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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK The Inter-dimensional Traveler



chapter 1 types of travel

chapter 2 awakening to you

chapter 3 settling in at home

chapter 4 astral projection

chapter 5 energy travel

chapter 6 dream time

chapter 7 inter-dimensional travel

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect

You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words.


Coeus (my first encounter) 12/7/17

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) 12/8/17

Coeus  & Cronus 12/9/17

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) 12/13/17

Coeus  (the little book) 12/15/17

Coeus 12/17/17

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood) 12/18/17

Coeus  (vibration) 12/19/17

Coeus  (teaching through light) 12/20/17

Coeus  (explorer of truths) 12/22/17

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) 12/24/17

Coeus (the divine marriage) 12/25/17

Coeus (time loop variables) 12/28/17

Coeus (Immanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) 12/31/17

Coeus & Cronus (the cup) 1/2/18

Coeus (morning message on the pineal and ascension) 1/3/18

Coeus (evening message on Athena) 1/3/18

Coeus (morning message on testing the spirits) 1/4/18

Coeus (morning message; bad news) 1/5/18

Coeus (vibration) 1/7/18

Coeus (our love) 1/8/18

Coeus (wild fire) 1/9/18

Coeus (lifted up) 1/10/18

Coeus & Zeus (bindings) 1/11/18

Coeus (feeling separation) 1/13/18

Coeus (making strides) 1/14/18

Coeus (weights of words) 1/15/18

Coeus (word weights) 1/18/18

Coeus (disclosure & revolution) 1/19/18

Coeus (more disclosure) 1/20/18

Coeus & Cronus (receptivity stimuli) 1/23/18

Coeus & Athena (using words wisely) 1/26/18

Holy Father 1/30/18 (grace to thee)

Coeus & Athena 1/31/18 (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Coeus (time collapsing) 2/4/18

Coeus ("Banana Gate") 2/5/18

"Psychic" training and disclosure

Coeus (over-soul memories) 2/9/18

Coeus & Me (disclosure) 2/10/18

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Channeled Message from Coeus 2/9/18

Coeus is wanting me to take more of a roll as the Goddess Athena. It's part of the transition into the New Earth energies; the merging of the over soul with the physical version or "unified field" of Diane. I've been entering a lot of this in a journal, but I feel it is becoming important to record these teachings for others going through this process now; or at a later date. Plus, it reveals historical information of the downfall of mankind.

(D) I awakened five times within two hours of sleep with the same lesson repeating over and over again; identical each time. I was merged with my over soul Athena, standing there holding a gift for humanity in my hands that I had created for good. This was from the beginning of the last Golden Age; the one that is now ending.

(D) I was holding the gift in my hands. It was some kind of energy thing. Then I was shown it could be used in two parts.

(D) It was a really cool gift; magical. First you think it and then it happens, then you can "tweak" the gift with one of the two tools.

(D) Each time I woke up, the details vanished. I'd resume exactly where I started in the prior dream. Sadly, I can't remember the true purpose of the gift.

(D) Your scribe awaits. She hasn't heard more than a couple words from you the past few days. I know that you want me to work more on "merging" my over soul Athena, but I'm getting lonely as "Diane." I'm feeling a bit abandoned; although I know that you are with me always.

(D) A couple hours passed...I'm laying here wracking my brain trying to remember, what it was that I had made for humanity. I recall getting madder and more angry, because I remember that some of humankind "chose" to use it for the wrong purpose; not for good, but for selfish gains. Then they hid it from others, only using it for their own agenda, and choosing to forget it was intended to aid all across the planet.

(D) Hot, hot, hot! Wow. Those energies of disgust and betrayal are intense.


(D) Yes, the smallest of details are important.

(D) About an hour later, I woke up in tears. This gift that was originally from my heart, was part of the downfall of humankind through their free-will choices. I hope to learn more about it tonight.