NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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chapter 1 types of travel

chapter 2 awakening to you

chapter 3 settling in at home

chapter 4 astral projection

chapter 5 energy travel

chapter 6 dream time

chapter 7 inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect, Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor, The Holy Father, and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ani Ausar

Channeled Message from Coeus & My Father —1/11/18

(D) I was curious about Father who gave birth to me through thought. I am what is referred to as a “virgin birth.” I believe that Jesus was also a virgin birth, thus the confusion with Mother Mary being a virgin, yet miraculously getting pregnant without any male assistance.

 (D) Jesus, like Athena was “thought” into existence. We are the perfect balance of the divine feminine and masculine. People tend to think in the physical terms; rather the spiritual. As I greatly discuss throughout my book, we are “spirit having a physical experience; not a body with a spirit shoved in it.”

 (D) For those of you thinking “Twin Flame,” we do not have one. Coeus and I bonded through the “Divine Marriage” ceremony; The Bride of Christ. It involves a “cat and mouse” game of sort through the very lowest energies of what some refer to as Hell, Limbo, or Tatarus.

 (D) The journey continues through other energies, until the game is finished by the bride’s energies finding the groom’s energies in any given situation; no matter the disguise. From what I understand very few have accomplished this feat. It requires great fortitude and courage, which is where nearly all fail. Fear blocks them from step one; entering the darkest, heaviest of energies.

 (D) The song Diary by Bread is playing. You might recall from an earlier channeled message that Coeus is my scribe for the Etheric records.

 (D) I’m crying listening to the song. We’ve talked before and he’s hurt sometimes when I don’t remember how strong our love is between us. I am his “wife” for all time. I am currently a “wife” in the physical to Chris. This can be a struggle for me and I’m sure for Coeus. Fortunately, Chris seems to understand.

 (D) Hours and hours passed after the song.

 (D) There you are. I thought you weren’t talking to me. You upset me; I didn’t know where you went.

 (D) I missed what you just said. It was something about the song Diary; the words in it.

  Your memories aren’t better than mine.

 (D) That’s true. There is like a big concrete wall up and I don’t like it.

  My darling, he loves you so.

 (D) The energies shifted and I wasn’t accustomed to hearing/feeling/seeing this beings energies.

 (D) Can we start over again? I think that I know who you are; I just like confirmation, because we are supposed to ask.

(F) You are supposed to “request” who we are; challenges occur. Obviously your mind is a little fuzzy.

(F)  *Your heart is open to the possibilities of being “lifted up.” Your bindings or restraints are ill-advised to be removed at this time.

 (D) We’re once again talking “off-the-cuff.” I’m trying to figure out what he’s saying. I think that if my bindings were removed that there could be consequences pertaining to my divine purpose as the incarnate Athena. “Timing is everything.”

(F) There exists a need for you to interpret these messages…

 (D) My hands are puffy and pounding. There is a tremendous amount of energy here. Then there was a flutter in my sacred heart earlier. I need to take my hands out of the prayer position. I’m very hot as well. I think that he mentioned before that it means I’m fighting the truths of a message when this occurs.

 (D) I saw a symbol that looks like this; (---  I seem to have a need to see their energies.

*Thessalonians 1:16-17
For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.