Banana Gate"
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


Coeus (my first encounter)—

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Emmanuel (the divine marriage) —

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Emmanuel & Athena (using words wisely) —

Emmanuel & The Holy Father —  (grace to thee)

Emmanuel & Athena —  (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Emmanuel — (time collapsing)

Emmanuel — ("Banana Gate")

Emmanuel & Me — (disclosure)

Emmanuel — (The Emerald City)

Emmanuel — (The Wand)

Emmanuel — (Slipping Away)

Emmanuel — (over-soul memories)

Coeus' / Emmanuel's Energies


The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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The God Emmanuel, Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword 2/5/18

That schoolhouse rock song keeps lapping in my head; NO MORE KINGS! I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. It has nothing to do with democrats vs. republicans. It has to do with the ENTIRE government. When that can of nuts opens, it is going to spill out in hordes. Every branch of the government is going to feel it.

(D) I was having a dream. I was in a truck with people. We were in the air driving, but we had to land. We looked down below and we saw all these people that looked like stone statues. They were of all different sizes and heights. As we started landing, we had to "dodge" them; it was like a minefield. There was concern that we would run them over, but we didn't.

 (D) Then there was a dream where I was with a man and we were building a “new house.” We wanted it to have the same look and feel throughout the entire house; it was wide open without walls of any kind. The man reminded me of you (Coeus) by the way he felt, but he didn’t look like you. I really liked his nose; it had a beak-like appeal.

(D) We felt it was important that everything needed to be...


(D) Yes, no walls to hide anything and yes, we liked the idea of transparency throughout.

 I need your help on this one.

(D) That’s an olde' but a goody. It’s the song called, “Make the World Go Away.” By Eddie Arnold. Mom used to like that song. That’s kind of funny because people think that Coeus holds the poles, or, the embodiment of the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve. The words are great; very appropriate, because Old Earth is going away and New Earth is about to emerge triumphant. Goodbye Old Earth!

...Make the world go away, and get it off my shoulders. Say the things you used to say, and make the world go away...

(D) Wow, it’s 6:30 am. I’ve been out like a light. I’ve been having problems hearing you again. I think that it has something to do with the shift of “time.” I’ll give it another try.

 You hit the nail right on the head with that one.

(D) So I saw three young people in their early 20’s. They suddenly collided into each other; face-to-face, and then fell down laughing…odd.

(D) There are "big fish" and "little fish." Someone is carrying a bucket. One of them said, “Oh no; it’s men and women.” Shoot, there was something else that I missed. Then I saw a “big fat “0”.

(D) Next, I saw a corner in a white room, but nobody was “cornered in it;” they voluntarily did whatever it was they did, so they have no excuse for their behavior.


Banana Gate.

(D) LMAO. You are just too funny. It’s crazy; bananas!

(D) Something about zipping something up, but from the top; down to the bottom. That is quite unusual, because normally a zipper would zip up from the bottom to close it. This has something to do with people at the top; down to the bottom.

Decorated acts of terrorism.

(D) We’re talking off-the-cuff. They think that nobody saw what they did. Nothing is hidden; it is all seen. This is VERY true. The “other-side” sees EVERYTHING. Nothing can be hidden. That was pretty apparent during my "judgment." Mine was mainly self-induced; not seen in the external.

(D) I talk about this in my book. Everything, words, actions, etc, and US is vibration, and has a unique energy signature. You can run; but you cannot hide.

 Allegorically speaking, your words are fortuitously spoken indeed.

 Throughout mans reign of ugly terror, vitality exists in those of few numbers.

(D) Now I see a tall, thin man running up to a very tall, double-white doors with white trim and white/gray walls. It’s a white paneled door and probably about 10-12’ tall. He’s standing on concrete or a large stone pad. He’s wearing tennis shoes and is casually dressed.

(D) He’s trying to turn the door handle with his right hand to get in, but he can’t, so he starts pounding on the door with his left hand. Nobody answers.

(D) Coeus is telling me that it helps me and him communicate easier, if I just try to drift off to sleep. I tend to worry about not hearing him which is causing a block. My mind is always having thoughts running through it and the mind must be clear to open the heart channel; where the messages are actually heard. They are not heard in the head or 3rd eye; but the sacred heart.

(D) Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve been laying here struggling with the problem.

You have moments of indecisiveness.

(D) But I’m hungry!


(D) I saw an older man with dark eyebrows; nearly black. Then I heard the words, “Chief Justice.” His eyebrows were quite heavy/thick. I wonder if I could recognize him? He has a very disinterested look on his face; a lack of caring to what is being said; almost like he's board or just doesn't care at all.

(D) Now there is someone lying on the ground on his back. The top of his head is towards me. There is an arching snake between me and the man. I’m an observer. The man seems aware that the snake is behind him and quickly rolls to the left as the snake strikes and hits the ground; missing him.

(D) I literally could lay here all day and do this pictorial messaging, but I have to get up and go to my day-job!