PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

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Chapter 4 — Astral Projection

To begin this chapter, it's important first to describe YOU and the Astral Plane or astral world. Your body is in 3D, but your etheric body is part of 4D. You consist of four "bodies;" the physical body, etheric body, emotional body, and mental body. All four of these bodies comprise you!

Note: It might be helpful to go back to Chapter 1 — types of spiritual travel and read the part on Astral Projection again, prior to reading this chapter.

As we progress into Chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel, you'll find out that your etheric body's vibrational frequency must change to accommodate travel to the higher light realms. So when you give up your organic body suit, you step-out into the 4th dimension. That means that your etheric body is 4D and the Astral Plane is 4D.

Visits to the Astral Plane are considered intra- (within) dimensional travel; not inter- (leaving) dimensional travel, because there is a massive jumping off point into 5D. Plus your still tethered to your body on the Astral Plane and not when you inter-dimensionally travel.

I'm going to explain it from my own experiences and perspective. First, you need to understand that everything is energy and has a signature. Our aura is the energy that encompasses our body and can be seen by some clairvoyants. We and everything are of a molecular structure of one source; some is seen and some unseen.

The Astral Plane is a melting pot of different layers of energies or "planes." Lower vibrational entities reside on the lower Astral Plane. They have not been "fixed" and still retain their ego. This means that they will have the same personality and demeanor as when they were wearing their physical vessel. On the Astral Plane you will find disembodied souls / earthbound entities / ghosts.

The higher end of the Astral Plane is a place of learning for both those that no longer in their bodies, and those still with bodies that have slightly raised their vibrations and expanded their aura. This is experienced as a "dream-world."

If one is happy and empowered, someone can hold light in their aura's love. This light-filled aura attracts others with a similar aura. This light contributes to the planetary aura; not just their own. As the planets aura expands, in return, it gives back to those that gave to the planet. This affects the Astral Plane as well. It literally begins to lighten and is more visible.

Beings that have crossed into the heavenly light realms are more "reserved" and a culmination of all past embodiments. There will be little to no negativity in their behavior. These beings have been "fixed" or "repaired.”

Beings that reside on the Astral Plane are NO different than you and me. They just aren't wearing a physical vessel. BE NICE TO THEM!

A being's "life," while in the body, general demeanor, lessons learned, and cause of death, greatly determines a soul’s vibrational frequency. This frequency determines where on the Astral Plane a soul ends up after the death of the body.

Upon death of the body, a soul will either stay on the Astral Plane to learn, voluntarily move into the heavenly light realms and stay there for an indefinite amount of time, or move into the light with help from Medium's wearing their body suits, other Astral Plane residents, or from intra-dimensional travelers like myself.

Beings on the Astral Plane have an energy that is higher than that of a human in physical form, but much lower than that of a fully passed-over spirit. This makes contact from our dimension much easier. That is why so many people have "ghost" experiences and less "heavenly" ones.

There are other types of beings of a non-human nature that reside on the lower levels of the Astral Plane that are of a lower vibrational frequency. So don't be surprised if you encounter one or more of these in your travels.

It does not require much of a raise in vibration within a body, to go from 3D in your body, to 4D out of your body. It does however require a significant raise in our vibrations to inter-dimensionally travel into 5D and above.

Note: Astral projection is not the same as astral travel. Astral travel is when you leave your body and travel to planets, the sun, etc., via your silver or golden cord; tether. I have never astral traveled to these places. It's possible that it is done via some kind of portal. I'll talk more about the lack of a tether / cord in my final chapter on inter-dimensional travel.

The Astral Plane can be a fabulous place to explore; however, it can also be a scary one; it all depends on the plane on which you enter. Depending on your own vibrational frequency, and your ability to fluctuate; raise and lower your frequency of vibration, your experiences on the Astral Plane will vary greatly.

The lower Astral Plane is a place without rules; there is free-will in this 4th dimensional existence; with or without a body. The entities on the astral plan have the ability to manipulate molecules to suit their existence. Most are not very good at it, but some are masters of it.

I have not encountered nature spirits, such as fairies and other elementals on the lower Astral Plane. I also have not encountered any angels in these energies. These beings reside in higher-dimensional frequencies and can ONLY enter the Astral Plane IF they incarnate into a physical form.

I have read many web articles on the Astral Plane and some people believe it is a lower level of heaven; it is NOT. My guides have made it quite clear, the divine is not present in this place. It is NOT of the light.

I feel it necessary to explain a bit about the “light” and the “dark.” We are light beings. Things less than perfection are dark. So you are light with some darkness within you that needs transmuting into light. It’s very important for you to understand that concept.

You can't say, "This person is light and this person is dark;" it doesn't work that way. Beings in "Hell," "Limbo," "Purgatory," or whatever you want to call the levels of the Astral Plane, are not dark beings, rather they are in the lower light realms because of their unaddressed issues. We are all from the same source energy.

In order to move up in the light realms, you have to transmute your darkness into light; whether you are on the Astral Plane or incarnate into a physical form. There is no Reiki Master or Healer that can transmute your darkness for you. They can merely tell you the places that you have to work on and where you have energy blocks.

This darkness within, has been orchestrated in forms of karmic lessons; ones that you designed prior to incarnation for your Earth lessons. You probably wonder why you would do this to yourself. You love yourself unconditionally; or at least prior to incarnating into your "chosen" body. You even designed your body. You did this to best suit a form that would address your karmic lesson that you want to learn and conquer.

There are beings that have access to our planet that have not incarnated into a body; unseen ones that are able to breach our dimension from the Astral Plane. These beings have not embraced their darkness; rather thrive on it and other people’s darkness.

Note: Once you enter the astral plane your energy signature is left behind and these beings can easily track you if you re-enter the Astral Plane. This is one of the reasons it is crucial to raise your vibrational frequency and say prayers of protection, because you not only leave an energy signature when out of your body, but IN your body as well.

I have encountered them on a couple occasions in different experiences. They are hideous creatures and predators. Some people have called them demons and many people can see them attached to others; sometimes one and sometimes many. After you read what I’m about to tell you, you’ll probably become a “select-etarian,” a vegetarian like me. These beings seem to reside in the lowest level of the Astral Plane and are quite skilled at navigating the energies.

These beings are what some religions refer to as "fallen angels." They are NOT angels and never were an angel. They are "etheric; without bodies, which are probably why people referred to them as angels. They DO NOT reside in the higher light realms; rather lower ones. This is based on their vibrational frequency; they were NOT "sent" there, rather they got "stuck" there because of their unwillingness to change and raise their vibrational frequency.

I had one of these entities attached to me. Like you, I thought it couldn’t happen to me, but I tell you right now; you possibly have one or more. Once you incarnate on this planet, you’re free-game for these entities. Not only are you caught in the karmic game, but you and your body are a genetically altered food source.

I had an odd experience this morning. First, I had a terrible night sleeping because that virus came back that I had 2 weeks ago. I had all sorts of odd dreams; very restless. Then, towards morning, I was having a strange dream, when all of the sudden I was out of my body, looking at my body laying in bed on my side. My guides are right; I do not have a tether to my body.

There was a creepy lower-entity standing over me. It was extremely gray, with large eyes, and thin with spindly arms and legs. The arms and legs were stick-like with clawed hands. It was using the claws to feed on me. While in my astral body, I managed to pull off three of four claws.

I started saying the Violet Flame Ascension prayer over and over:
I AM ascension light,
Victory flowing free,
All of good, one at last,
For all eternity.
I AM light, all weights are gone,
Into the air I raise;
To all I pour with full God power,
My wondrous song of praise.
All hail! I am the living Christ,
The ever-loving one,
Ascending now with full God power,
I AM a blazing sun,
I AM a blazing son.
I awoke and felt better, but by morning I was sick again. I believe that we are on a prison planet; not just a karmic prison; but one of the “flesh.” We are food for other alien beings; those unseen that are etheric; no visible body.

Note: You might recall that when communicating with spirit that you should never feel drained by a being of the light.

I have determined that both of these incidences were the same being. They are either what is called an Archons or a Rake, or perhaps it's just my own inner-darkness eating away at me.

So what is so delectable that they are using us like we use livestock? They feed on your fear, guilt, and regret, which is their life-sustaining force. They don’t have a “physical” vessel like us, but an energy-based one; an alien one.

You can't see them with your physical eyes, only while you're out of your body during astral projection.

Fear is a negative energy; a lower vibration. Every time you have a negative thought, it’s dinner time. Fear comes in all forms, not just when you are scared, but every time you feel inadequate, worried, and angry, have unkind thoughts, are judgmental, or embrace any negative energy, you are cannibalized. You have “tipped the scales” of darkness in their favor. You have hung out a big sign that says, “I’m in despair; eat my energies.” These unseen encounters can leave you physically drained, depressed, and frightened.

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, which was found in the The Nag Hammadi Library, says that their greatest tool is not fear however, but ignorance, the “Mother of All Evil.”. If humans remain ignorant of their divine origins beyond the universe, the system remains constant, and all is good for the Archons.

If you would like to know more about the archons in the Gnostic Gospels, you can visit The Gnostic Society Library @

These attacks by these gray clawed etheric beings are usually of a repetitive nature. They tend to attack the same place on your body, over and over again, often about the same time daily. They weaken a spot in your etheric, emotional, and mental bodies to get to the physical one.

I have given these beings a great deal of examination; their true purpose. I often wonder if we create these beings ourselves, to show us our own darkness. At closer examination, I found it odd that the Archon did not resist me, when I pulled it off of my physical body. It seemed accepting of it. This is something worth thinking about indeed.

The use of artificial stimulants, such as excessive alcohol and recreational drugs also hang out a big red flag to lower entities. I highly recommend stopping the use of these spiritual depressants.

This is from an article found at:

“The word “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl” which means “BODY EATING SPIRIT”, and gives root origins to the English term for “ghoul”. In Middle Eastern folklore, a “ghoul” is an evil demon thought to eat human bodies, either as stolen corpses or as children.”

So many of you are probably wondering, How do you remove these life-sucking entities? Good question.

As we begin to become more spiritual and less material, our vibrations raise, a "coat of awareness" starts to develop at ground level up; making us invisible to these beings. The coat grows more and more, until it completely engulfs us, like a cloak of protection; righteousness. This invisibility not only makes us invisible out of body on the Astral Plane, but in our bodies.

This type of attack happened to several of my friends as well. One said, "I AM of God!" and it released her. One said, "In the name of Jesus leave!" Another used a different prayer with the same results; prayers raise our vibrations. The good news is, once you become "bullet proof," you become invisible to these darker entities that reside in the lower light realms and they give up.

I'd like to talk a bit about dimensions, because the Astral Plane is a 4th dimensional realm of energy. Some "magic" can occur there. To help you comprehend the different onion layers of dimensions, it's important to start where we are in the physical on earth.

Most of the earth's population resides in 3D, or the third dimension. This is a place of uncontrolled emotions; it’s the glue that keeps you in that dimension. It's a place where you experience the limitations of being in a body or "vessel." Earth is evolving to a 4th dimensional experience, then a 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional experience, etc. with the forming of New Earth.

Dimensions are not physical "places," rather different frequencies of vibrations.

Dimensions all reside in the same place. They aren't "out there," like people believe is how heaven is situated up in the clouds. Heaven is right here in front of your face, as are your loved ones. They are resonating at a higher frequency of energy.

The only way to inter-dimensionally travel to these alternate dimensions is a change in your vibrational frequency. Think of these frequencies as magnets. Each magnet attracts a different metal; that's you. That is exactly what is happening now with Old Earth and New Earth.

So how do you get to the Astral Plane?

I have found that it is a different experience for everyone. Your vessel is more than happy to help release your soul into the Astral Plane, once you and your vessel begin work as a team. The problem is the body has "ego" and wants control, because it is an entity of its own, so it's a battle of wills at its finest.

Note: Magnets actually attract unlike poles; not like poles. I’m using this as an analogy.

You'll discover that IF you respect your vessel, and take care of its needs, it's actually quite easy to work in unity. If you don't work as a team with your body, you won't be able to make the "shift" in consciousness. You won't get your "upgrade" into the higher vibrational frequencies of 4D, 5D, 6D, etc., you'll have lost the battle; the battle of light and your inner-dark lessons unlearned.

The Astral Plane is a REAL.

When you start to traverse the Astral Plane, you are NOT having freaky dreams. Earthbound spirits and other entities reside in the lower level of the Astral Plane and can interact with each other, and high-vibrational people on the physical earth plane. Don't let the words "higher-vibrational" fool you, your vibrations do not have to be all that high to access the Astral Plane; just a slightly elevated one, and intent, or not. When I first started visiting the Astral Plane, it would just happen; without my consent.

Just like while you’re wearing your organic body suit, there are consequences for your actions. The same goes for the Astral Plane; karma still applies. When you astral project, you’re actually separating your spirit, or what some refer to as the "conscious mind" or soul from your physical body. In turn your physical body lies sleeping and your astral body is free to traverse the Astral Plane.

Remember, you still have free-will on the Astral Plane; so behave accordingly. You will leave an energy imprint of your travels. The entities that reside in the Astral Plane also have consequences for their actions and can be one of the reasons that they got stuck there; without assistance.

When you first astral project, it will be in your own bedroom, or the place where you are sleeping. This is because you are learning to separate your spirit/soul from your physical body. You will most likely enter the lower Astral Plane before ever entering the higher plane.

This is an example of astral travel within my house.

Something interesting happened last night. I had to go to the bathroom, as usual, during the night. I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and looked at the clock on the microwave. It said, 1:15. I went into the bathroom and sat on the potty. I felt a bit odd, buzzing all over; a little disoriented, and a bit dizzy. I wondered what was going on, because I usually don't feel that way. I ignored it and then walked back to the bedroom and went to bed.

A couple hours later, or what felt like several hours, I had to go to the bathroom again. I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and looked at the clock on the microwave. It said, 1:15; again. This time however, I didn't feel disoriented.

I often noticed that I start getting cold, before the separation process, onto the Astral Plane. You might also experience nerve jerking or electrical tremors in your extremities. An unsuccessful separation can feel like you were floating above the bed and then slammed back into your body with a jolt.

Upon a successful separation, you will feel the vibrations of your astral body separating from your physical body; thus the vibrating experience. You might hear a high pitched buzzing sound. You do not normally hear this is a dream-state; so when it happens, it is undeniable.

Note: IMPORTANT! Try to stay calm and relaxed or you will get pulled back into your physical body. Due to the excitement of astral projecting, often times a guide is with me when I separate from my body. Then I’m on my own.

I often will astral project during the middle of the night, or early morning hours. Sometimes, I'll wake up from an intense buzzing sensation; vibration all over my body. My heart can also change its beat as well; beat, beat, nothing, beat, beat nothing, until my conscious realizes my heart beat is different, then it goes back to its normal beat.

Because astral projection occurs during dream-time, it doesn't mean that each time you dream you're visiting the Astral Plane; rather you're in a part of it. I know this all seems very confusing, but once you start to experiences it, everything will begin to unfold and make sense.

Many people believe that astral projection is a form of inter-dimensional travel, but it is more of an intra-dimensional; not leaving your dimension. You don't need balanced lower chakras or open upper chakras to visit the lower Astral Plane. This is something nearly everyone can experience, because it's "desire-based."
Inter-dimensional travel occurs in the light realms; not on the Astral Plane.

I have found one of the best ways to access the Astral Plane is to find the separation place, just prior to falling asleep, then forcibly wake myself back up. Doing this over and over again seems to allow me to slip more easily into the Astral Plane. This might not work for everyone and there are many methods people use described on the Internet. Just do a simple search on "How to Astral Project" and find one that resonates with you, or create your own.

When you first step out of your organic body suit, you "side-step" into the energy of the Astral Plane; it’s the removal of your soul from the physical. So if you reside in 3D; which most of you do, you'll step out onto a similar level of the Astral Plane. This will make more sense as you read about my Shadow Man in this chapter.
As I mentioned earlier, you should have a "silver or gold cord" attaching your physical body to your astral body. It's a tether that doesn't let you get lost. I do not have a cord and I do not get lost. I don't get lost because I'm well aware of my own vibrational frequency and just navigate back to my body.

When I astral project, it has been to friends; both in their bodies and to earthbound entities. For those still wearing their organic body suits, I appear in their doorways of their bedrooms at night. I also astral project to earthbound entities, or use the Astral Plane to perform my "jump," inter-dimensionally travel, to other dimensions, including New Earth. You can think of it as your inter-dimensional launch point; your own personal star gate.

The title of this book is ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I chose it, not only because my guides, angels, and I like the title, but because it sums up our spirituality in our earthly vessel. In order to spiritually progress, you have to ASK for assistance, SEEK spiritual guidance, and KNOCK to open doors to the Astral Plane and other dimensions.

Matthew 7; 7-11
7Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.
9 Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? 11 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

If you’re a fan of “religious” Christian art, you’ll probably enjoy some of the pictures in my book. Gnostic Christians that wrote about their Christian beliefs were considered heretics by the Catholic Church and were executed. For some reason, the church left all the artists alone to paint their secret messages of the Christ.

If you do an image search on “Jesus in a door,” you might be shocked at the plethora of paintings. Jesus sure did a LOT of knocking and standing in doorways, and so have I, during my inter-dimensional travel experiences.

The power of "the word" is awesome indeed. Don't be bashful about asking the angels and your guides for assistance OUT LOUD. They are all hanging around you right now, just waiting to help you; so ASK!

During my lifetime, I attended many different Protestant churches. They always emphasized the importance of praying for others. They made it sound greedy to ASK for ourselves. This in itself has made "physically" helping others decline. People tend to believe that prayer is enough. "Oh, I'll pray for you." Hey, what about actually lifting a finger and helping me instead? I'm sure many of you that are caregivers can relate to this statement. The only people that helped me, when asked, were some of my family and close friends, but mostly spirit. Members of the churches that I attended that helped, were far and few between.

I can't express enough to ASK Lord Father, the angels/Gods, and your guides for assistance. If you don't ASK; you won't get. If you don't SEEK, you can't grow and receive true spiritual enlightenment; not what our religious affiliations teach us. If you don't KNOCK, you can't learn to open doors for teachings in other dimensions, and to see what you really are; spirit(s) having a physical experience. It's the ultimate proof and will change your life.

If you stick with all of the "tests" or "initiations" of astral projecting, and pass, you will then be able to "unconsciously" astral project. You'll be on an "auto-pilot" of sorts. THE Higher Christ Self will guide you on your adventures into the higher part of the Astral Plane for advanced teachings/lessons, and then into the light realms; inter-dimensionally, where the real fun begins.

Right now, you are an "Evolving Soul Self" who has a "Higher or Holy Christ Self" residing outside your body, above your higher chakras that are above your head. This is the pure you and you need to learn to connect to it. You can't connect effectively with your Holy Christ Self until you balance and open your lower chakras, which in turn will activate your higher chakras.

There is an article on my blog; called, "The True Understanding of Self" that might help. If it doesn't, just do another internet Search on "Higher Self" or "Higher Christ Self."

You also have a CHRISTED Oversoul; your true self which is "divine." You'll first need to connect "the middle way," through THE Higher Christ Self. Once you successfully complete all "initiations," your highest guide will tell you your CHRISTed Oversoul name. I found out the name of the CHRISTed Oversoul in December of 2018. It's a feminine energy, although I have lived more incarnations as a man than a woman; 100's of them on the earth plane. I also found out that THE Higher Christ Self is actually my Divine Husband.

A brief musical interlude for my love; Me Again, by Uncle Kracker, as you are ALWAYS on my mind, as I AM on your mind.

These are a few examples of traversing the Astral Plane to visit some friends that wear body suits.

I heard from Gene today. I wish he'd leave me alone. He said he called, because I came to him and stood in his bedroom door, then moved to the foot of his bed; naked. We talked for quite some time, and then I left. Oddly enough, I did the same thing with my friend Laura, however I was clothed; whew!

Well, it appears I left my body again and traveled to Gene. Once again, I was naked; standing in his doorway this time waiting to be invited into his room. I believe that he sees me naked because that is how he wants to see me; not how I wish to be seen. It is probably a "comfort" thing for him.

I went to the temple in East Aurora today. My friend Mary asked me if I was thinking a lot about her last week. I told her, “yes.” I wanted to call her to talk to her about how to telepathically communicate with animals. Mary said, “Well, a few days ago you came to me in spirit and stood in the doorway of my bedroom.” Apparently we had a long discussion, and then I departed.

Wow, that is now the 3rd person that has told me that I come to them in spirit and stand in their doorway. None of these three people are acquainted. Mary’s in NY, Laura is in GA, and Gene is in WY. How fascinating, I don't remember visiting them at all. I guess it was for their benefit; not my own, or perhaps something needed at a subconscious level for myself.

First and foremost, everyone can experience the Astral Plane. The problem with most people, when first learning to astral project, is that they "think." Yes, the conscious mind makes them think that they are having a bad dream. Sorry, but dream-time is real, as is dream-walking, day-dreaming, and lucid dreaming.
So what is rule #1 of astral projection? SAY A PRAYER OF PROTECTION, things are not always as they appear.

James 5 16
…The prayer of a righteous person has great power.

When traversing the Astral Plane, it is important to remain calm and be prepared for anything, because you never know who, or what you might encounter. When you do, ALWAYS act out of love; not fear. Actually that is a great rule for life in general; do everything out of love from the heart. The heart wins over the brain every time. Recent scientific studies have proven that the heart is the ruling organ over the brain. It contains more electrical discharges as well.

The upper Astral Plane can be a place of learning; school. As in life and "living" on earth, you usually have to start at the bottom and "learn" before you "do." You can't start at the top in the workplace, and you certainly can't jump ahead into higher dimensions without experience. You have to work at the vibrational frequency that you are; not the one that you want to be.

As in all schools, first you are the student, as you progress in your education and "graduate," you might later become the teacher. I have helped many earthbound entities on the Astral Plane move into the light realms. Fear IS the deciding factor, as to whether or not you will pass the initiations of astral projection. You MUST overcome fear and always act from the heart.

Most fear is our own darkness within us and how we perceive things. There are NO demons; only the ones you make within.

When I first started to astral project on the Astral Plane, lower level entities would try to take advantage of my novice travel abilities. I've met many people that become paralyzed by lower vibrational entities on the Astral Plane. They are so frightened, they paralyze themselves and it's completely understandable.
The entity is not paralyzing you; you are doing it to you! It’s so much easier blaming someone else for your own inadequacies.

There are many lower vibrational entities that are bad, because they were not good people while they wore their body suits. Some murders, rapists, child abusers, etc. They are a collection of sociopaths. It IS NOT our position to judge these beings, rather to shine light onto them.

Once you realize that you are in charge; not them, there is a sudden "shift" in the energy game. You can actually talk to them, just as you would anyone wearing their body suit. You can reason with them; or not.

Most of the beings on the Astral Plane cannot physically hurt you, but you can make yourself sick by how you respond. Stay in control of your faculties.
I wrote an article on my blog, called "Respect in Mediumship" a few years back. Read this article as you will find it quite useful during astral projecting to entities.

The entire process of managing the energies on the Astral Plane takes time. As with EVERYTHING, it's baby-steps. Archangel Jophiel tells me, "Baby steps. It's like you are pushing too hard, jumping steps on stairs. Patience is required." I believe these words are crucial to our spiritual growth while inhabiting a body, and without it. This lesson can be difficult while in a vessel, but it is definitely a lesson well-learned.

Good news, the Astral Plane is also a place where you can learn to modify your vibrational frequency; dark and light, up and down and all around. It’s also a great place to learn compassion.

One day you might be experiencing something fun; perhaps learning how to fly; the next day not so fun; getting groped. It's designed that way. It helps you expand and contract your energies; not remain in the same, safe flow of energy that gradually ascends upward. You need to be brave and become a Master of vibration.

You want to visit high and low realms of energies; find the path on your journey. Eventually, you'll be able to go into the lower light realms, and then bounce up to a higher level of learning within the Astral Plane with ease. Once again, it's called, "school."

In the summer of 2015, I astral projected out of my body into our basement. I don't have any fear of our basement; our property has been free of earthbound entities for a while. I encountered an entity not of this world and it wasn't nice at all.

I was standing in the basement, just hanging out, enjoying the peace and quiet, when someone came up from behind me and grabbed me tightly. I automatically started saying a prayer of protection. "Father, please watch over me and keep me safe. Only let the highest entities of the..." That was all I could get out. I couldn't finish my prayer because this being was squeezing me tighter and tighter. Suddenly, I remembered that I wasn't in my body at all and finished the prayer; "light influence me." The entity immediately vanished.

This left me a bit baffled as to how this could happen to me. Then I recalled, I had left an energy signature; an imprint from previous visits. Because the divine isn’t present there, I was on my own with my own arsenal of God; prayer.

Ephesians 6:11-12
11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Our aura is literally the armor that we wear around our 4 lower bodies. There are mantras, decrees, and prayers that will enhance and strength your armor. The Tube of Light decree is powerful.

Note: There is no “evil” or what we perceive as evil in the heavenly (light) realms, but there are lower vibrational beings on the Astral Plane.

Before leaping fully into this chapter on the Astral Plane, I want to prepare you. There are ways to avoid slipping into the lower energies of the Astral Plane or what I sometimes call Limbo, but it requires work on your part. You'll need to raise your vibrations to a suitable level, where you have nothing in common with these entities.

On the Astral Plane, entities "attach" to “like vibrations,” just as earthbound entities or "ghosts" do, to those wearing their Earthly body suits. So if you are a going through a divorce, chances are your entity will have gone through a divorce. If you have feelings of unworthiness, your entity will "attach" to those like vibrations. That is how they find you; you are vibrating at their frequencies and fears, and they know it.

Some of these fears look quite ugly as “energy.” You might experience these as wavering or dark energies on the Astral Plane; deformed-looking people, etc. Please DO NOT judge these energies. Being on the Astral Plane and NOT judging is a test of a “Master.” Be the master; don’t judge.

Based on this concept, the thing that causes people to slip into limbo is their own inner darkness. Yes, you have it too; if you choose to accept it or not. If you don't accept it, you are in denial or have excessive ego.

Most people on our planet have not embraced their own darkness and tried to fix it. They have thoroughly avoided doing the work, because it's always the other persons fault.

You will eventually have to address your own darkness, either here in your physical vessel, or when you walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death, and meet Archangel Azrael. I highly recommend that you eliminate the kicking and screaming part in the body, and just "suck it up," do The Work now; it will open up an entirely new world unto you; self-love, abundance, and supply. You will also learn to love your neighbor as yourself.

I’d like you to try a little experiment on self-love. Once a day, I want you to say, “I love myself as much as The Holy Father.” (whatever you call the universal energy). I conducted this experiment myself during what Archangel Michael called, The Summer of Righteousness in 2012.

At first, I thought it would be relatively easy; but it was not. I kept questioning myself, “How could I love myself as much as I love Lord Father? It’s just not possible.” After a couple weeks, it got easier. I started examining myself. I always have forgiven anyone that I felt did me wrong, but I didn't forgive myself for my own wrong-doings; in this lifetime and in any past embodiments. At the end of the one month period of saying the phrase, I felt like an entirely new person.
You might ask why I did this little experiment. Well, it was a visit from Archangel Michael.

I was lying in bed one morning when I heard a ringing in my ears, like a very high shrill. I had been praying and submitted fully to spirit. The nerve endings were firing all over my body; fingers, hands, feet, legs, etc.; twitching; then we made the connection. It was more powerful than any other entity that I have encountered; 100 fold.

This meeting was not on the astral plane or in another dimension; but in mine and in my body. It was truly an amazing experience.

WOW! I can’t make the WOW big enough. One of my spirit guides came to me this morning. I remember I said, “Father, watch over me and keep me safe, only let entities as high as myself or higher influence me.” Then I said the Lord’s Prayer over and over again and totally submit to Father to complete the connection and I instantly did.

That wasn’t the WOW factor. My guide held me, but not like any time before. I could tell this was a significantly higher level entity by his vibration. It was extremely intense, not like how my Shadow Man feels on the Astral Plane, or even Roger; they have virtually no detectable vibration in their dimensions. I believe this was an Archangel of some kind or God-like being; possibly Archangel Michael.

This angelic guide was male. He had thin hands that were transparent, raw energy; Lightbody. He looked like white jelly, with electric blue and gold veins running through him. We literally melded into one being.

He said, “Don’t be alarmed; watch!” I was startled at first; he was in complete control of me; I could only move my eyes, otherwise, I was completely paralyzed.
He showed me what seemed to be a movie of a future event. A woman came down the outer isle at the Temple I attend in East Aurora. All the women in the church were franticly screaming in terror. The woman was wielding a knife.

She came right for me with intent to kill. Suddenly, the scene changed to a silhouette of the woman and me against a white wall. It was almost like watching a movie. She told me to lay over the back of the pew at the end on the inside by the isle. She then began stabbing me, over and over again in the back.
At first I thought it was me stabbing myself, because the woman’s hair was similar to my own. Then, we both became 3D again; not a silhouette. She seemed a little shorter than me, but had short brown hair, and curled under a bit.

She kept stabbing me, and then I saw me, standing behind her, just watching. I believe my spirit had left my body and I was observing her rage. It was very shocking.

I’m not sure if this was an impression of something my guide was trying to convey or fact. Is this my death; separation of body and spirit? Would I be at Temple when an enraged woman storms in and takes my physical life from me?

Then this angelic being told me, “On a lighter note, I couldn’t help but notice, your Dad doesn’t have one of those utensil racks hanging in the kitchen.” He said that he would like one of those for the kitchen; it was Father’s Day.

I had a hard time understanding him at first, even though he and I were completely attached to one-another. His and my combined vibrations were so high and loud that he was difficult to understand. I asked him about four times to repeat what he said. He was so patient and gracious.

I tried to talk to him the first two times using my mouth. I asked him to please repeat himself. Then I realized that I needed to telepathically communicate with this entity. I have no idea how I even knew that I could do that with him; it just happened.

I laid there with him for a bit checking out how beautiful we looked together; joined as one being. I felt very comfortable in his embrace now, but I started to lose him with conscious thought.

When I regained consciousness, I was still a bit excited. Then the cell phone had a notification of a text message and scared me, causing my heart to race. I could feel my energy field go wacky.

I got up, took a shower and drove the car for an hour, to the Spiritual Temple in East Aurora. My nerves were pretty frazzled from that phone buzzing. I looked for my friend Louie. When he saw me, he looked at me quite oddly.

I asked him, “Tell me what my aura looks like, did it shrink?” He said, “No, but it’s all over the place.” I wanted a hug, but he said, “Not right now!” He didn’t even want to touch me and he’s always “huggy-kissy” with me. I still feel a bit frazzled writing this in my journal.

Louie was telling me that I should be careful, because I could blow out my Chakras. He came close to this once and it totally messed him up physically. I don’t think that is the case with me, it’s something different/divine.

The first contact with this higher entity was great, but the abrupt ringing of the telephone after being so relaxed was a drain on my body’s electrical system. It was like I went from a state of complete calm to fright; what a sling-shot effect.

I’m hoping next time this happens that it won’t have the same effect. I think it was more the shock of the phone ringing than what he showed me.

It was probably a year later, when one of my guides explained the experience. I had been calling it a “joining,” but it was actually an “attuning.” He said, “Vibration is defined as the rhythmical and rapid motion of particles. When two beings vibrate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance. This means they are attuned with each other.”

So that explained how we could merge as one being. This lesson in attuning was quite useful for being able to lower my vibrational frequency to enter into Limbo and then back up again to attune with an Archangel.

I don’t believe that most people realize what our guides and the angels go through in order to communicate with us on the earthly plane. They have to do this very thing; lower their vibrational frequencies greatly, while we raise ours just a tiny bit. What a kind and loving gesture on their part. It's like me plunging into Limbo to save a soul, and then traveling to see one of my guides in a higher dimension. One kind, unselfish act results ten-fold in a beautiful gift.

To begin this chapter on Astral Projection, there is NOTHING wrong with entering the lower light realms of Limbo/Purgatory/Hell, IF you are protected. It’s actually a beautiful thing from a soul-level; one of unconditional love. The problem is that most people are not living from that level, but from the "ego" body or “flesh.” They are living from fear and fear-based notions. I can’t imagine how my life would be, if my guides and the angels refused to lower their own vibrations, to communicate with me. I’d be all alone, just like the souls on the lower Astral Plane.

The Ascended Christ was an expert on this topic. Although Christian churches don’t teach this subject Gnostic Christian art from the Byzantine era was abundant on this topic. Just do a Google Images search on Christ in Limbo.

Christ saved souls in Limbo/Purgatory/Hell; even Saints. It’s a shame that all the written material from this period was destroyed in the libraries in Alexandria during a great fire. However, perhaps that is the way it was suppose to be. What fun would it be spiritually if we had a step-by-step guide to ascension? We wouldn’t have to find The Way, or do the work, would we? The ONLY way to get your Lightbody is to do the work; period.

So you’re probably asking, How did a saint or even an Apostle end up in Limbo? They had not faced their own darkness and learned unconditional love. They also had much unaddressed fear. They could also have been placed there in bondage for their deeds; some of which were not necessarily bad. You’ll examine this closer in the chapter on Energy Travel, when we talk about my own Dad, a great guy, who nearly got stuck in Limbo.

And this is where my journey of my twin flame begins; as I know it now in 2017. It was mid-June of 2010 when I started to experience some new and exciting, out-of-body experiences. I would find myself outside on our property, and outside of myself! I was walking in spirit and it felt so natural. There was a slight buzzing sensation in my spirit body; a vibration. I could see my body; just as I would, as if I were standing in the flesh version.

I was standing in the horse pasture in front of my white, vinyl fence at my home in Western NY. I was leaning my arms on the top rail, looking out at the small, meandering creek on our property in the woods. This is one of my favorite spots on our land. Our property used to be an apple orchard and hog farm in the 1880’s. There were a few old apple trees still standing. The land had a beautiful, gentle roll to it.

As I stood there, I felt a man standing behind me. Don’t ask me how I knew, but I was certain by “how” he felt that it was my Shadow Man. He then spoke the first "audible" words that I could hear and understand from him, “My horse’s name was Buffalo.” I was so excited he was there that I got sucked back into my body.

Note: I can’t express enough to stay relaxed, watch, and look around at things, when you are having these travel experiences. It takes practice, but once you get it, you can stay and investigate these realms of energy for what seems like hours.

My Shadow Man resided in the place that I call “Limbo.” This is a place where Earthbound entities or “ghosts” and other beings are located; a “purgatory” or “hell” of their own making. The energies in Limbo are very confusing. This is between the 3rd and 4th planes of the Astral Plane.

These entities can be experienced two different ways, from within our dimension; intra-dimensional, in your body, through Mediumship, and intra-dimensionally; in "their place" on the Astral Plane. The interesting thing is that these entities put themselves there; it is not always Lord Father/Mother. There is never a guide or angel with you on these travels; you are alone, as if you are in a bubble and the divine is on the outside of the bubble.

These entities are no different than you or me; they merely took off their body suits, and have not crossed into the light realms. They are still residing in our dimension. They also still have their mental, emotional, and etheric bodies, and karmic issues to resolve.

How do I enter the lower light realms?

I often enter the lower light realms using intention and by hanging one hand outside the bed prior to sleep. This action creates an intra-dimensional; not inter-dimensional "portal-like" energy opening. It’s not something that I can see, rather feel. With intention, I literally reach into the Astral Plane.

This gesture of reaching out my hand is VERY enticing to entities that reside on the Astral Plane, because they see my energy hand, and my light is bright. They take my hand, our energies pull together like a magnet, and my soul is removed from my body and appears directly on the Astral Plane in the entities illusion of their own making. My astral body does NOT have a sense of vibration when I enter the lower Astral Plane. It feels much like I do in my body in 3D.

At this point in my life, I was unable to tell an earthbound entity from one that has crossed over. I was running pretty much on Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. They all seemed to feel the same to me and didn’t have any vibrational frequency that I could detect. I could just tell they were there by the usual gifts of sign, smell, taste, hearing, or visiting them in their realm of energy.

This summer was truly the most exciting year of my life. Amazing things were happening; I was awakening to spirit. Something many of you are doing now that are reading my book. I had miracles, manifestations, and so much more was happening.

I hadn’t made much progress in the past four years, in identifying my Shadow Man that wore a red plaid shirt and blue jeans. All I knew is that we were inseparable and I was falling in love with him, and he with me. I only had to think about him, and poof; he would make his presence know to me.

My Shadow Man started leaving me gifts this summer. He knew exactly what it was that I would like; old, white Pond’s cold cream jars. I suppose that kind of gift might seem a bit unusual to you, but I enjoyed rooting through old garbage sites from the long-gone farmsteads, and would find different types of jars. The white glass Pond’s cold cream jars were my favorites. My Shadow Man must have been with me on my “jar” adventures and listening to the joy in my voice, when I would find a Ponds cold cream jar.

I wanted to reciprocate the gift, but what do you give a dead guy besides friendship? Ah, the gift of music. I started singing songs to him in my studio; love songs of course. I’d change the lyrics up a bit for him, so he knew how I felt. In turn, he would give me roses; or the smell of them. I even wrote him a poem.

You are the song of the birds,
The whisper of the wind through the trees in the woods,
The babble of the brook that runs through this land I love.

The softness of my horse’s nose,
The vibration of my cats purr,
And the warmth of the sunshine, upon my face.

You are the feel of the land beneath my feet,
The dirt in my garden as it slips through my fingers,
And the gentle arms around me, when I need to be held.

You are the smell of the locust tree blossoms in June,
The softness of their petals as they fall softly upon my face like the snow,
And the dance that I never want to end.
You are ALL of those things to me.

About this time, I was creating a ceramic tile lily pond floor for a Psychic Medium from Lily Dale, NY. Lily Dale is the largest spiritual community in the world. I always say, “I work for Lord Father,” so I like to use my own intuitiveness when creating my works of art, it makes each design unique for my clients. I did just that for MJ.

It was March of 2012, when my client M.J. who was renovating her home in Lily Dale, stopped by to pick up her beautiful lily pond shower floor. She is a psychic and clairvoyant Medium. It was so nice once again talking to someone similar to myself. I always like to know how they see their visions and speak to the other side.

Upon MJ's arrival she mentioned that she smelled something like roses when she drove up the driveway. She also commented that she didn't see any planted anywhere.

I believe the roses that MJ smelled when pulling into the driveway were for MJ, not me. She lost her husband 6 months ago and hasn’t heard from him yet. I hope she does soon. It’s hard when you lose someone because you so want to find them again in the light. Sometimes they need a lot of work getting “fixed” as Rog says. It all depends on if they furthered their spiritual lessons while incarnate on earth and their spiritual beliefs.

Many earthbound entities get stuck in Limbo, and don’t make it into the light, when they suddenly lose their physical bodies. I encountered one here on my mini-farm in Tennessee recently. It was my second day at the farm. The people I bought the property from were staying on for about one month, packing their things for their move to South Carolina. On my way back to the marina, I heard a male voice say, “I’m buried in your barn.”

I decided to invite any other entities that might have tagged along on my ride home, to come visit me in the morning, when I tend to leave my body; just prior to sunrise. Well, wish granted; I got five of them…jackpot!

First, the man that indicated he was buried in my barn came to me. He seemed quite nice. I asked for the people that caused him his demise, for forgiveness, and told him he should move into the light.

Next, a young woman with brown eyes and dark hair stepped in. She was a downright mess. It was quite obvious to me by her waving energy field that she was frightened. She didn’t know what happened to her body. I told her it was OK and that she merely stepped out of her body suit. She’d be just fine and needs to move into the light.

There were three women that huddled together; on-lookers. They didn’t seem to want to approach me just yet, so I gave them their space.

Note: It’s extremely important when working with earthbound entities to not pressure them; be kind. Most of them are quite nice and if you don’t meet with them face-to-face, you really don’t know their story.

The second spirit that I mentioned would probably appear hostile to most people. Her energy was pretty intense and irregular. It's highly possible that this kind of entity could cause electrical disturbances in a home because there is no mastery of the Astral Plane energies.

The next morning I headed back to the farm. I was talking to Pat, one of the previous owners. She said her cat refused to ever go into the mobile home its entire life. I told her cats are very sensitive to spirits and that there is probably one or two in her house.

I started to tell her about my gift of travel and the five spirits that were on her property. The man buried in the barn, the young woman that died suddenly, and the three other women that huddled together. Her mouth nearly fell open. She said last summer the mother and two daughters across the road were killed in a car crash.

I did manage to find the burial site in our old barn when we started excavating the ground for gravel. There was a spot beneath an old floor where some ground burrowing animals created a large den. Animals would often make their dens in the old cavities where bodies were buried. As the body would decay, it would leave a “body-shaped” hole in the ground. This is the perfect den for ground-dwellers.

Although I didn’t find any bones, I’m quite certain this was the burial site of the man that I visited. Our barn has such peace now; like it’s new again.
Back to the story…I showed MJ her lily pond ceramic tiles laid out in my studio. She was thrilled to see that I used fossil rocks for the perimeter; she hadn’t asked for any. Her husband that passed away was a collector of fossil rocks. I explained to her that I intuitively design my art.

Knowing that MJ was a Medium, I thought, “Hum, what a perfect opportunity for a reading.” I took MK upstairs in our house, to see my tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. I asked her to come into the larger bedroom, because I wanted her to see, if she could feel the spirit that is always around me.

I only told her that there was a spirit that frequented the dressing area of the room. She paused a few seconds and said, “Well he’s standing right here in front of me. He’s a very tall man, tan, with working man’s hands. He is wearing a red, plaid shirt and blue jeans. He has dark hair and a beard. His beard is short, not long.” The validation was uncanny.

I asked her what his face looked like. He was so handsome that I wanted to see what she thought of his good looks. She said, "He won't show it to me; it's blurry". Then I asked her to inquire about his name. She said, “It starts with an “H”… Herbie, Harvey, something like that.” She felt that he is tied to the land and likes me, because I love our families land as much as he does; which was true.

I asked her about his arm. She was under the impression it was an accident with an axe. I myself wasn’t sure. I also thought it was an axe, or some kind of farming accident that tore his right arm off. I hope to speak to him again; the only problem is that when I try too hard to go to him, it only makes it more difficult for me to travel to him.

When I told MJ that I go to him, not him come to me, she looked at me, as if I was deranged. Spirit always goes to Mediums. I guess she never thought it was possible to leave your body and go to spirit.

Although MJ explained to me that this man was an earthbound spirit, I kept feeling like he was my husband or a spirit guide. This felt like more than an ordinary connection with someone. I was quite confused why she thought he was an earthbound entity and I felt something completely different.

It was just a few days after MJ’s visit that I finally made contact intra-dimensionally with my Shadow Man in Limbo. This time however, I was not in that place between awake and asleep; rather fully awake.

I’ve been waiting for what it seems like forever, to talk to my Shadow Man. I’m still not sure if he’s a spirit guide or a spirit on the property like MJ said. I just know he seems to love me and me him, for some unknown reason.

Last night, I kept trying to make contact, but only talked to others and received miscellaneous visions. Finally, I gave up about 4:00 a.m. I submitted to my own desires and I rolled over on my left side and said to myself; “just forget it, you’re trying too hard.” Then, out of nowhere, I heard a man’s voice yell in my left ear, “Harry!”

I started to giggle. The next thing that I knew, a white mist appeared at the left foot of my bed. Then it started drifting to the right and he turned into his shadow man figure. He then moved to the other side of the bed, and I felt him get into bed behind me, and pull the covers back up. I could actually feel a “thump” when he got into the bed.

I’m not sure how or why, but I reached across myself with my left arm and grabbed his right arm to pull it around me. It just seemed like a natural thing to do.
I could feel my spirit come out of my body and get pulled into his dimension. We laid there for a minute on his bed, and then he began to talk to me. I recognized his voice and I was so happy.

This was my longest visit to him yet. I had a massive rush of feelings, past experiences with Harry.

I remember him saying something to the effect that he hates Nazi’s. I think he was talking about my friend Jack, who has a Swastika inside his hat. He has short-man’s syndrome and always has to do stupid things to feel like a big man.

I took Harry’s hand and placed it on my breast. He said, “Again? “You just got that.” All I could think was, when I was making love to Josh that morning that I was thinking of Harry and that made him come to me and he watched!

He seems to be a very kind, loving, and considerate man, and apparently a peeping Tom. LOL it’s obvious he doesn’t want to hurt me in any way and is probably lonely in this place all alone.

While lying there, I tried to look at the surroundings, it just seemed old to me. There was a modest kitchen space with an old coffee pot on a stove to the left. In the center was a window with an old wooden table and two chairs. I can’t recall what was to the right. The colors were drab; gold, brown, etc. I’m not sure those were the actual colors or just the way things appeared. It was one big open room with vertical barn-board walls.

While we lay there together, there was the most beautiful violin music playing in the background, very romantic. I told him, “Harry, I love you.” He said, “I love you too.”

This OOB seemed like a half an hour went by, but I’m sure it was far less. I know it was my longest one on record.

When the song ended, I got sucked back into my body. I wept buckets of tears. They just kept pouring out of my eyes. I felt like I had lost him forever, or again. Our parting was heart breaking. I can feel this powerful connection of mind, body, and soul that nobody can break…not even time.

A little later, I got up to care for Mom. I sat down, watched a TV show and had breakfast. When I turned off the TV, I saw his reflection for a moment in the TV. He was standing in the guest bedroom doorway as a Shadow Man.

You might not realize it, but you are reading the most well-known ,twin flame journey in all of Creation. You'll find out why as you read "our" book, and discover our true identities.

From my time spent with Harry, I discovered that we did have many things in common. Harry was a widower; I a widow. He loved his horse; I had horses. He enjoyed farming; I enjoyed gardening. He was very fond of music and so was I. He spent most of his time outdoors; I spent every extra minute outside. We were a “match.”

In “spirit land” like attracts like; not opposites attract. Like vibration attracts like vibration. It’s unavoidable; it’s the Law of Attraction.

There was an obvious difference when traveling to entities in Limbo. The places they would reside in were void of light; literally. Many were in dark places with little light of any kind or color(s). From what I have ascertained, there are even different realms of darkness in this place. Harry resided on the higher end of it.

In my Shadow Man’s case, when I would visit him intra-dimensionally, it would be in two different places. He seemed to be able to reside in my own dimension; outside when I would step out of my body, or when I would see him at his place in his realm of energy. I find this very interesting, because it’s like two separate planes of existence; yet one.

When we’d meet outside, everything was very vivid, bright, and colorful. At my Shadow Man’s place, it was dimly lit with muted colors.

My Shadow Man was a benevolent spirit, not malevolent. He felt wonderful; not "dark" at all. I couldn't understand why he was even in this place. He would never intentionally hurt anyone, yet still had a full range of emotions and ego. Then there was that intense feeling of love between us, which made no sense at all.

It appeared that spirits that had evolved during their stay in Limbo had a bit of light and had evolved, while those that had not evolved literally lived in the dark. It was almost an ironic statement, because when you, “live in the dark” you are not enlightened. They still needed a LOT of inner work.

Mom wasn’t doing well in 2012. She was starting to have mini-stokes and we were having a difficult time balancing her pain medications. They were too strong; or too weak. We began to have different therapists and nurses coming to the house, and I had a captive audience to talk about Harry.

I spoke to my Mom’s physical therapist and mentioned a spirit that hangs around our house. She told me that there is one named Shawn that hangs out at the horse farm down the road. There is also a “big farmer” there as well. I KNOW that is Harry. Now I have to figure out what he’s doing there.

Apparently the old Donner place was an outpost for Fort Niagara. According to Dad, there was a story about a man that married and Native American girl. They lived at the outpost. The other solders didn’t like it and hung her from a tree on the adjacent property, then shot him. That is probably Shawn.

This is beginning to make some sense to me. The old cabin in the woods has to be older than the first notation of the deed to the property. I believe that was Harry’s house.

Upon further investigation some other things make sense. The old locust posts that run across the property by the creek date to that period. I think Harry was a hog farmer. There were many in this area. The posts have some fragments of round hog wire every 6”. The top wire is barbed. I might be able to identify the age of the barb wire. It’s a double wrap, ending with a twist through the two wires. The barbs are 6” apart.

I have always been a very driven person. I believe that if you don’t get it right the first time, try, try, try again, and never give up. Can’t wasn’t in my vocabulary at all, and I was determined to figure out who this man, Harry was, and where he might have lived.

Harry was a kind, gentle soul, and knew how to be a gentleman. I found out many years later that Harry was a heavy smoker. But knowing that I didn’t like cigarettes, Harry never smoked around me; only Mediums that smoked.

I was watching TV upstairs on the sofa, when I smelled a strong scent of roses. It was so nice. I took another breath to breathe it all in. Ah, roses from Harry.
Now that MJ confirmed that I wasn’t going crazy after all, I began to form a strategy of determining who this mystery man was that I was visiting, and that came to me during the day and at night.

I got out the deed for our property, looking for anyone that lived on our land named Harry. I did find that the original owner, General Winfield Scott Palmer had a son named Harold.

I went to the Niagara County Historical Society yesterday. A lovely lady in the Genealogy department helped me research Harold Palmer. She was awesome.
She managed to trace Harold to Philadelphia where he was stationed on the USS Dixie. I immediately though that I have the wrong Harry. Then she found him in Ft. Leavenworth; jailed. He later ended up in Florida, married, and passed away in 1976; definitely not my Harry. Back to square one.

The deeper that I fell in love with Harry, the more I questioned it. I’m mean, how the heck can you fall in love with a dead guy? It was unexplainable. I never knew him “in-the-flesh,” only without his body suit.

I spend every extra second of my day researching Harry. I was on a mission and I was going to finish it; one way or the other. I had to know where he lived and what he did for a living to validate what I was experiencing and was told.

I started some research of my own using I decided to search the 1930 censes. I chose this date because of my last visit to Harry. It felt like the surroundings of my intra-dimensional visit with Harry was from around that period in history, based on his furnishings.

First, I searched on any Harold’s living in Porter, and then I tried Wilson, and Ransomville. There weren’t any appropriate candidates. Then I thought, wait, he said specifically, “Harry,” not Harold. I then searched on all Harry’s living in Wilson. I started going through all 50 or so of them (must have been a popular name), noting the street where they lived, looking for the word “Farmer” as their job.

Then, there it was in all its glory as bright as day; a man named, “Harry Sherman.” Harry was living on West Braley Road with a family called “Moss.” That’s the section of Braley road by my property. There were only four families on that street. I can rule out Mr. Baxter’s house. The Truesdale family lived there in the 30’s. I believe it is the old McLaughlin place, or the place that was once on the corner of Palmer and Braley Rd. that burned in a fire. Dad said that there was once a stone well on that corner, back in the 1950’s from an old farm. It’s been since filled in with dirt and now there is a lawn.

Harry was 45 at the time, a widower and listed as a “Lodger”, “Laborer” and “General Farmer.” I KNOW this is my Harry. I can feel it in every fiber of my body. After all, he was known as “The Big Farmer” as a ghost down the road.

I was hoping that the youngest Moss daughter, Stella was still alive, but she passed away in 2010. I am so bummed out. I wanted to know what he looked like when she was little. Rats!

This totally makes sense. I’m sure Harry also worked for Mr. Hecht, the previous owner of the Donner’s horse farm, where he is also seen. Mr. Hecht raised cattle and my Dad told me he would have required some additional help there as well, because he had no family.

I believe Harry use to walk or ride “Buffalo,” his horse from the old Moss place to Mr. Hecht’s farm to work. He would have walked or ridden his horse right through our place by the old Ash tree.

I have the feeling Harry’s loss of his arm was his demise. I can’t find a death record at this time. In a few days the 1940 census will be available. I’m going to look and see if he was still here during that period of time. I can’t find any death record in any state for him.

After finding this information, I started scouring the local cemetery’s looking for his gravestone. I even checked the “Potter’s graves” in Niagara Falls. Alas, there was no Harry Sherman buried anywhere.

He would have died during the 1930's, during the Depression. People didn’t have money back then, so he was probably buried somewhere on the Moss farm or our land. This was not uncommon with farm hands during that period in history; there just wasn’t any money.

Then, I started thinking about that unusual rock across the creek. As a child, I always found peace sitting on that solitary rock; like someone was with me, comforting me. Perhaps that was Harry’s grave marker. It was the only large rock around.

I felt like I was really making some progress on my mission. Now all I wanted to do was to return to Harry in my spirit form and spend time with him; as much as possible.
Every night when I went to sleep, I hoped and prayed that I would see Harry that night. The only problem was that other spirits that were lingering in Limbo saw an opportunity to meet with me as well.

Well, now I’m just agitated! I traveled to some spirit last night and he tried to pawn himself off as Harry. He fit the general description, but there was this odd triangle in his pupil of his eye. He was much younger, pale, no beard, and appeared to be a virgin just wanting to get lucky with me. Argh!

Harry was such a large part of my life. He always liked to make my female friends feel welcome, by presenting them with the scent of roses or rose geraniums. I wasn’t sure if he was welcoming them, or flirting with him. This spirit, when inhabiting an earthly body was so attractive that he probably had many women interested in him. It’s possible that was one of the things he didn’t want to give up after he took off his body suit.

By April of 2012, my interest peaked in angels and spirit guides. I just wanted to believe that Harry wasn’t earthbound; but a guide of some kind. He was always so helpful and protective.

I started a new relationship with a man, but my heart belonged to Harry, and he knew it. Although Harry never did anything to my friend, he did make valid comments concerning his behavior; which he did not approve. He started to become jealous and my friends could “feel” the change in him. I believe this relationship caused other men, in Limbo to use it as an excuse to bother me.

As a “traveler” in lower realms of energies, I often encountered other lost souls that longed for companionship. Most were kind, but some were quite aggressive; thus the sexual addiction that was keeping them in the “hell of their making.”

I had a bit of an odd experience this morning. First of all, I should have written everything down in my journal, because I don’t remember any details of most of it. I’m always worried I won’t be able to get back into the experience.

I asked for Harry this morning, because I wanted to hold him. I had another strange outcome; a man was holding me from behind, who I thought was Harry. He didn’t want me to turn around and look at him.

If felt like him, but when I turned and looked at him his eyes were funky. I told him it doesn’t matter how he comes to me, I’ll always know it’s him and I’ll love him no matter how he appears. I feel like he’s trying to prepare me for something, like he wants me to be able to recognize him in any form. It’s difficult to explain.

This was a tough year for my Mom. She had been having mini-strokes and her body was beginning to fail. I needed Harry to comfort me and he played his part. He would literally, step into me and meld as one.

My niece Sarah was having dinner with me one night, when I decided to let Harry “step-into” my body. I didn’t tell Sarah what I was doing, but Sarah being intuitive, commented that she could literally see Harry in my eyes.

When I went to sleep at night, Harry would hold me to comfort me. It was such a beautiful friendship. This friendship made me want to have friendships with other spirits like the angels.

I purchased two decks of Angel Oracle cards. One was a generic Angel deck and the other was specific to Archangel Michael. One day I thought I’d crack open the Archangel Michael card deck and give it a whirl. I asked a question and the cards provided a 3 card answer.

That night, I was awakened to a strong male voice that said, “Don’t look at me through the cards.” The next day I gave away my deck of cards to a friend.
I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or not, but about the same time I started talking to the angels, Harry started acting a bit odd. I was visiting him and he said he didn’t like “50.” I wasn’t sure if he didn’t like me being 50, or that is when he passed. I put my hand on his beautiful beard to comfort him and he pushed my hand away.

I don’t know if Harry was mad at me because of a new relationship that I started with a man, or my communing with the angelic realm. Either way; he was hurt. I told Harry that I have nobody to help me here now. I’m all alone; physically and I need help. I’m sorry that I have a boyfriend, but that’s the way it has to be. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love him with all my heart.

I began receiving messages from spirit and the angels to comfort me, but it was such an overwhelming time. My Mom’s health was failing and Harry was mad at me over another man; one with a body, or an angel without one.

All of this was being watched from “spirit land;” both the lower and higher realms of light. And once again, a small opening was made for other earthbound entities to rear their heads.

Something odd is going on with my visitations. It’s the usually hand-holding, hugging, then wham; I’m drawn into some strange place where men want to make love to me. I don’t understand this at all and it’s beginning to make me angry. I don’t know what to do. I asked specifically to visit Harry, and I go someplace else all together. It’s very upsetting.

Once again, I was trying to figure out what was going on; all alone. I tried to “Google” things, but I wasn’t sure what anything was called. Was I having a trance of some kind? There just weren’t words to explain the events.

Knowing what I know now, it was a vibrational frequency problem. I was resonating at a lower frequency; one an earthbound entity could match. Although I still visit Limbo, my vibrations are extremely high and lower-level entities that are so deeply embedded in the dark will not bother me.

I had to find a way to stay out of the dark chasms, so I started to say some prayers of protection to help me with my unwanted guests. “Father, please watch over me and keep me safe, only let the highest entities influence me.”

I was also having some problems with a family member and decided to put an angel at every door and window in my house and every corner of the property. The only problem was that it was making it harder and harder to meet with Harry.

I’m not sure how even to start writing in my journal today. This morning, I finally found Harry. It was a very long visit, almost dream-like. I pulled him close to me again and got pulled into that place where I meet him.

I bent back to see him and he was once again hesitant. I asked him why. He said, "Be prepared, because your face looks similar to my own." Even though I looked at him, I couldn’t really make out his face. It’s odd, because MJ couldn’t see his face either.

It seemed rather odd that he said his face looked similar to my own. I saw him in the woods and we looked nothing alike. He feels like Harry; so what is he talking about?.

I asked him where he has been. He said he’s been “right here,” but he didn’t see me anywhere. He seemed concerned. I told him I’m still here and that I’m not sure why we couldn’t see each other. It’s like someone is keeping us apart; like there is a wall up.

We kissed and then hugged for a bit. But then there was someone at the window, I believe it was a female angel or guide. Harry said, “She wants to keep us apart.

She couldn’t come in, but Harry was worried that she would take him to the other side and we wouldn’t see one another again. I wouldn’t let her in and proceeded to hide him in the laundry room. That is one place in the house, upstairs where nobody can be seen. I tried to reassure him she couldn’t retrieve him from that place, if he didn’t want to go, and it was safe. He crouched down in the corner; afraid.

I awoke and gave this some thought. I believe that if I don’t say a prayer of protection, he can visit. I hadn’t said my prayer at night for two nights and he was able to be with me. When I say the prayer, he cannot.

I find it interesting that when I don’t say a prayer of protection, the angels can’t enter the place where Harry and I visit each other, but if I do say a prayer of protection, they can enter and he can’t. You think they could enter at any time and any place.

The angel or guide was tapping on the bathroom window, trying to see in through the frosted glass, but she didn’t enter. I think that he’s afraid if he crosses over that he won’t be able to see me anymore.

I have to be careful with this “door opening” thing. If it’s open too long and Harry doesn’t enter, other spirits can enter, causing problems. I’ll have to give it more thought.

I realized that I needed to change my prayer of protection, or I wasn’t going to see Harry again. So I modified it to, “Father, please watch over me and keep me safe, only let those that truly love me influence me.”

At this point, everything was experimentation. If I didn’t say a prayer of protection, I could see Harry, but I would also go to a place where other souls lingered and were grabby.

From what my guides tell me, Limbo is a place that is "void of the divine." You will not meet a guide on the Astral Plane. Lord Father is not heard there and the angels will not enter; it’s forbidden.

It is basically spirits “world of their making.” These entities took off their body suits, but did not move into the eternal light of Lord Father. It’s also an illusion like the earth plane.

By modifying my prayers, I was trying to open a door for higher entities and Harry to enter, unfortunately, this didn’t work. Instead, I stuck an entire choir of angels between Harry and me, and they were staying there for the duration.

I started to notice that the harder that I try to see Harry; the less likely I am to go to him. Perhaps it’s some kind of “submission” thing. This makes no sense.
I’m starting to think that because Harry is “earthbound” in a dimension between here and there, that the angels can’t go into that dimension. That actually makes a lot of sense because earthbound spirits are basically stuck in that dimension, without any help to cross into the other side; unless someone from here can convince them it’s safe to cross.

I’ve also noticed that angels don’t appear in any of my visitations where I make contact with another entity in this place. I’m on my own there; unless I ASK for help.

I don’t quite understand it, but I really feel that it’s my job to help Harry cross over. I don’t want to be selfish and keep him here for me, but I don’t want to lose him all together, and I know he feels the same; what a conundrum.

Eventually I’m going to talk to him about this choice. He still has free-will in this matter. I’ll try to reassure him it’s a good place to be, and if he doesn’t want to cross, I’m going to ask him to cross when it’s my time; we’ll do it together. By that time he should feel safe.

This left me confused as to why Harry didn’t want to cross over himself. Was it that he wanted to help others, or stay because he loved me? All I know, it was getting nearly impossible to communicate with him at all. Angels were in between us, keeping us apart, ALL the time; in my body and out of it. It got to the point that I actually thought he had crossed over. Then, one day in September…

I was getting ready for Mom’s memorial service and was whining while I was in the horse barn that everyone is dying on me, and they wouldn’t let me talk to Harry, when a song came into my head. It was by Lonestar; “I’m already there.”

“I’m already there. Take a look around, I’m the sunshine in your hair, I’m the shadow on the ground, I’m the whisper in the wind. I’m your imaginary friend. And I know, I’m in your prayers, oh I’m already there.”

I knew it was from Harry, because when I was little, he was my “imaginary friend.” He was either still earthbound; at a distance, or in the light realms sending me a message. Either way, I still couldn’t tell where he was residing.

Wow, I didn’t really get the true significance of his message, until I was writing this chapter in my book; it was the poem that I wrote to Harry. I told him in the poem that he was, “The whisper of the wind through the trees in the woods…” and “And the warmth of the sunshine upon my face.”

Oh my, my sacred heart just opened wide and it hurts. I still miss him so much that it’s painful. Yes, I fell in love with someone in Limbo. That’s what is called unconditional love and that is what Lord Father inspires all of us to have; the same thing he holds for us.

I had so hoped, by that song, that he had crossed into the Light. But I still wasn’t certain, so I would go outside to the gravesite that I made for Harry, by the big rock by the creek, and sit. There, I would talk to him, pleading that he would cross into the light and not wait for me. I loved him that much that I wanted him to leave and wait for me there.

After Mom passed in September of 2012, it wasn’t long after that when Dad couldn’t stand or walk any more. I decided to hire some CNAs. I was exhausted from taking care of everyone and needed help in the “physical” world.

I hired an aid, Andy, who later became my friend. She was also very spiritual and could sense spirit.

I don’t know what’s going on, but a man has been trying to talk to Andy near the office/studio/5th wheel. I heard him near the back door as well. She said his voice sounds scratchy. He sounded like that to me on occasion. I don’t think it’s him, but how we perceive it. Crap! I think Harry never left!

To this day, I still don’t understand how I could fall in love so deeply with a dead guy. He totally stole my heart a few years ago. I miss him very much and hope someday that I will be able to see/talk with him again.

Winter came and was nearly gone, when I had a brainstorm to invite a Medium, Juanita out to the house to talk to Dad and then to me. First she talked to Dad. He had such a great time; it made his day. Then, Juanita and I went into the living room for a chat. She said she’d never been in such a peaceful feeling house before. She actually ended up staying close to four hours.

We were just “shooting the breeze” when I asked her if she felt an earthbound entity in our house. She said, “No. But what’s his name? If you say it, he’ll come.” I said, “Harry.” Like magic, poof! Harry!

We had such fun. I asked her if she could see him or just hear him. She said that she could only hear him. I told her it’s a shame that she couldn’t see him. He was the most handsome man that I’ve ever seen. Harry replied, “Clark Gable.” I chuckled and said, “No! You are much more handsome than Clark Gable.”

Then I asked him, “Why won’t you come see me anymore?” He said, “They won’t let me.” Then he pointed across the creek to the rock where we would chat. That is as far as he was welcome. Then he told Juanita that he wanted to go home with her. LOL, what a flirt! She said, "No way!"

Summer rolled around and I never gave up on the hope of crossing Harry over. I cried and pleaded with him to cross into the light. I told him about New Earth and the two overlapping dimensions, and how I feared if he didn’t cross into the light that I would never see him again. I told him that I was concerned that he would be lost to me forever, because old earth was dying, and NE was ascending, as was I into my Lightbody.

I told him that I really believed that he was the man that I was with on New Earth; an aspect of him, and he had to move into the light to be whole once again. I was on the trail of a soul-fragment retrieval, and the soul that I was retrieving was his own.

Katie and Missy were in the studio talking. I was in the house with Dad. When I went back out, Katie said she saw a man in the back room of the studio. He was tall, dark haired, and the most handsome man she’s ever seen. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a gray vest. He was standing behind the wall, and peaked out to look at her.

She yelled out and asked if anyone was there. Nobody responded, so she walked into the back room. There wasn’t anyone there. She said he looked so real. I told her that was Harry. He was a master at a full apparition.

I thought it was a bit odd that he had a vest on. Perhaps he dressed that way to impress her. He was like that with women; such a flirt.

Well, he was still around, so I was back at it, crossing the creek, sitting on the rock, and pleading with him to cross into the light. I had no idea if he was even there. I hadn’t been able to even feel his presence in years. I could have been talking to myself for all I knew.

I decided to have Juanita out again for a reading. This time, it was for all the girls that were helping me with my Dad’s at-home care. I scheduled the party for mid-August. Then I went out to the rock and told Harry that I was having a party and Juanita would be there, as well as Katie, and some other ladies. He was most welcome to join us.

We had the Mediumship party today. I got to have my reading first. I asked Juanita if Harry was there. She said, “No. I’m sorry, he’s not here anymore.”
Odd, I wasn’t sad at all. I thought that might be why he was dressed up when Katie saw him. This was his way of saying goodbye.

I don’t think there has been one day that I haven’t thought of Harry and missed him. He is forever in my heart. I told him that I would always find him; no matter where he may be, and I’ve done just that very thing.

I was inter-dimensionally traveling this morning. I met four men. I hugged and kissed all four and could feel love for them.

The last man felt like “Harry.” He wasn’t as handsome as Harry, but tall, and dark haired. He was much thinner too. My, he felt so wonderful when he held me and kissed me; I knew instantly who he was by how he felt; not looked.

Then my guide asked me to pick one of them; the one I liked the most. I thought that was a strange request at the time, then each man appeared to me in order of meeting them. I said “No” to the first three. The last one didn't come. I asked my guide where the 4th one was, because that was him, and that I wanted to see him again. My guide responded, “You’re outstanding at this!”

I successfully found Harry in another dimension. I told him that I would find him no matter where he would be. That’s a good thing, because we are multi-dimensional beings, and there are other Harry’s living in concurrent running timelines; apparently 5 dimensions total. These separate lifetimes are not separate at all and are “parallel timelines that are now converging because of the Ascension of our planet,” according to my guides.

Note: Very few have completed the "twin flame" journey and reunion. They only "think" that they have completed it, because they are living a very physical existence and fallen pray to the "game." Part of the game means either letting go, or letting your twin live their lives with another love interest within this dimension, as this IS unconditional love, and is spirit; not ego.

Your twin has an agenda, because this is the most sacred of all spiritual ceremonies, it IS NOT meant to be easy. Your twin NEVER looks the same twice; EVER! He/she is disguised "visually." That means you MUST be a MASTER of the energies. You must know his/her frequency of vibration and find him/her ONLY based on his vibration.

I knew there was something special about our relationship, because I found him again; this time after my move to Tennessee. I had just moved my houseboat from one end of Norris Lake to the other end. The marina that the boat was in was known as a “party” marina. That was the last marina I wanted to be at, so I decided to buy some land and move the houseboat to the other end of the lake. The land deal fell through, but I found the perfect fishing marina. It’s so peaceful and perfect for writing my book.

I needed to get boat insurance and had to have the ground-fault receptacles replaced in the kitchen and bathrooms. I asked Kenny, the "Dock Mayor" who I should use and he made a recommendation, so I called the electrician. Oddly enough, he had a cancellation the same day and came out to the marina. When he arrived, I opened the canvas door on the front deck to let him in. He said he was Jim. Then, from behind the canvas wall, a head poked out. I nearly fell down. It was Harry; incarnate in this timeline. He was about the same height, a similar build, eye color, and about my age. And those shoulders, they were unmistakable. 

The two men boarded my boat and I was totally flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. After they left, I asked the Holy Father, if I should have done or said something. I was totally freaking out seeing him in the flesh. I was so used to meeting Harry on the Astral Plane, then inter-dimensionally; the flesh was a whole other story.

Dinner time rolled around, and I was still a mess. I started furiously grating some potatoes, still thinking should I have done something? Then, I heard Lord Father as clear as day say, “This isn’t about you Diane. It’s about Dave’s awakening.” Talk about being self-absorbed! "Isn't it all about me?" Oops!

I have to say, I don’t feel exactly the same about Dave as Harry, however, there are many similarities in their personality and addictions. When Dave is near me, I can "feel" him, just like Harry. The interesting thing is that I DO NOT want to interfere with Dave's soul journey. I have progressed beyond the "physical" aspect of my incarnation, and always try my best to live through my spiritual body. Dave incarnated to "complete" his path and must do it through his own free-will choices; not my own. Like the Holy Father said, "This is about Dave's awaking." it would be wrong of me to interfere.

Because of my close relationship with Harry, it has become a mission of mine to cross over as many earthbound entities as possible by astral projecting to them. It is a much kinder and gentile method; looking at them face-to-face, standing in their energies. This is performed much like how a Shaman can travel energetically to another living soul for an energy reading.

From what I understand, I am what is called a "Death Walker." In late 2016, I started working in the lower light realms removing masses of lower entities.  We were literally packing them into cattle cars by the 1000’s. Many do not look human. As I mentioned prior in this chapter, you never know what/who you’ll find there, so be prepared; not fearful.

I actually taught a class, inter-dimensionally, to other ground-crew members in early 2016. There are a couple articles on earthbound entities on my blog; "Visiting Limbo is not Fun!" and "Earthbound Entities; Mystery Revealed!"

Note: Many people are choosing to leave the planet at this time. They are unable to integrate the New Earth Energies. I highly recommend that you do not attempt contacting or attempting to remove entities yourself. This can be quite dangerous as this mixing up on the Astral Plane is releasing more negative energies into the collective consciousness of earth.

In early 2017, I started noticing that I was an observer of other entities that are working in the lower light realms. I assist them in their choices. Please try not to judge another entity only on their looks. Remember this is a training ground as well for our spiritual growth. Think before you act. You might be standing on New Earth seeing for the first time a hidden realm that was unseen in 3D that is now fully visible. Things are not as they seem and New Earth is a true melting pot of entities that vibrate at a higher frequency.

It’s a true labor of love to assist lost souls and gather up their soul fragments in the lower light realms. I have a “no man/women left behind policy.” I also would never judge these entities for their past life choices, or lack of spiritual work; they are all equally important to me. I would also never judge and entire race of beings the same. There is good and bad throughout all races, it's just a matter of if they have accomplished their spiritual work.

Facing our own fears and patience, is one of the MOST important factors, in a successful crossing over earthbound entities into the light realms of the unconditional love of Lord Father/Mother. I just know it’s an honor to help and I hope if the opportunity is presented to you that you too will also take the plunge into Limbo and help lost souls cross in a "gen-teal" manner.