PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

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Chapter 6 — Lucid dreams, Dreams, Dream Walking, & Day Dreaming

Wow, there sure are a lot of different forms of what our society refers to as dreams. I can tell you from my experiences that it can all be very confusing, when unusual dreams start to happen to you. You might be beginning to experience things that just can't be rationalized in your dreams. That is because dream-time is real; this is not. This statement probably even makes it more confusing to some of you, but I assure you that body you are wearing is only for the earthly physical illusion.

All of the dream forms of spiritual travel are performed at the lower-chakra level and on the lower end of the astral plane, which means they are intra-dimensional experiences. There are no portals for any of these travel activities; you are not leaving your own dimension, rather working within it.

Lucid dreaming

I might experience lucid dreaming differently than other people. I always experienced just before I wake up, or if I try to go back to sleep in the morning.

When you lucid dream, you are aware of the dream that you are watching, because you are watching it from your conscious mind. So it’s accurate to say that I'm aware that I'm in bed and that I'm watching my dream.

Lucid dreaming can be a lot of fun and is an excellent way to learn to control your conscious mind. There is a fine balance between the sub-conscious mind and conscious mind, making this the place where you want to play and experiment.

Most of my lucid dreams that I watch prior to waking up are almost like visions, however, they never manifest into anything. They seem to be nonsense.

I’m not sure if this should be in the lucid dreaming section of my book, because there was a guide present. I believe this was an inter-dimensional experience where I was observing myself sleeping from a higher dimension with my guide present.

There hasn’t been anything new and exciting to report, until last night. This is going to be difficult to describe, because once again, there is nothing that I could find on the Internet like this experience.

Last night, I was sleeping and dreaming, when I realized that I was dreaming within my dream. Then my guide chimed in and said, “Your dreaming in your dream.” Well that was of little help; I realized that myself. Then I opened my eyes, much like when I inter-dimensionally travel. My conscious mind kicked in, overriding the dream; which is real, bringing me back to this illusion.

So looking at this experience, it appears that my sub-conscious was dreaming, so technically, that would be dreaming in a conscious state of the sub-conscious mind.

I don’t know if this is an off-set of sorts of inter-dimensionally traveling or something else. It’s definitely note-worthy for the section of my book that covers different types of dream-mode.

My Shaman friend Rae, tried to explain it to me. She said that it is exactly what it appears to be. “Your spirit is you; your conscious being and your subconscious is everything else, the "All That You Are." For these two states of being to become aware of each other and a dream, is a deep connection for you to begin to accept a lot of your subconscious knowledge. It feels like not necessarily a beginning but a continuation of what your Spirit has been doing all along.”

So to recap, lucid dreaming is being aware of your dream and having the ability to interact with others consciously in your dream or to control your dreams. It can also merely be like watching a short movie.

Day dreaming

Day dreaming occurs at the sub-conscious level, during the daytime hours; when you are not asleep. It's actually a form of meditation; a zoning-out of the conscious mind.

To be an efficient day dreamer, it helps to remove all clocks and "live in the moment or now." Actually, it’s a good idea to continually live in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future.

I day dream continually while I'm doing my art. It's like my body is on autopilot working, and my spirit is soaring. It's also an excellent way to stop or slow down time; which is crucial during the awakening process or you will become paralyzed and not be able to function in the new energies.

I'm always astonished how much work that I get done during the day, when I daydream. I'm literally running around like a crazy woman. But when I sit down and do my art, I get lost in the day dream; nearly immediately.

Manifestation occurs during this type of travel through thought forms and visualization; so be VERY careful what you conjure up. EVERYTHING starts to manifest out to the universe. It used to take me years to manifest, then months; now it can be nearly instantaneous.

I'm actually living proof of what positive thoughts through day dreams and prayer can accomplish. I rarely have a negative thought, so life is full of love, abundance, prosperity, comfort, many blessings, and the most importantly; Grace. To achieve these great gifts requires patience, forgiveness, unconditional love, faith, and gratitude; just believe!

Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

So where does all this come from you might ask? It’s from doing my spiritual work. Nobody is going to do it for but you; not even Jesus. If you know your Bible, Jesus the man, the flesh came to "show us The Way." He never said he'll do our work for us. I hate to keep harping on this topic, but it's the only way to raise your vibrations and become the being you want to be; do the work! It's called work, because it's something you have to do to get a desired outcome; peace within and without.

There is nothing wrong with day dreaming either. It can be a great escape from the dysfunction in our society. It is good mental health; not bad.

Dream walking

Dream walking occurs when you take over someone else's dream. It doesn't require balanced lower chakras, or clear karma. It is also within the same dimension, so it's intra-dimensional travel.

I dream walk nearly weekly in other people’s dreams. Most of the time, I do not remember these events at all; my friends call or write me telling me that I was in their dreams. These events are not for my own lessons; but their education. Thus the reason I do not remember; it's not important for my spiritual growth.

In my 30's, I started dreaming about an old boyfriend from high school. He was someone I loved; you know the one that got away. Nearly monthly, I would have a dream about him. At first, I thought they were a bit strange. I’d be traversing; actually navigating them at will, then I would run across him in it.

He would just stare at me and not say a word. He was usually with a bunch of his guy friends, doing “guy” things, and had no interest in me. He seemed generally annoyed that I was in his space, and a bit baffled as to why I was even there.

As the years progressed, he would speak to me; just a few words. Years later, he would have conversations with me, then finally; a hug and a kiss. It was about a ten year progression. I've had the same experience with others as well, with the same results. I actually asked him at our 30 year high school reunion if he remembers his dreams. He said he does not. Whew!

Dream walking seems to be a pre-cursor for astral projecting to friends; the next step up. I understand that some people are able to target a person and step into their dreams. I have not been able to selectively dream walk; it just happens.

Well, here is an example. I just wrote this section on dream walking yesterday, when a FB friend replied back to one of my spiritual posts. As you read it, she points out my age. This is how spirit always looks; about 30 years old; great confirmation and validation Sarah. And what's with that long dress? I always seem to be wearing a long dress or a cloak of some kind; love it!

"You were in my dream last night. They were doling out jobs for us and I remember you said you didn't want a particular one! Lol You looked to be about 30 something years old and in a long dress, but it was definitely you."

This is exactly what I mean about not remembering, OR, this could have been the same event were I traveled to a classroom in Cosmic School a few months ago. There was a "classroom" with a big table in it and people sitting around the table. The instructor was passing a paper bag around the table for the students to pull their spiritual assignment out of the bag. When it got to me, there weren't any left. The instructor said that it wasn't necessary for me to do the assignment. It appeared that I was only there to observe her lesson.

Note: It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between dream walking and being in an alternate energy. The reason I put this here was it ended. Most of my alternate energy travel continues on as a “life.”


Dreams or what I like to refer to as “dream-time,” occur at the sub-conscious level of the mind. The majority of people on our planet dream. Some people remember their dreams and others do not.

Not all dreams are of a spiritual nature. I believe that some are just mind clutter.

To remember your dreams, you have to make a point of doing so upon falling asleep. Dream recall is a huge step to other forms of astral and inter-dimensional travel. It's where the sub-conscious and conscious minds take battle. You must CHOOSE your battles, as you cannot win them without knowing your opponent and any obstacles VERY well.

When you are dreaming, you "log-out" of the 3D matrix and are somewhere in the 4th dimension; possibly higher, depending on your level of karmic clearing and spiritual abilities. When on the 4th dimensional level, you will most likely be experiencing the astral plane. Higher dimensions will involve inter-dimensional dreams; some of which you remember, others not. These begin at the lower 5th dimension.

In order to do spiritual work during dream-time, you must first wake up in the dream, to realize you are in a dream WITHOUT becoming conscious again IN your body. Keep a notebook next to your bed and write down your dreams. It's a form of exercise for your brain. Everything in our body requires exercise; it's the way we were designed, so exercise it. Most people can’t seem to do this first step; be conscious in the subconscious.

Inter-dimensional travel can happen during your dreams. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a dream and an inter-dimensional experience at first. The trick is to become aware of your spirit "self." Once you get in touch with "self" you will recognize it in a dream and be able to experience inter-dimensional experiences. You'll be able to eventually break loose from the illusion of wearing your organic body suit and realize you are MUCH more.

When you are dreaming, first the right brain carries things over as pictures; then translates them to the left brain for understanding. If you pay attention prior to awakening, you can actually feel this activity occurring in your brain.

Wow, I might have made an inter-dimensional break through. I was thinking about my diagram and I remembered how my brain felt when it teetered back and forth between awake and asleep; that fine line where the dimensions are accessed. I’ll have to play around with that feeling a bit. If I’m correct, something seems to generate in or around to the Cerebellum. I will have to check this out in the morning.

Note: This experience had to do with a time loop variable; catching a specific place in time that loops around.


I have decided to add meditation to the chapter on dreams, because during meditation many people experience dream-like events, receive messages, astral travel, astral project, or even inter-dimensionally travel. You need to set an intention during meditation in order better utilize it.

I can not tell you how many people that I talk with about meditation say, "I don't have time for it." They certainly seem to have time to ASK for things through prayer, but don't take the time to LISTEN for the ANSWER during meditation.

I started meditating, when I was caring for my family members with chronic illnesses. I was working 100 hour+ work-weeks at the time, but still made it a practice to meditate. You are probably wondering how I made the "time" to meditate. It was rather easy.

In Chapter 2, I talked about how I would awaken at 2:11 am by Archangel Uriel. Instead of laying there flopping around, trying to get back to sleep, I meditated. It was quiet, I was completely undisturbed, and I always received something of some kind. If you fall asleep, it's no big deal, because it helped you get back to sleep, so it is very therapeutic.

There are numerous ways to meditate and I'm sure that I've talked about it somewhere on this website; if not in my book.