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You affect everyone and everything around you and in this universe in one away or another. You too are energy.
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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chapter 2 awakening to you

chapter 3 settling in at home

chapter 4 astral projection

chapter 5 energy travel

chapter 6 dream time

chapter 7 inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect, Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor, The Holy Father, and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


.pdf files are available under the dates per channeled message.


Coeus (my first encounter)12/7/17

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) — 12/8/17

Coeus  & Cronus 12/9/17

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) — 12/13/17

Coeus  (the little book) — 12/15/17

Coeus (lies abound)— 12/17/17

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood)— 12/18/17

Coeus  (vibration) — 12/19/17

Coeus  (teaching through light)— 12/20/17

Coeus  (explorer of truths)— 12/22/17

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) — 12/24/17

Coeus (the divine marriage) — 12/25/17

Coeus (time loop variables) — 12/28/17

Coeus (Immanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) — 12/31/17

Coeus & Cronus (the cup) — 1/2/18

Coeus (morning message on the pineal and ascension) — 1/3/18

Coeus (evening message on Athena) — 1/3/18

Coeus (morning message on testing the spirits)— 1/4/18

Coeus (morning message; bad news) 1/5/18

Coeus (vibration) — 1/7/18

Coeus (our love) — 1/8/18

Coeus (wild fire) — 1/9/18

Coeus (lifted up) — 1/10/18

Coeus & Father (bindings) — 1/11/18

Coeus (feeling separation) — 1/13/18

Coeus (making strides) — 1/14/18

Coeus (weights of words) — 1/15/18

Coeus (word weights) — 1/18/18

Coeus (disclosure & revolution) — 1/19/18

Coeus (more disclosure) — 1/20/18

Coeus & Cronus (arc of the covenant) — 1/23/18

Coeus & Athena (using words wisely) — 1/26/18

Holy Father 1/30/18 (grace to thee)

Coeus & Athena1/31/18 (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Coeus — (time collapsing) 2/4/18

Coeus — ("Banana Gate") 2/5/18

Coeus & Me — (disclosure) 2/10/18

Coeus(The Emerald City) 3/7/18

Coeus(The Wand) 3/17/18

Coeus — (Slipping Away) 5/14/18

"Psychic" training and disclosure

Coeus — (over-soul memories) 2/9/18

Coeus Energies 3/2/18

Snake Animal Totem 3/15/18

7-Headed Beast3/28/18

Departing 3D Earth 3/29/18

Being Lifted Up — 4/12/18

The Reality of the Truths 4/25/18

Coeus; "Greek" God of Intellect

So who is Coeus? Coeus has MANY faces and is a Master of disguise. I know him as the first-born Titan son, one of the son's of our planet; Gaia that is ascending with some of us. T

Coeus' name first appeared in Greek Mythology, however there is very little information in Greek mythology on Coeus, other than that he is highly intelligent and was married to his sister; Phoebe at one time. The Roman's changed his name to Polus.

Coeus has the ability to morph at will into ANY form, or partial form. He prefers his owl form with me, as I do when visiting him, however he rarely shows himself to me in his entirety. There really isn't any need, as I know who he is and if he's trying to show me something, he only shows the important parts; hands, mouth, arms, etc.

  • Coeus is the Nordic God Bragi; God of Poetry. He has a wonderful singing voice, loves music, is very eloquent in his mannerism and vocal delivery, is extremely charming, kind, and VERY romantic. This perfectly describes him and how he is with me.

  • Coeus is found in the Christian Bible and is known as Immanuel or Emmanuel; Jesus (incarnation) Speaker of Truths. He is also one of the 7 angels in the Book Revelation. They do not mention his name or the other six angels.

  • Coeus is also known as the Hindu God Ganesha; God of Wisdom. He is one of the best known and loved Hindu deities. He is the "destroyer of vanity, selfishness, and pride," and embodies "grace, bravery, and love."

  • Coeus is the God Thoth; God of Wisdom from Egyptian doctrine.

  • Coeus is THE Higher Christ Self in New Age doctrines. There is ONLY one Higher Christ Self; Him. The problem is that by changing one word; "THE," to "my" has drastically altered the truths...very sad.

Coeus' "energies" are all one and the same, as "religion" is the one causing the separation through dialects. These languages just don't have a name for "Coeus," in their religions, so they made one up based on his behaviors and mannerisms. This is why it is so important to ASK, or "request" as Father said; their names. This dialect issue has cause MANY miscommunications and flat out lie; changing words to meet ones agenda(s).

Religions also dictate "how" Coeus appears to each person. So one person might see him as Jesus (in many different versions), another will see him as Ganesha, Bragi, Polus, and angel, or Thoth; to name just a few. You'll most likely be able to identify him more easily by his "personality."

Coeus has the BEST dry sense of wit or humor. He's very poetic through his use of "proverbs." He loves music or "songs." He yields the "vernacular sword," which are his words through his mouth, and is NOT happy with humanity in general and wants their "reign of terror" to end. He is the holder of the "Little Book of Mysteries" and has morphing capabilities, which means he can appear in MANY different forms Jesus, Thoth, Ganesha, Polus, Coeus, Bragi, and angel, etc. This is how he has identified himself in the vernacular to me, as "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine:"

  • Coeus, God of intellect

  • Coeus, God of intellect, keeper of mystical wisdom

  • Coeus, Keeper of intellectwisdom, and truth

  • Coeus, Speaker of truths, yielder of the vernacular sword (huge Christian clue)

  • Coeus, The explorer of truths

When Coeus makes himself present to me, it's usually during the night, although I occasionally here his say a few words during the day. At night, I awake between dreams and I'll see his energies through my 3rd & 4th eyes. He has a beautiful glow of a Chartreuse (golden green) with a Cobalt Blue halo. His energies float around and pulsate, "like a butterfly on a breeze." Sometimes he'll just say "Hi," or taps on a teacup with a spoon; clink, clink, clink.

Coeus God of Intellect energy energies

When I don't see him coming, or l hear him announce himself, he uses "Songs." He LOVES the poetry of words and music, and will either wake me with a song playing in full orchestra, or will serenade me.

He often changes the words in the songs to get his point across. I think his favorite song for me is the song "Venus" by Frankie Avalon. He changes "Venus" to "Athena; Goddess of love that you are..." He like to play the maracas to that song. He's such a flirt and I adore him beyond words.

As my "guardian angel," Coeus watches over me. He is the keeper of my Etheric records, while I'm incarnate in this lifetime as "Diane," and all other lifetimes that are concurrently running. He has the unfortunate job (LOL) of recording all of my thoughts and actions; for which there are many. As he said during my "judgment" on the January 2018, Super Blue Blood Moon channeled message:

"Like rapid machine gun fire your thoughts spill out…"

My brain never stops analyzing things. It looks at everything from a multitude of angles; putting things together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. This ability has given me great success as an artist, in business, and relationships.

I like to look at things with my "owl eyes" from many vantage points; including through the eyes of others. This ability also comes in quite handy for channeling Coeus and his brother Cronus, which requires "multi-tasking," as I have to listen and talk as Diane into a voice recorder in the physical, all while bopping in and out of my body; inter-dimensionally to Coeus and Cronus to discuss things and see things "off-the-cuff" or "behind the scenes" then summarizing it.

When Coeus wants to communicate through me as his "scribe" or "channel," my sacred heart syncs to his energies; beating in unison. Then, my heart starts to skip a beat. It feels a bit like a heart flutter. This allows me to hear his voice; not through my physical ears, but my "spirit ears." His words come attached to each beat of my sacred heart. Usually I hear about 5 words, then there is a lull. During the lull, I'm either experiencing something WITHIN my body, or WITHOUT. I'm out of it with Coeus at "his place;" for lack of better words. I travel inter-dimensionally to him, keeping in constant communications with my physical body.

My energies can mingles with Coeus' own energies, or be separate. We literally become "one within the one," as he just explained it. There are NO secrets; ALL hear EVERY thought when you are not in your body or in it for that matter. It's impossible to have a "private" moment."

Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor is Coeus' younger brother. I channel Cronus as well. He has a very POWERFUL energy. I was trying to have a private moment with Father and was a bit upset. Cronus responded:

 It’s unavoidable. The truths exist through the knowingness through ones ability to filter the nonsense of others own need for judging others misguided beliefs.

When I inter-dimensionally travel to Coeus, Cronus, Father, or my CHRISTed Oversoul; Athena, we are either partial or full energy beings that take various forms, or we appear as owls. We don't look like the owls here on Earth, rather more as caricatures.  We become what is necessary at the time to express ourselves. So sometimes, I might be only half an owl and he a wing. Everything else just fades away into darkness. There doesn't seem to be a need to be and "entire" being or form. We are content being what we are; energy beings of the highest of light frequencies.

There is an intense feeling of love between Coeus and me. I feel a great admiration of his intellect, listening very carefully to him. I have an extreme desire to listen intently and deliver his messages to humanity; above all. I even will sacrifice private loving moments, over delivering the truths. In this excerpt of a message of 1/3/18, he was talking about what humankind has done to control others. We were both completely disgusted with humanities behavior.

(D) His head is hanging down and he’s very sad. I’m a little owl putting my wing around him and saying, “Don’t be sad, I love you.” He put his wing around me and is holding me hugging me.

 It’s a gentle embrace.

(D) It's OK, you can hold me in a while.

 No, you’ll slip away.

Slipping away is quite common when traveling inter-dimensionally; without your body. You literally slip away; molecularly. Someone will be holding me or my hand, and I feel a pulling sensation to return to my body. I slowly break apart from a mass of molecules into a stream that gets pulled back into my body. I can actually watch it for a moment, before I completely break up. Then I just open my physical eyes. This can be quite depressing when you keep getting "ripped away" from your one true love.

Coeus (and Father) are crazy about me. Coeis remembers EVERYTHING. Every minute detail of "us." This often makes me feel bad, as I recall very little at this point in my ascension process, other than intense love for him.

 (D) I missed what you just said. It was something about the song Diary; the words in it.

  Your memories aren’t better than mine.

 (D) That’s true. There is like a big concrete wall up and I don’t like it.

As I mentioned earlier, when I'm with Coeus, I'm VERY mission oriented. I am driven to deliver his messages of truths to the finest of my ability; in His words, as well as my expressing and explaining them in the physical. He literally has control over my physical body, and lets me "feel" what he is expressing in his words; which are often quite complex.

Coeus is my "divine husband," not my "twin flame," as I am a "virgin" soul, one without a twin. He is intellect, and I am wisdom. During our divine marriage ceremony on CHRISTmas morning, Coeus said,

This marriage of intellect and knowingness is crucial for the awakening process of mankind; through YOUR sacred heart space.  Through your sacred acts of forgiveness through others and your self's proven sacrifices began over…

(D) He’s doing a motion of his head; over there.

 …there, through acts of sacrificial displays of wanton truths through your needs to traverse the energies deep, below;…

(D) He’s doing a hand motion; it’s way down here.

 …conquering all fears. Like a butterfly, she flutters by effortlessly, transparently on the breeze. Distant distractions within without that’s what it’s all about, Alphie.

Coeus was referring to my "Quest of the Holy Grail,"  through the energies; inter-dimensionally, beginning in Limbo / Hell / Tartarus, then finding him in multiple dimensions prior to the divine marriage ceremony; The Bride of Christ, the "holiest of holy." Sadly, over much linear time, the spiritual meanings of things were changed to the "physical," because the general population couldn't understand "living as spirit IN the physical." The Holy Grail is not a tangible thing that you can hold; it is from WITHIN. The same thing goes for the Arc of the Covenant; it is not of the "physical" world; but found WITHIN from SEEKing.

Coeus NEVER looks the same twice and he can appear not fully "human," which means I must "test the spirits" by using my expertise "vibrationally." He just said, "I hone in on him like the radar on a plane, flying through the skies; effortlessly as it glides on the air waves." He's showing me a wavy motion with his hand.

As Coeus has mentioned so many times in his messages to humanity, "dialect" has been a HUGE problem over centuries. Written texts have been either falsified, or copied from one language to another, causing misinterpretations in dialects. Some peoples do not have a word in their language for a word that they read in another people's language, so they change it, which ultimately changes the entire meaning of things; sadly.

This master of the truths, music, and love always picks the perfect songs during our channeled messages. Today, I pick the song for my beloved Coeus. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Love Me with All of Your Heart, by Engelbert Humperdinck

Love me with all of your heart,

That's all I want, love.

Love me with all of your heart;

Or not at all.


Just promise me this,

That you'll give me all your kisses,

Every winter, every summer, every fall.


When we are far apart,

Or when you're near me,

Love me with all of your heart;

As I love you.


Don't give me your love,

For a moment,

For an hour,

Love me always as you've love me,

From the start,

With ever beat of your heart.


3/3/18 Awe, the next morning, I woke up to a different Engelbert Humperdinck song that I didn't listen to; "This is My Song."


Why is my heart so light?

Why are the stars so bright?

Why is the sky so blue?

Since the hour I met you.


Flowers are smiling bright,

Smiling for our delight,

Smiling so tenderly,

For the world; you and me.


I know why my world is smiling,

Smiling so tenderly.

It is the same old story; through all eternity.



Love, this is my song,

My song I serenade to love.

The world cannot be wrong,

If in this world, there is you,


I care not what the world may be saying,

Without your love; there is no day,

So love, this is my song,

Here is a song; a serenade to you.


I care not what the world may be saying.

Without your love; there is no day.

So love, this is my song,

Here is my song a serenade to you.


My beloved, you do know how to "serenade" a girl. For you "do make my heart sing." ;)