Time is Collapsing
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


Coeus (my first encounter)—

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) —

Coeus  & Cronus —

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) —

Coeus  (the little book) —

Coeus (lies abound)—

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood)—

Coeus  (vibration) —

Coeus  (teaching through light)—

Coeus  (explorer of truths)—

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) —

Emmanuel (the divine marriage) —

Emmanuel (time loop variables) —

Emmanuel (Emmanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) —

Emmanuel & Cronus (the cup) —

Emmanuel (morning message on the pineal and ascension) —

Emmanuel (evening message on Athena) —

Emmanuel (morning message on testing the spirits)—

Emmanuel (morning message; bad news)

Emmanuel (vibration) —

Emmanuel (our love) —

Emmanuel (wild fire) —

Emmanuel (lifted up) —

Emmanuel & Father (bindings) —

Emmanuel (feeling separation) —

Emmanuel (making strides) —

Emmanuel (weights of words) —

Emmanuel (word weights) —

Emmanuel (disclosure & revolution) —

Emmanuel (more disclosure) —

Emmanuel & Cronus (arc of the covenant) —

Emmanuel & Athena (using words wisely) —

Emmanuel & The Holy Father —  (grace to thee)

Emmanuel & Athena —  (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Emmanuel — (time collapsing)

Emmanuel — ("Banana Gate")

Emmanuel & Me — (disclosure)

Emmanuel — (The Emerald City)

Emmanuel — (The Wand)

Emmanuel — (Slipping Away)

Emmanuel — (over-soul memories)

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The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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mmanuel, Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword 2/4/18

Since “judgment,” I haven’t heard more than a couple words from Emmanuel or anyone else. I had an “upgrade” afterwards that required rest. I now feel 100%, so I’m hoping to get a message of some kind; no matter how short!

I wasn’t expecting this at all. There seems to be some kind of overlapping of messages within time. It was very difficult to get much of anything that made any sense to me. I have the feeling that this is all “time-related;” as time is collapsing on itself. I’m going to have to figure out a better way to communicate, or just have patience!


(D) Are you mad or ranting or something? I was getting a lot of negative words about humanity; here and there, like you are slashing away. You are NOT happy!

 Can I talk to you?

(D) Of course you can talk to me. I’m having some trouble though; I’m hearing four topics all at once. It’s some kind of time-related glitch that I haven't experienced before. It's like a time loop, split, slip, and shift all wrapped up into one.

 Front row seats!

(D) Wow, this is so strange, there are numerous different topics occurring at the same “time.” I’ll do my best, as this might take practice.

 (D) I’m still with you, go ahead. It’s funny; I get that stuff just fine; when we talk behind the scenes; off the cuff. My brain doesn’t want to cooperate in the physical; but my heart is willing.

(D) Sorry, I got completely lost in what you were saying and didn’t repeat it into the recorder. You were saying…

 This goes back to your original question.

(D) Unfortunately I don’t remember it! I didn’t ask one before I went to bed, but I did ask a one during the day. That must be it.

(D) I think this has to do with “The Bride of Christ.” Chris and I were talking about it earlier. I told him that these words are NOT in the Bible, it’s, “The Wedding of the Lamb.” He kept insisting that they are in the book, and I told him I've done extensive research and they are not in there at all.

(D) Christians completely changed the word “Wedding” to “Bride” It was NOT a dialect thing; rather intentional. A Bride means an "individual," where the "wedding" is the "doing" part of it.

(D) It clearly states “wedding” in the Bible. They also changed it’s meaning, to encompass EVERYONE in the “church,” but that is wrong. This is an INDIVIDUAL job.

(D) It kind-of annoys me, because if I change a word that’s completely different. No knowingness allowed. Argh.

(D) Then there was the problem that I had a couple times during the day, I couldn't remember my web address for my business, or it's phone number. I had to really "think" about it. It was a "time shift," or "shift in time;" depending on your dialect; confusion.

(D) Wow, if I am having problems interpreting messages IN my body, mankind is really going to have problems. I have a lot of experience traveling through the different energies, without my body or time; they do not. That took quite a bit of practice; "years" of doing "the work," navigating the different vibrational frequencies; both high and low. Many were afraid to navigate the lower light realm, they just wanted to play in those "feel good" energies. Without time, you literally "attract" your own vibration like a big electromagnet. I talk about it a bit in my book. They will get "sucked" into a vibrational frequency that matches their own, much like how those without a body suit end up in Limbo/Hell, because of their own self-judgment. L

 My Darling Clementine.

(D) As you know, I love when you call me Darling. That’s an old song. I’ll listen to it later.

(D) I'm commenting on the song..."Hey, I don’t weigh 299 lbs. I might think that I look that much; but I don’t." There is just no "slipping" anything by you at all. LOL...that was a pun: "time slippage."

(D) “A footbridge across the water,” I take one every morning from the boat to the car. If I fall in this time of year; I'm a goner for certain, because the water is near freezing now. I haven't fallen in yet, although the wood dock does teeter back and forth. I do love the “water” metaphor. You crack me up.

(D) Wow, your words are all over the place; utter chaos. I’m laughing because you said during “judgment” that my brain was like “rapid machine gun fire,” then you said “chaos” to me during the day, while we were talking about your original choice of words that I just mentioned. I feel bad for you as my “record keeper,” I hope you know shorthand!

(D) This feels very similar to that, as our "thoughts" tend to be random in nature; jumping here and there.

 My Mother was totally independent.

(D) I believe this has to do with the “castration” of her husband and Coeus/Cronus’ father; Uranus; she had nothing to do with it, but still unfortunately suffered the consequences from humankind.

(D) Now it’s like someone is throwing a light switch on and off. That’ kind of how the words feel, popping in and out. First you're in the light; then completely in the dark. I think he's trying to make a point about being completely independent. It's your in; or you are out. You are on; or you are off. You choose.

 Time in a bottle!

(D) Another song; Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce. You indeed are the “romantic intellect.” I’m glad that when I’m back with you that there isn’t any time; it’s truly forever and a day. "You are the one I want to go through time with" too, or no time for that matter!