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NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

Revelation 10:11 And he said to me, "A time is given to you again to prophesy unto the nations and peoples and languages and many Kings".

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Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect, Cronus; God of Truth, Justice, and Honor, The Holy Father, and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Coeus God of Intellect channeled messagesoeus — God of Intellect (12/7/17)

This was my first channeled message from Coeus, God of Intellect; speaker of the truths. I've only channeled a couple angels prior, so my skills are not fully developed by any means.

Coeus pronounces truths as "true-ths, or "trooze," not truth with an "s" on the end. He is here to shed the truths over humanity; to disclose it; disclosure.

From what I have ascertained from this message, Coeus is the 7th angel of the Book of Revelation, and the Hindu God Ganish. They are all the same, just different names; dialects.

I'll be using the little "C" with an owl in it for Coeus words. My spoken words are italics as (D).

Because Coeus has me interacting with him during the channeled messages, you'll see me interjecting here and there throughout his many messages. I not only hear Coeus, but see him, and "go to him" to talk to him "in person;" behind the scenes, or as we call it, "off-the-cuff." It faster communicating with him in person than through the sacred heart center. So I just bounce in and out of my body as needed.

Another fun thing that happens is that Coeus, Cronus, and I morph from "human-like" or "God-like" beings into owls. I created the little Coeus and Athena logo in the header of this page, as that is what I see and experience all at the same time. I can see us, feel and experience us, watch us, and talk out loud to record it all; all at once. it's quite the experience. This should be understandable if you read my book on inter-dimensional travel that discusses our multi-dimensionality.

As you read Coeus, Cronus, and Athena's messages, you'll see at the end of some of the phrases a "..." This means the sentence continues after I speak or experience something. It's just the way we present the information. Too many errors have been made throughout history due to being spoken only; not experienced. Dialects have caused a LOT of misunderstandings in many ways. To eliminate this problem, they like me to actually experience and the explain the experiences.

Another great thing in these channeled messages is "How To" channel messages; exactly. It's a training session.

It took about an hour and a half for this channeled message. Words come in about 5-7 words at a time, then there is a lull, then more words later, etc. I often have to ask him to repeat it for clarity. I don't want to make a mistake. What he says  is the TRUTH and does not have room for errors in translation. These are HIS exact words. IF you see a (?) it means that I missed a word.

The best way to "take it all in," is to read the entire message through, read it again, and one last time; without my explanations or experiences.

Coeus, God of Intellect

(D) He has a very commanding male voice.

This is the naked truth version.

Goddess power ancient wisdom and ancient tribe mariners. Apparently it’ unusual to use the word “intellect.” Intellectual is to describe the dark soul like Yahgma. You’re not supposed to use it.

(D) When I was searching for God of Intellect, all referred to Coeus as God of Intellectual. He obviously does NOT like that word or untruths.

You have the tendency to categorize yourself…limiting procedures. That is why scoundrels revert to inalienable philosophical sanctions. In fact, both cause conjecture within societies constructs.

For future expansion and growth, the universal concept for Ascension differs. Making the way forward facilitates sanctions, humility, and inalienable rights within the confines of the truth.

Reasonable traumatic difficulties reflect the sanctity of cosmic law, for individuals receiving transmission downloads.

Fortitude exists simultaneously, and regulates one’s own fortuitous within the confines of reality; in the confines of human reality.

(D) (I started getting a gold lightshow.)

A distant star, galaxy confers in our being, instructed to initiate the action brought before us. These transmissions gave me constructive moments to reflect upon.

Conscious reality, before servitude to others, retrospectively; the darkness into light consciousness. This is full of self-service and degradation, fortitude, and selfishness sequentially; an enema.

(D) He's talking about the "Lightworker" mentality. The only way to ascend is through the sacred heart; not your pocket book. It needs a good "flushing" down the drain.

Fight or flight mentality exists, intellective reasoning and de-collective reasoning among mankind. The … of both sides instructed me of physicality, financially. Enabling wealth, growth, and power, among servitude, sacrifice and worth.

Adolescent growth spiritually has increased duality significantly, and determines functional growth.

The human vessel surrounds itself with decay, solitude, solidity, and loathing.

(D) Let’s do happy here! Giggle…

Let us consider a butterfly here. It floats out, uninterested in worldly events. In its solitude is settling.

(D) This feels very light-hearted.

Effortless and fruitful that sequentially abounds with joy, as it flutters about and abounds in an effortless dance, of solitude, satisfaction, and servitude, figuratively speaking. It resides bounding here and there, over hill and dale, gliding freely and effortlessly through rugged terrains, hillsides, and mountains.

Freedom exists for those that chose the path of Ascension. Fearlessly limited constrains, result in a lack of conformance, irrationally throughout earth conditions.

“Training youth” today, expect a certain...

(D) Coeus is looking at me and showing me something small between his fingers; being funny.

...miniscule amount of conformation, obtaining to the right taken, in obscurity and frustration of finances (?) in society. When conflicts arise and others react poorly; act irresponsibly.

(D) He shifts his energies, and I saw a colorful Hindu elephant figurine; Ganesha, who is the Hindu God of Wisdom. He wants me to know that he is also known as this God of Wisdom.

Surely it will take time for numerous changes to take effect before humanity ascends.