PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Channeled messages from
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God of Truth, Justice, and Honor — Keeper of the Light,
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The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ask, Seek, Knock — Opening the door to your inner temple

Chapter 5 — Energy Travel

Many people refer to energy travel as an energy exchange. It’s performed on the astral plane; within our own dimension. The people being visited are still in their bodies; thus this exchange is done intra-dimensionally, and is "desire-based." This is a conscious state for me, where I can ask questions, and interact with the guide or guides of the person, whose energy I wish to read. There is ALWAYS a guide present. I call this a "guard-guide."

Energy travel is performed via an attunement of adjusting of your vibrations. This is how the angels/masters/gods travel; they are masters of attuning their own frequencies to others. They are "masters," because they must be able to attune their vibrations up and down; down to the bottom of the light spectrum, to be able to access lower, dense dimensions, like here on Earth; 3D and below. They do not travel through portals; it's all done by "honing in" on an entities vibrational frequency.

Nearly all of the travel that I perform spiritually is at dawn; just prior to sunrise. There seems to be a pull from my body that causes me to leave it. I’ve tried to take note of how my body is positioned in bed, when traveling energetically. There is no sensation of grounding, vibration; physical or spiritual. I also don’t have a cord that attaches me from my body to my spirit; I’m completely free. Per my guides, I understand it is quite rare to not have a cord. Nearly everyone has a cord, or they are dead!

After journeying through the astral plane, I’ll awaken and notice my heart beat is different; just like entering Limbo; it goes, “beat, beat, (nothing), beat, beat, (nothing.) I love the sound of this heart beat; it’s very soothing. The funny thing is, as soon as my conscious brain kicks in and realizes that my heart beat is different; it kicks back in to a “normal” beat.

So how do I account for this phenomenon? We are multi-dimensional beings. To assume that our heart beat is the same in all dimensions would be very “linear” in thinking. It’s important to “think out of the box” and be very accepting when traveling.

I have also noticed that I always awaken immediately after astral traveling. You might ask isn’t she doing this in meditation? The answer is no. There is a place that I just naturally slip into between the conscious and sub-conscious. I become aware of the experience, when it finishes, and I merely just open my eyes. Sometimes I think, “Well, I guess that’s it.” Or, “There’s nothing else to do here.” Then I open my eyes.

When I energetically travel to someone, the theme is nearly always a garage sale. Not only do I get to look at all their “junk,” but I talk to their guard guide. The guard guide is the person’s main, often times a non-angelic guide. It’s the spirit guide whose main task is to watch over you at all times, warding off any unwanted intruders. Often times it's a family member.

My friend Rae has a Minotaur as her guard guide. She told me he actually cowers in my presence. You are probably wondering why a Minotaur would cower in my energy? I’m angelic or god-like. Yes, you heard it here, I’m an angel / god / goddess of some kind. Archangel Uriel calls me “Sister” and by the name; Jophiene. I think it is some kind of a "pet" name; not my real name.

My husband Rog is my guard guide. He’s definitely the one that you want to talk with when reading me; IF you can read me. He monitors all my chakras and will not let anyone read me unless he knows they are trustworthy and not just snooping around. So I guess that makes Rog my “go-to” guy. Mediums have such fun with him and he’s quite easy to connect with as well. He's excellent at adjusting his vibrational frequency so anyone can connect with him.

I had a Medium run Rog off once. She said he was always hanging around and she wanted to talk to her guides about me; not him. It could have been a much better reading by letting him stay and allowing him to interject into the conversation.

Rog is usually around when I’m doing an energy reading for someone. First, I want to say that I’m not an expert at this type of travel; it just happens, and I have no idea why or what sets it off. Normally it’s when I’m thinking really hard about someone, or there is a cord to be cut; an attachment that needs severing.

Most people have no idea that I even went to visit them energetically. I myself have visited people and don’t remember. They will call me up the next morning to tell me that I came to visit them out of my body last night. This usually happens when I’m thinking about them a lot, or I have something to tell them, but no time to do it during the daytime hours.

I was out of my body again this morning. I was with Roger and we were at a garage sale. Mom showed up, but she was about 35; she looked so beautiful. We started looking through some fabric together. We both used to love to sew our own clothes, so it was nice hanging out with her this way; she hardly ever would spend any kind of quality time together. But that’s OK, I’m great at entertaining myself.

Roger said, “You better be on your way.” So I started off with Mom down a road. I was on a bike and she was walking. We soon came to what looked like a housing development in Texas where Rog and I lived. I kept telling Mom, “I have to take you home.” I lost her for a minute, because she was walking behind me; so I doubled-back to the first road and started walking down it. I found Mom at a brick house, standing on a porch, talking to two women at their door. They seemed to be looking right through me. They asked me, “Do you want us to take your Mom home?” I said, “No, it’s my job.”

We started off down the road once again and Mom was concerned she’d need to pee. I told her, “Don’t worry; there is a gas station on EVERY corner here and they all have bathrooms.” Then she was worried that she would get lost or separated from me again. I said to Mom, “If we get separated, just follow ANY road; they all will take you home.” It felt so beautiful to me; very peaceful and colorful.

I opened my eyes and knew exactly what was happening. Mom was going to be crossing over soon; I was going to be the one to take her home into the light realms.

This was just one of several messages concerning my Mom’s return home into everlasting life. I have to say, my Mom’s passing was one of the most beautiful spiritual events that I ever had throughout my 57 years on planet Earth.

I want to express the importance of keeping a journal. My guardian angel was ruthless about me writing daily in my journal. He was always “cracking the whip!” I’m glad that I did journal regularly, or I wouldn’t have accurate information for this book

This is an example of what happens when you don’t immediately write things down.

I had an unusual travel experience this morning. It had to do with a garage sale in the country at a farm with green barns. I haven’t ever seen any barns around here; or anywhere for that matter that are green.

At first glance, the condition of the barns looked great. But later the paint was chipping and the barns appeared rundown. I can’t remember now who I met at the sale. I should have written it down right away. You would think I would know better by now. Everything fades so quickly upon returning to my body.

The rubberband effect

One of my most interesting energetic visits was one of two with my Dad. A longer version of this experience is published on my Wordpress blog. It’s called, “A Soul Saved by Grace.“

In early November of 2015, my Dad had a stroke, and due to a series of unfortunate events, Dad was lying in a hospital dying. Watching my Dad’s last week of his life was utterly shocking; but fascinating as well.

My Dad was always a fun-filled guy, working on some hands-on project. He was very creative, talented, fun, social, and jovial. As my Dad laid in the hospital with his body slowly dying, he was ranting about what a failure he was his entire life. He thought he had done everything WRONG! I thought my Dad was awesome. When he started a project, he didn’t do just one, he had to master it; multiple times. He was a bit compulsive to say the least.

Mom was always very hard on my Dad. She was the Queen Bee of the house. Dad always said the pecking order around our home was as follows; my brother, me, the cats, then Dad. He felt like he was always at the bottom of the pile. I have to say, it seemed like that to me too.

I often wondered why my parents even married and I would wish they would get divorced. Our family, like many was dysfunctional. Mom was a “neatnik” and Dad a slob. They were like oil and water. I think it was just a sign of the times; you met someone, dated them, and got married; literally for better or for worse.

Mom had the attitude of, “Do it my way, or it’s wrong.” She was always telling us what to do and how to do it. None of us could ever do anything right in Mom’s eyes; she always had a better way. Dad never seemed to understand how to deal with this controlling behavior; he took it all to heart and felt worthless.

I tried to comfort my Dad, as he was laying there in bed, thinking he never did anything right. I told him that The Holy Father loves us all the same; no matter how we might see ourselves, or what anyone else thinks of us. After all, what Father would not love his child; unconditionally? It’s just impossible.

I assured my Dad that there is NO judgment in “heaven;” only love, and a life-review. We were created in the Light of love; by-love, because only love is real. I told him that I’ve always loved him just like he is, even in his favorite holey T-shirts that were complete with food stains. None of that stuff ever mattered; I just loved him as-is.

I thought that I had gotten through to Dad, but alas, it was just an illusion. My Dad was his own worst enemy and he was about to walk down the road to redemption with Archangel Azrael through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He wasn’t even close to being spiritually prepared for it; no matter how much reading he did on religions, or his own spiritual belief system. My Dad was stuck in a “Limbo” of his making and he was tormenting his very soul. Dad was destined not for “heaven,” but his own hell; just like Harry.

It pained me to think that my sweet Dad was destined to dwell in his own sorrows for all eternity. My spirit cried out to the universe for my Dad. I was concerned he would become an earthbound entity, as many have become from addictions, lack of unconditional love for themselves and others, and self-judgment; a karma of their own making, their own “hell.”

The Holy Father, the angels/gods/goddesses, and my guides heard my cry. My spirit took a little stroll to visit my dear friend Rae; a Shaman, and also “soul family.” Dad and one of his spirit guides tagged along for the ride. Rae got back to me and validated my biggest nightmare.

“Diane, I know this is going to be very difficult for you, but you need to start connecting with your father’s spirit to help him. He is scared and he is dying.

His spirit doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He will become a “stuck earthbound spirit” if you don’t help him!

Set up a ritual to help his spirit make peace with what is going on with him. Don’t worry about keeping your vibration high. Your father needs a connection on a lower light-spectrum right now. He sees your energy as an angelic force, but he doesn’t understand what he is seeing, when he looks at you, and it terrifies him.”

That was no news to me. I know Dad saw me in this way; just as my Great Aunt Marge saw me many years prior, and others in the living see me, when I visit them energetically; intra-dimensionally.

I had visited my Great Aunt Marge in the hospital, after a heart attack. I was standing at the foot of her bed in the ICU. I said, “Aunt Marge, its Diane.” When she opened her eyes, she nearly jumped out of her skin and pointed at me and saying, “ANGEL! Are you here to take me home?” I said, “No. I’m just your niece.” Shaking her head, she said, “NO! Angel!” Her eyes were as big as saucers and she pointed her finger at me. She thought it was her time to "go home."  She saw how brightly I shined in my etheric body.

Each time that I would enter Dad’s hospital room, no matter what my Dad was doing, he would immediately stop it, and would look at me in utter terror. He would close his eyes, turn his head away from me, face the wall, and would refuse to speak to me. Knowing what I do now, in April of 2018, I totally understand my Dad's fear, as I shine as bright as bright can get. Dad was also seeing me in my "natural" OverSoul state as well, and I don't look completely human.

I knew exactly why this was happening; Dad’s veil had thinned and he could see “spirit;” not his daughter’s vessel. Dad finally had the validation he needed, throughout his life; he knew that we ARE spirit having a physical experience and he wasn’t ready for it!

The next morning, I took action. I left my body, like I have done so many times before energetically. I went to my Dad in a form he would recognize; his daughter, Diane. I walked up to him, where he was sitting on a bench in a beautiful wooded area. I sat with him, held his hand to acclimate him to my energy, and said, “It’s Diane.” It all seemed to go quite well, so I returned to my body.

Later that day, I went to see Dad in the hospital. What I thought was success, was utter failure; my Dad was still frightened at the sight of me. I told him, “Look at me. Do you remember me in a dream while you slept?” He said “No.” I said, “Please don’t be afraid of me; I AM love and I AM your earth daughter.”

Apparently, lowering my own vibrational frequency to a lower light-spectrum had failed miserably. And I have to tell you, after having my vibrations so highly elevated for such a long time, I really didn’t want to lower them; but I did it out of love for my Dad. Saving my Dad was more important to me, than the possibility of having to start all over again raising my vibrations.

The following morning, I once again left my body, but this time, I returned to my Dad in my higher-form; the one that scared him beyond words; the angel. Dad needed “tough love,” to confront his unfounded fear of his body dying.

As Rae, confirmed, Dad was TERRIFIED of me; an angel or being of light no less. Heck, for all I knew I had 12 eyes! He had read numerous books on angels, yet he didn’t believe, or he just didn’t want to die. It was utter craziness, because he was better prepared than the majority of people on the planet.

Dad had read every book known to mankind on every “religion.” He was even the person that told me that I had to ask an angel their name, for them to reveal it. Unfortunately, Dad never applied any of what he read. He didn’t practice “The Way.” He was just a massive library of unapplied knowledge; he didn’t do the work!

Archangel Michael says that’s currently a problem with the majority of people wanting to ascend with the planet; including many lightworkers and wayshowers. They know all about New Earth and want to ascend with it, but have not done any of the spiritual work. They believe that reading religious doctrines, or listening to YouTube videos will do it. They have not learned "knowingness." My Dad was a fine example of this dilemma.

a scared spirit energyI’ve have to say, at the time, I had never seen a soul so frightened to that extent before while visiting someone energetically. I could feel his lower vibrational level of fear, and it was horrifying. He looked like a contorted soul with bulging eyes and hurried movements. It was the worst connection with a lower vibrational frequency that I had EVER encountered, and it was my very own Dad!

I shook off his energies, and with authority, I looked at my Dad square into his eyes and said, “Listen VERY carefully to my words!” I paused, then said, “After your body dies, you’ll be greeted by Archangel Azrael; the Angel of Death. He’s dark and scary; but that’s his job, and he takes it very seriously. Stay on the path that goes through the valley; DO NOT exit the path, or look back; look only forward! Eventually, you’ll see loved ones in front of you; Mom, Gram, Aunt Mary, Roger, and even your friend from high school; Marjorie. Take their hands; they will help you…they love you.” Then I left.

I felt quite confident the higher-vibrational message would be successful; for the most part it was, at least for the first part of his journey. The second part would still require a very powerful and gifted spirit guide to cross my Dad over, into the blinding light of Lord Father’s unconditional love.

Just prior to Dad’s passing, my dear friend Katie, was sitting with Dad by his hospital bed. Dad’s eyes opened wide and he reached in front of him. He was excited about something. He grabbed Katie’s hand and stuck it in the place, where he was reaching into. Katie felt an opening around her hand, it felt like an energy surrounding her hand; one that she would not be allowed delve into further; not just yet.

Dad passed shortly thereafter; just minutes after Katie went home. My niece, Sarah contacted me and told me the hospital called her; they wanted us to get there ASAP. I knew that Dad’s body had died. All three of us, Katie, Sarah, and I had a terrible sensation in our Solar Plexus chakra.

I jumped in the car and headed towards the hospital. On the way there, I was sitting at a stop sign, when a car crossed my path, with the words, “Bad News” printed on it. I had validation that my Dad’s body had died. Spirit loves validation; or at least mine does.

The next few days, Katie and I received messages from Dad. I even had some “spirit knocking” on my desk when writing Dad’s eulogy. I was still concerned he hadn’t crossed over successfully.

At the memorial service for Dad, he “blew” his Buddha lamp’s light bulb out, just like I asked him to do. Katie saw Dad a couple times too. Once sitting in the chapel listening to my Eulogy, later standing in front of his casket, eating a chocolate pudding, placed there for Dad by Katie. Dad never had one shirt without food stains on it, so of course he couldn’t resist slobbering some pudding on his new shirt, scooping it up with his finger, and then wiping his hand on his shirt. That was typical for “Dad.”

When I was done presenting Dad’s Eulogy, I stopped to say hi to my friend Richard who has many beautiful spiritual gifts. He said, “They showed me your Dad’s crossing. He almost didn’t make it. There were two women and a man there to help him. Your Mom was not present.” To be completely honest, it didn’t surprise me that my Mom wasn’t present for Dad’s walk into the light, although I knew she was on the other side. She wasn’t the ideal, loving candidate to perform the task; he’d probably would have walked in wrong!

I know exactly who the guides were, because they were some family members that work with me regularly. It was my Gram and her sister; Dad’s Aunt Mary. The man that was present? Of course it was/is my loving husband, Roger, who I inter-dimensionally travel to see regularly.

Richard explained what he saw. “First, the two women tried to assist him, but he still didn’t want to go. Then, your husband, Roger appeared to your Dad, who seemed pleasantly surprised to greet him there. Roger grabbed his hand and pulled him safely across.” Roger always had a great way with people. He was/is such a gentleman.

I got to see this for myself on the way to my Dad’s burial. They showed Dad standing there, and how Roger beautifully did a rolling-motion, with his hand as he extended his arm to my Dad, and quickly pulled him across. Then I heard my Gram say, “He was a big scaredy-cat!”

It was very comforting to know how truly connected we all are; “One” big spirit team that incarnated together for our “dysfunctional life lessons,” here on planet Earth. It’s nice to know that Dad, made his journey to a place of love, joy, and eternal peace; back home into Lord Father’s eternal, unconditional love energies; where he will “get fixed,” just like new again.

How beautiful is it to know that our loved ones are just behind a thin veil, with a tiny crack in it. They can just reach out and lower their vibrational frequencies to meet our energies with theirs.

After these two energy travels to my Dad, I noticed an increase in my abilities to energetically travel to a wide range of entities. I call it, “The rubber band effect.” It’s something everyone needs to learn, to fly high and low, and everywhere in-between. Then they truly become a "Master" of the energies.

As I mentioned earlier, in my story about my Dad; fear almost stopped me from saving my Dad and fear almost kept Dad out of the light realms. It was a darkness within me that had to be addressed. I was too comfortable in the higher vibrational frequencies, which is conditional; not unconditional love.

You see, I was worried that if I lowered my vibrations to help him, that it would affect me in a negative way. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It actually strengthened my abilities to travel energetically by being able to move more easily from the higher light-spectrum, to the lower-light spectrum, and back up again. I highly recommend you try it; without fear.

Speaking of the things we do to ourselves, I did an energy reading on a FB friend once that was very enlightening. He hid behind an avatar photo and never showed his face. I got to see the real him, during an energy visit, and his baggage was very heavy.

Once again, I found myself at a garage sale. This time however, it wasn’t vivid, rather a dark place; I was in “The Hood.” I arrived there in a taxi and was dumped off in the middle of a street. After searching for someone, I met up with an older lady; my friend’s guard guide. She was very elegant, knowledgeable, and protective; his grandmother.

My friend was trying to hide all his baggage from me, but it was quite obvious what his troubles were. He was trying to carry baggage for an entire race of people. He was taking on his ancestor’s troubles, which made me sad. He didn’t understand that he was spirit having a physical experience; but acting physical; with a soul shoved in a body.

I can’t express enough that it is NOT your responsibility to carry the karma of an entire race. We are ONLY responsible for our own spiritual growth. Each of us incarnate to learn life lessons for OURSELVES and nobody else. Yes, we help others with their lessons, but we are ultimately responsible to do our own work; nobody else’s. By doing so, it only drags us down. Trust me, we all have enough things to work on for ourselves. Analyze you and nobody else; don’t add any more baggage from others.

The Holy Father once said to me, “Come to me like a little child with innocence and I will grant you grace and glory. Come to me in despair and I will give you despair.” You can dig a hole and crawl into it, or you can fill a hole and climb a mountain; it’s your choice.

So once again, I’m traversing the astral plane and run into two friends at once; Jarnya and Meg. They too were at a garage sale. I have to say, this was one of the most odd energy visits ever. They didn’t have a lot of baggage, but they both had cones over their breasts, as if they were hiding something.

It was obvious to me that they both had a sexual trauma at one time in their lives, and they were both trying to hide it. Guess what? You can’t hide anything from spirit.

The next day, I decided to contact both of them and ask them if they remember me visiting them. They both replied, “No.” I told them of my findings and asked them to talk to their guides about resolving this trauma. One was actually working on it with her guides; the other still needed to resolve the trauma and was thankful for the reminder.

I now want to talk a bit about “cutting cords.” I take cord cutting very seriously. A cord is usually an attachment from one person to another; energetically. This can happen for various reasons. Most of my cords were love-related. Either I or the other person didn’t want to completely “let go” of the relationship.

Over the last couple years of Dad’s life, I was being selfish. Although it was difficult taking care of Dad, I didn’t want him to die. It wasn’t only because I loved/love my Dad and the quality time that we now had together, but I was afraid to be on my own; alone. This resulted in a cord, because Dad didn’t want to die. This cord made it impossible for me to travel inter-dimensionally; it created a tether.

I remembered something that my friend Rae said to me during an energy reading. She was reading my upper Chakra’s when Rog kept jumping out in front of her. “Tell her it’s the 8th.” This chakra holds old karmic debris and debt.

Once again, I was in utter denial. I racked my brain for one month, trying to figure out what I wasn’t letting go of that might be holding a trauma. Then it dawned on me, I was scared to be completely on my own; an orphan.

I went into my prayer room, hung my head in shame, cried a bit, and apologized to The Holy Father and the Universe for being selfish. I asked Archangel Michael to cut any remaining cords that are keeping me from my divine purpose.

Within a week, one of my cats, Goldie started acting odd. She died two weeks later. The next week, my Dad had his stroke, which led to a multiple wrongful-death.

So please, only cut cords when you know there is a block in your energy flow that is keeping you from your divine purpose. Don’t cut cords randomly; it’s unnecessary.

I once again had a talk with Schmooter; AKA “The Schmoo.” She is 16 now and it's obvious to me that she is in pain when I pick her up. She's been a wonderful friend, my "Poose, Poose Kitty." I told her that I feel that she is staying here for me and she should go. I didn't want her to go, but I once again was feeling selfish; keeping her with me because I would miss her so. But I felt that if I didn't let her go, I'd not see her on NE in her new body.

I let her outside about 5:00, after working in the studio all day. I was so surprised to see that she actually wanted to go outside. She hasn't wanted to at all as of late. She walked outside, flopped over in the stones on the driveway in the sun and rolled around a bit with a big smile on her face. For a moment, I thought that I should put her in Meadows kennel with her, but then I thought, "No, leave her be."

I needed to go inside the house, so I asked her if she wanted to come back inside. She was completely disinterested. Within a couple minutes, Chris went for a ride in his car. He was only gone 5 minutes, when he returned to the house. He had a terrible look on his face. He said that he was debating on telling me his news or making up a story that she wandered away. He said, I'm sorry, but you need to come outside." I knew it was Schmoo. I had that horrible feeling in my stomach.

He told me he thought he saw her lying in the street, as he pulled out the driveway, but he wasn't sure. Upon his return, he saw it was her in the street. Someone had run her down and he saw who it was; a neighbor. They never even bothered to stop and tell me.

At first, I wasn't sure if I should grieve for my faithful friend; my "Little Shadow." I knew that I would see her again on NE in her new body, as I saw her while inter-dimensionally traveling to NE. Then I thought, "No. You're in a body and you should grieve."

Many of you probably don’t think of love as being a block, but it can be. A couple weeks ago, I was thinking about my old boyfriend Jack. There wasn’t ever going to be a life together for us, so after five years of being together, we both went our separate ways. The problem was, neither of us ever truly let go. Every time that we would run into each other, we’d reminisce, and both would cry; usually Jack first.

I remember the first time we met. He was doing some work at our place and was around for about one month. When it was time for him to go, I heard my guide say, “You should ask him out.” I thought, “Really? OK, but this guy is a bit odd.” So I did. It would be highly unusual for me to not do what THE Higher Christ Self, or “Ed, Mr. Exclusively Diane’s” suggests.

I hinted around to Jack that I liked him, so he asked me out. We went to a very nice restaurant on a Friday night for seafood. The atmosphere was perfect, but Jack, that was another story.

There I was, sitting across from all 5’7” of Jack, who was suffering from “Short man’s syndrome.” Wow, he was talking up a storm, being rude to people at tables nearby by commenting on their “size” and how they shouldn’t be eating at all. They could hear him and he didn’t care. I silently said to Ed, “You want me to date this man? He’s the most obnoxious guy that I’ve ever met!”

Jack was a karmic lesson in patience and self-control. It was all that I could do to sit there with my mouth shut and listen to him running off at the mouth. This went on nearly every time that we went out; which was often.

Then the stories he would tell me. I think this man was a hoodlum. The things that he said that he had done to others were astounding. I couldn’t believe that he never got caught doing the things that he had done.

He was one of the most prejudice people that I’ve ever met as well. If you weren’t “near perfect” he didn’t like you. I don’t want to beat him up too bad, but I think that you get the idea.

I’m not sure why, be he had the mentality of, “If my good deeds out-weigh the bad ones, I’ll get into heaven, so I’m golden.” I tried to explain that you don’t get into The Holy Father's good graces and the light realms that way. But in his mind it all made sense; he was 51% good and 49% bad boy.

Although Jack had a magnitude of flaws, he had a big heart for those he loved and was quite generous. He was also one of the funniest people that I’ve known. He had the quirkiest and wittiest sense of humor. He would make my face hurt from laughter each time we were together; which was daily.

As for passion, I’ve never connected sexually with another man as I did Jack. We were made for each other, when it came to romance. It was like we were “one.” I don’t know what happened, but that little runt stole my heart; flaws and all. It was a lesson in unconditional love. It’s easy to love the lovable, but not so easy to love the unlovable.

It’s been a few years since our parting, but he’s always on my mind and I’m on his mind as well. He calls once in a while to check up on me. He’s always worried about “all the crazies” out there. He seems to feel like it’s his responsibility to protect me and it’s not.

I don’t know what came over me, but I just felt like he was tethered to me. I called upon Archangel Michael once again, to cut the cord. About one week later, I had an interesting energetic exchange.

First, I want to tell you that there is nothing leading up to my energetic travel; it just happens, as it is dictated by THE Higher Christ Self. I'll find myself standing before the other person’s energy: at sunrise. I feel very calm, relaxed, and I only feel love.

So here I am in “spirit-land” and once again, I’m hugging someone and kissing them. This is a common occurrence with me when traveling; I’m quite affectionate. After the initial greeting, I looked at who I was hugging, and thought, “Oh its Jack!” Then, upon closer examination, I realized it was his Dad; his guard guide.
Jack looked a lot like his Dad and it doesn’t surprise me at all that his Dad was his guide. Jack needed a good upper hand when he was growing up, and his Dad fit the bill.

When I realized it was Jack's Dad, I realized why I was there and decided to turn around. That is when I saw Jack. Well, he was just a small fraction of the Jack that I knew “in the body.” This version of Jack was quiet and not used to the energies at all. He didn’t utter one word, but his Dad did. He said, “You have to say goodbye to Jack now.”

I turned to Jack and hugged him and kissed him goodbye. Then I went back to my body, opened my eyes, and thought, “What did he mean by say goodbye? OMG, is he going to die?” I had totally forgotten that I asked Archangel Michael to cut cords.

I am ascending to NE; Jack is not; thus the goodbye. Jack will be “re-cycled” to another planet to learn his karmic lessons once again. Most likely he will be on the “receiving” end this time.

So as you can see, my energetic exchanges are generally initiated by the “love-factor” and THE Higher Christ Self. If you have the “fear-factor” you probably won’t be able to travel energetically at all. So get some unconditional love in your life today, you’ll be glad you did!

I'm not really sure where in my book that I should put this travel experience. I believe it was an energy travel to a being that I didn't know in this incarnation. It was an experience that I still think about periodically. It is my sincerest hope that he was not harmed in any way.

I appeared in a room out of nowhere and was standing there observing a military man questioning what appeared to be an alien "fish-man." The entire incident was rather perplexing. As I stood there, I was given some kind of shot in the back of my calf that affected my hands. I couldn't communicate and was frightened.

The aquatic being I was watching had large eyes, gills on his neck, small ear openings, and greenish scales all over his body. He was a biped like me.

A scientist stared questioning the fish man about some small, egg-shaped stones, and where he came from to earth. It was quite obvious that the fish man didn't understand what they were saying and he was terribly frightened.

I started to talk to the fish man, but he spoke a strange bubble-like language. As I listened closer, the clearer his language became; telepathic. Nobody else could understand him; only me.

He said he found the rocks on a beach. They took him to the beach where he showed them the rocks. The scientist and military man had no idea that I was there; I was observing out-of-body somehow. The fish man did know that I was there with him.