Healing is Needed
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 types of travel

chapter 2 awakening to you

chapter 3 settling in at home

chapter 4 astral projection

chapter 5 energy travel

chapter 6 dream time

chapter 7 inter-dimensional travel

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect

You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words.


Coeus (my first encounter) 12/7/17

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) 12/8/17

Coeus  & Cronus 12/9/17

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) 12/13/17

Coeus  (the little book) 12/15/17

Coeus 12/17/17

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood) 12/18/17

Coeus  (vibration) 12/19/17

Coeus  (teaching through light) 12/20/17

Coeus  (explorer of truths) 12/22/17

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) 12/24/17

Coeus (the divine marriage) 12/25/17

Coeus (time loop variables) 12/28/17

Coeus (Immanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) 12/31/17

Coeus & Cronus (the cup) 1/2/18

Coeus (morning message on the pineal and ascension) 1/3/18

Coeus (evening message on Athena) 1/3/18

Coeus (morning message on testing the spirits) 1/4/18

Coeus (morning message; bad news) 1/5/18

Coeus (vibration) 1/7/18

Coeus (our love) 1/8/18

Coeus (wild fire) 1/9/18

Coeus (lifted up) 1/10/18

Coeus & Zeus (bindings) 1/11/18

Coeus (feeling separation) 1/13/18

Coeus (making strides) 1/14/18

Coeus (weights of words) 1/15/18

Coeus (word weights) 1/18/18

Coeus (disclosure & revolution) 1/19/18

Coeus (more disclosure) 1/20/18

Coeus & Cronus (receptivity stimuli) 1/23/18

Coeus & Athena (using words wisely) 1/26/18

Holy Father 1/30/18 (grace to thee)

Coeus & Athena 1/31/18 (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Coeus (time collapsing) 2/4/18

Coeus ("Banana Gate") 2/5/18

Coeus (healing needed) 3/7/18

"Psychic" training and disclosure

Coeus (over-soul memories) 2/9/18

Coeus & Me (disclosure) 2/10/18

Coeus Energies 3/2/18

Snake Animal Totem 3/15/18

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Coeus 3/7/18

Coeus and Cronus have been giving me some time off to heal. It was rough channeling them for 2 months straight. Plus all the changes in the NE frequencies take time to integrate, and the time splits, shifts, slips, and loops happening must be addressed. I'm quite exhausted, so he either just does a brief message to let me know he's still there and loves me, gives me a love song during the day, or when I happen to look at a clock, it's always exactly on the hour; 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, etc. I rarely ever look at a clock, so I always give him a "On the Schnooteroo!' sign touching my index finger to my nose to let him know I appreciate the attention.f

 (D) Your scribe awaits. It sure feels like someone is trying to get through, my sacred heart and chakras are all trying to sync together.

 (D) I fell asleep, but then woke up to…

  Are you there?

 (D) I fell asleep again, but later woke up to the song, Drive By, by Train. He likes to use that song.

  I’m just a shy guy looking for a good scribe.

 (D) I don’t know if you’re scribe is going to be of much use tonight. This sacred heart chakra restart is rough. A warning would have been nice about paralyzing my sacred heart for a month. An explanation would be nice too.

 (D) Wow, I don’t think that I’ve ever felt this hot before. All of the heart fluttering, and heart beats through my chakras makes it quite hard to sleep.

 The Emerald City or memory of it, exists through ones own abilities to interpret these messages of finer truths.

 (D) I’m getting a lot of bits and pieces of things, but nothing concrete.

 (D) Oh boy, it feels like I swallowed a basketball again; just the first time my sacred heart opened up a few years back.

 Congratulations on your ability to transcribe these messages of finer delicacies.

 (D) I heard something about someone named MacIntire and medications.

 (D) Noones/Noonez “We don’t cover it.”

 (D) Something about MacIntire again. Something about felonious assault, collusion, and if he had a long enough rope, he could hang himself with it.

i love the flower girl coeus virgin maryAnd the song, "I love the Flower Girl" played.

Hum, if dialects messed up everything as I'm beginning to understand, The Queen of the God's; Wife of Immanuel is not Christ's mother, but wife in the Christed Kingdom. The marriage of divine intellect and wisdom.

Athena is of a "virgin" birth. The Virgin Mary.

Clue abound!

Ah look, a sword.