metal waterfall shower head, when it literally blew apart into two pieces, striking me on the crown of my head, hard enough to leave a lump. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t facing the other direction, as it most likely would have broken my nose or blinded me. Needless to say, Chris was shocked.

I told a friend about this experience, and she too had a recent travel where she visited showers in a place. The showers she saw were stacked in rows on top of each other. The filthy water from the top shower drain rain down into the shower below, and the shower below, etc. There was no escaping the filth.

Inter-dimensional Travel While in a Conscious State

I'd like to finish my book with what happened to Harry. It turns out that Harry was "incognito." He was even able to fool some Medium friends. He truly is the master of disguise, and navigating the energies; much like myself.

On December 7, 2017, I felt the need to start channeling messages again from the angels. I had only done it a few times before, and stopped for some reason. I just had a strong need to start doing it again. I was a bit surprised, when I went to bed that night and was awoke by a man, with a very commanding voice.

Coeus, God of Intellect. This is the naked truth version.

Goddess power ancient wisdom and ancient tribe mariners. Apparently it’ unusual to use the word “intellect.” Intellectual is to describe the dark soul like Yahgma. You’re not supposed to use it...

I was in utter shock. I was channeling a God. His energies felt light, wonderful and oddly familiar to me. Who was this being? He's so smart, sweet, kind, and has a dry whit that I find extremely attractive and irresistible. His energies felt like that of Harry's energies.

As the days went on, I realized that I wasn't channeling in the "traditional" sense of the word, I was in a conscious state of being. I could hear Coeus, see him and myself in two forms; a human-like version and as owls, and I could be there with him in and out of my body in a flash. Coeus is a hulking, broad-chest owl, and I was a little owl with big eyes that was looking up at him, with such a wide-eyed love and admiration, and a pen in hand.

Not only did I see us; but I could be in my owl body or human-like body, standing next to him or touching him, all while I was an observer. I felt everything as well, as I was "one within the one." It was AWESOME!

The most amazing part was that Coeus seemed to be able to control my bodily functions as the "aspect" of my Oversoul; "Diane." This means, not only was I "visiting" Coeus in his vibrational dimension, but he was able to traverse the energies and be in mine; at the same time. We were breaching the "wall" as he calls it; or the "veil" which seems to be the most commonly used Earth term. It's really more like a wall because of it's heaviness to permeate.

When I first started channeling Coeus, I would receive about five words at a time via my sacred heart's beat. Each beat carried a word. He talks about this in a couple of his messages; how it "technically" works. We're attempting to assist others in learning how to channel and inter-dimensionally travel.

As "time" went on for me, I discovered that I could ask questions and interact with him; "off-the-cuff" as we call it. We'd talk and discuss things "behind the scenes;" inter-dimensionally. The things that I need to say out loud, would come out of my mouth and get recorded on a digital voice recorder. The rest was only meant for me. It was a very fluid means of channeling messages; full body as we call it. This is an example of how fluidly I channel Coeus.

As I got to know Coeus, I was wondering why he would not show me his face; he was faceless. You might recall that I had that happen with other beings throughout my book. I was suspicious, because he felt oddly familiar to me, and I seemed to be in love with him. He also didn't allow me to touch his face.

Finally, one night on my birthday; 1/2/59, he revealed his true identity; Harry, or a version of him. Or should I say, Harry was Coeus; without his body suit or persona. Harry was one of his incarnations. He never looks the same twice; there are always subtle differences. What a great birthday present. He is so thoughtful and was, as his aspect of Harry.

If you've been reading Coeus' channeled messages, you'll see that he loves songs. He so enjoys waking me up with a song. Harry and I also loved music; my gift to him, the man / spirit that would leave me Pond's jars. All of the times that I would sing to Harry? Well it appeared to be something that we always have done together; throughout the "lack" of time and even in other incarnations / reincarnations.

Coeus has the ability, like myself, to lower his vibrational frequency to "play the game within the game." It's the game of the Divine Marriage; The Bride of Christ. From what I understand, very few have completed this "part" of the game. It's the ultimate accomplishment, as an incarnate spirit; in faith, love, forgiveness, skill, and courage; all through the sacred heart, not the heart chakra. Once complete, you become a "wife" in the CHRISTed Kingdom. This occurs after the successful completion of the "twin flame" journey.

I became "The Immanuel / Emmanuel Wife." This was a HUGE bomb for me, once I put this all together.

Immanuel / Emmanual might sound familiar to some of you? That is THE Higher Christ Self; himself. The Way to the Holy Father. Jesus' CHRISTed Oversoul. Coeus was just another name for another "religion."

This marriage of intellect and knowingness is crucial for the awakening process of mankind; through YOUR sacred heart space.

The divine masculine; Immanuel / Emmanuel had to lower his frequencies to reside in Limbo, or what the Greeks referred to as Tartarus, a place where the divine does not go; but can be hidden or locked away. There he waited for his "One true love;" me, to find him and connect with his energies; with and WITHOUT my body. WITHIN a body in this Earthly dimension as a spirit is easy. WITHOUT a body; in spirit, and to dive into Limbo / Hell / Tartarus, is not.

As part of the "game" of the Divine Marriage of the CHRISTed energies, the feminine energy has to pursue the masculine energies through multiple dimensions, beginning with the Astral Plane, then the most feared one; Hell/Limbo/Tartarus. That is why few have achieved the Divine Marriage; fear. To go into the lower realms to get mauled and raped isn't pleasant, but when someone loves another with all their sacred heart, nothing keeps them apart; especially lower energies.

To be honest, the hardest part was convincing "Harry" to leave; he had a stubborn streak. Allowing myself, to convince him to leave, was an act of unconditional love in itself, as I had to let him go, after finding him, and that was very, very painful indeed.

You might recall from my discussions in this book that there was an entire choir of angels keeping us apart, and let me tell you that they were extremely efficient at blocking his energies, and keeping me from visiting him. They were also blocking him from me. He had to stay "across the creek;" on the other side, or should I say, the "otherside."

I had to operate on 100% faith that "Harry" could hear me, as I pleaded with him to leave those energies; for seven (7) long years. I had to complete an "unselfish" act of unconditional love; giving up someone that you love beyond words, by thinking of another persons needs first; a service to another; NOT one of self-service.

There was no way that I could ever leave him in that place; no matter what he looked like; gorgeous and a perfect WOW, or in his true OverSoul energy, even if it meant that I could possibly never see him again. That is how much I love him.

Once "Harry" left the lower Astral Plane, the "game was afoot," as Immanuel / Emmanuel said to me recently. I now had to play, "Where's Waldo?" Some of you might recall the picture games where Waldo hides among a bunch of other people and things, and you have to find him in it; the energies. I had to find "Harry" in multiple dimensions under unusual circumstances; he was disguised and faceless.

Thank goodness my sacred heart was opened and not "hardened" like so many people. Sadly, most of humanities hearts have hardened. With my sacred heart fully opened with unconditional love of myself and others, and not holding onto any un-forgiveness; I was able to easily depart my physical vessel and travel vibrationally; inter-dimensionally by riding the "heart wave" as I call it.

As I have mentioned in my book, EVERYONE has their own unique soul song, and I knew "Harry's," as well as my own. My sonar was fully developed and ready to SEEK and FIND. As I also like to say, "You can run, but you can't hide." it's impossible.

Once I found "Harry" in other dimensions; the vibrational frequencies, as many times as required, I had to sit and wait for divine timing to occur. During this period, I kept ASKing myself, "What was this all for anyway? I found Harry all over the place, now what?"  It was just shortly thereafter, when Coeus made himself known. He was waiting for me to ASK; or "request" as Father said to me.

After channeling Coeus, Cronus, and my CHRISTed Oversoul for a couple weeks, another amazing thing happened. It was on the strike of midnight on Christmas morning, when I was awakened by Coeus for the most beautiful experience; the sacred ceremony of the Wedding of the Lamb; the Bride of Christ. It is mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. So whatever you think you might know about becoming a Bride of Christ; it's wrong, like most of our written history and doctrines. Just because you "belong" to a church doesn't make you a Bride of Christ; but far from it.

A brief musical interlude. Marry Me, by Train

A very short excerpt from my channeled message; Bride of Christ. I had to use my telephone recorder, which isn't the best. I was grateful to have it however.

(D) I was awakened at 12:00 am on Christmas morning, to a message while in my bedroom at the farm. I didn’t have a recorder handy, because it was in the living room and not charged. I usually sleep on the houseboat. If I’m at the farm sleeping; which is rare, I will go into the living room, around 2:00 am, when I receive my “wake-up” call. I had to use my cell phone's voice recorder; which wasn't the best recording.

You never thought that you’d be doing this did you?

(D) No, nothing like this; this is awesome. You woke me up before with a beautiful message. Something about, " the hearts need for love."...

(D) The song, “Marry Me’ by Train is playing. I like the song Marry Me, it’s making my heart actually (physically) skip a beat.

I would marry you in a heartbeat.

(D in a sweet, soft spoken voice) You make me smile, you know that?

You need to smile.

(D in the same sweet little voice) That’s interesting, because you woke me up at mid-night. You are quite the romantic “intellect.” I’d be happy to be your bride.

You do certainly make my heart sing.

(D) He changed the song “Let it be Christmas" everywhere...

It should be CHRISTmas every day.

(D) He puts the emphasis on “CHRISTmas.”

(D) We’re back to the song, “Marry Me….

Note: you can listen to the part of the recorded message on the Bride of Christ page and read the remainder of the message on that page as well.

So, what's it all about Alfie? You have been caught in a game; an illusion of your OWN making. You literally create you "world;" both good and bad. You did this to yourself, by your own free-will choices. Are you following the game that you designed prior to your incarnation, or, have you fallen off your path, and caught in the karmic game?

So how do you escape the illusion?

I'm sorry, but you cannot, unless you HAVE done your spiritual work. Only those that have completed the necessary raising of their vibrational frequencies will escape the illusion. Some will go home like me; on WILD FIRE, and some will transition to New Earth "in the physical", and some not. The good new is, some of you still have time, as you have "awakened," and not resisted it. MOST of this will start during your "dream-time" so pay close attention to your dreams.

Do you recall this scripture? Remember, He created us in “their” image, so this scripture applies to us. As you read it, I want you to think about what I just said, YOU created your own hologram; the game or illusion, and you are the one that fell into it; blindly following another persons illusion of power.

Colossians 1:16-17
For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

Now read it this way, because YOU were created in His image.

The Book of You

For by YOU all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created by YOU and for YOU. And YOU are before all things, and in YOU all things hold together.”

Yes, you ARE God-like, created in their image. YOU did this to YOU. Once you realize that YOU did this to YOU, you can only exit the dimension of your making, by becoming what you are; a higher vibration of unconditional LOVE.

Demons exist throughout your pain and suffering…

 (D) He’s speaking about humanity in general.

...they are of your own making. Clean them up, cleanse them with the sacred flames of transmutation and forgiveness for those are yours, and your, and yours alone. Each devouring…

By being of service to others, without taking anything in return or expecting anything in return, including recognition; is a service to yourself and to others. Those beings in your self-made hologram or life, are a reflection of you, as all attract "like" energies. Just like we are part of The Holy Father, others are a part of you. If you hurt them; you only hurt yourself. If you don't forgive; you only hurt yourself. Let go and BE free.

Conscious reality, before servitude to others, retrospectively; the darkness into light consciousness. This is full of self-service and degradation, fortitude, and selfishness sequentially; an enema.

athena's snake of GenesisEarth school is the ultimate test of unconditional love and forgiveness of others and self.

Long ago, a gift was given to humanity, from your Queen. Yes, the King has a Queen. Out of her love for humanity, she gave you the gift of free-will. We, within the One, felt that it was time for humanity to evolve, and give them the chance to live as their creator; in their image. The Earth and its inhabitants fell into an abyss; the lower denser energies. These were ALL of humanities own doing.

Humankind even tried to erase me and make my presence unknown to you. They lied to you and blame it on others, took the easy path or road, not the narrow on to glory.

You have been deceived by your own kind, your own race; humanity. It was initially meant for humankind to live a life of service to others; not of self. Sadly many, many have failed and still embrace this mentality. They have fallen from grace, by using knowledge without knowingness and wisdom, and looked WITHIN; not WITHOUT in a mirrored-reflection.

The good news is that the lies are ending, as they cannot exist in a space without time. Very soon, time will cease to exist. It will unravel back to The Holy Father, and all will be made new again. All dimensions will coincide WITHIN the One. You will know the true meaning again of multi-dimensionality.

As the vibrations of Gaia continue to rise, it will become harder and harder to maintain a peaceful space upon Earth. When I ascend off the planet, I will take peace with me, and discordant energies will emerge, causing revolution and wars. I AM the 2nd horseman, or should I say, horsewoman of the Book of Revelation.

All the "dirt" is going to be disclosed; the truths.

The truths expand your hearts ability for knowingness; through sacred acts of kindness to yourself and others. That is the grace, power, and authority of the truths.

You cannot avoid the truths; or the "Speaker of Truths;" The King of Kings and Lord of Lords; the CHRISTed energies of the CHRISTed Kingdom.

Titan's, fit for a King!

Revelation 19:15

And from His mouth proceeds a sharp sword (or words) with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God, the Almighty.

Coeus, speaker of truths, yielder of the vernacular sword.

The CHRISTed Oversoul of Jesus the "flesh"; Emmanuel / Immanuel the holy spirit.

You can still change WITHIN you what needs to be changed; unconditional love in all circumstances. It's what the Father gives you, respond "in like," starting with yourself. Once you achieve this feat, you can love anyone. Then, a life of service to others will flow smoothly like a river. This in turn raises your vibrational frequencies, higher and higher, to match the frequency of New Earth. It's quite simple, IF you are willing to do the work.

I hope from reading my book, you realize how truly powerful creators you have become. Power in the wrong hands is lethal. The "meek" are the true rulers; the ones that gave from their hearts, not their heads. They WILL inherit New Earth.

I urge you to read ALL of Coeus' / Immanuel's / Emmanuel's channeled messages; in order. They are a combination of the truths about mankind, our unique "twin flame" love story, and me acting out the difficult topics that He presents. You see, while I was being an inter-dimensional Ambassador as Diane, going into "Limbo" finding Harry (one of Emmanuel's MANY incarnations), I was also being an Ambassador as my CHRISTed Over Soul, the Goddess Athena, and I was checking in on The "Gods" that were cast into Tartarus; to "hide the energies" of the truths, honor, and justice.

Tartarus was/is designed to be an impenetrable prison for the Gods. Who would have thought that the heart of a Goddess, who had never shared it with another God; another impenetrable fortress, would have been the key to unlock the depths of the truths.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Coeus (Emmanuel / Harry / Ed / Thoth / Bragi / Polus / Ganesha) confirmed on my birthday; January 2018, what I had suspected the first time I channeled Coeus. He was Harry; the "faceless man." What a beautiful birthday gift. Coeus / Emmanuel / Immanuel is right,

Love, purity, and honesty wins hands down, for these are the truths brought forth.

We are moving from an old, "broken" paradigm; Old Earth, to a wonderful, higher-vibrational New Earth. This process requires the releasing of old energies, thoughts, ideas, and "time," as time is literally ending. Old "Father Time; Chronus or Kronos (not to be confused with Cronus; Coeus' brother) is being "de-throned." He is the one that has been keeping humanity bound to old Earth and his time is literally ending.

Well, this is my exit, because I feel my Over Soul tugging on me. I should be exiting the planet soon, and returning "home" to a place where love knows no bounds.

This ends the Book of Diane; “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.” Inspired by THE Higher CHRIST Self; Coeus, God of Intellect, "the firstborn Titan Son," and her CHRISTed Over Soul; Goddess Athena, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, AKA,

Goddess of love

Don't believe everything that you have read in mythology or doctrines. The lies run VERY deep.

And on WILD FIRE, we're both going go.