The stone heart 
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Channeled messages from
God of Intellect,
Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword,
God of Truth, Justice, and Honor — Keeper of the Light,
The Holy Father,
and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ani Ausar

Coeus God of Intellect channeled messagesoeus, God of Intellect — (12/13/17)

The experience in this channeled message can be found in the Bible. I've referenced the scripture below. I found out my true spiritual name and who I am in this channeled message. When you read it at the end of the channeling, you'll see that I am who they say. I use the word "SEEK" quite a bit in the channeling of my oversoul self, and my book is called, "ASK, SEEK, KNOCK." I also talk extensively in my book about self-love.

I had no idea who this Goddess was prior to this message; other than that I knew she was a Greek Goddess. I did a bit of research, and it's all WRONG! Once again, words have been twisted to suit those for agendas. This Goddess has been made out to be a sexy, war-like being, and that is far from the truth.

(D) Your “scribe a waits for messages to humanity. A Michael Buble song is playing; “What do you think, I would give for this Moment...” in my head! Gee, I think they like Michael Buble; Who doesn’t!

He’s Canadian.

(D) Song keeps playing…

Thanks for the invitation! …if mercy was involved. Castration! Jealousy, anger, and hatred. Humans; you and your thinking. Look at you, you’re going to lift your head; lift your body.

(D) It’s like I’m watching a movie.

Just call me “Old Buddy.”

(D) The song is still playing; fall down on my knees, kiss the ground that you walk, if I could just hold you again.

(D) I see a white, stone-like blob that turned into a 3D heart in his hands.

You are Goddess Athena.

(D) No, no, you’re joking.

Goddess of love.

(D) They certainly do like their music. The song changes to “Athena, goddess of love that you are…(not Venus)

(D) I’m trying not to use my brain; sorry.

The Athenian’s phrased the term, “misery loves company.” Men approach you. Beautiful love for humanity; it’s timeless. They say humanity holds love for you!

(D) Hot, hot, hot! I’m experiencing massive heat from the energy circulating in my body.

Your destiny is short and sweet, and hidden by truths. Idol hearts console humanity, while fractured minds rule over humanities sense of fair play.

An idle sense of false worship of monies strips humanities flow of love. Servitude to one’s own self-worth exists simultaneously in societies. In light of truths; sequentially obtaining nothing.

Watchless and obtained truths for knowledge, disappears with love. From within, one knows the sanctity of love, but refuses to accept it, for it is honorable and kind, loving and warm. Sanctity (holiness) knows no bounds. For truths rely upon knowledge, forged throughout histories tremulous moments, signifying nothing but negativity, self recognition, and moments of pleasure, throughout human discourse through time.

Sanctity defies logic, with a twisted sense of gratitude and a sense of display compels knowingness on a minute scale; throughout your recorded history. My own heart follows truths; knowingness follows hate. Discordant values nevertheless exist throughout humanities reign.

You are here to shine forth love and reign over humanity. You’re brightness, purity, and self-worth to all; your displays of art, filled with kindness, love and purity are much needed in today’s society. For there is much truth in what you do that is unseen to the human eye.

Loathing exists; let’s face it. Self-loathing compels others to set forth examples of untruths, through rugged behaviors within society; stemming selfishness as through the false, wicked, and the damned.

Love, purity, and honesty wins hands down; for these are the truths brought forth.

(D) A feminine energy is trying to push her way past Coeus with her hand on his chest.

(D) I say out loud, Move over old man," as I AM the woman pushing by him.

athena logo owl I am the Goddess Athena, Goddess of beauty and fertility; but not fertility in the sexual manner; fertility of the mind. Fertile minds exist without sexuality being a part of the whole.

athena logo owl Conundrum…sexuality plays a part in the decay in societies endeavors. Fertile truths exist if one seeks knowingness.

athena logo owl Throughout humanities ugly reign of terror, lays passions beyond belief, only hidden between the surfaces in layers of servitude towards others, coinciding magnanimous results.

(D) I love the words conundrum and magnanimous. I always tell Father that he's "magnanimous!" LOL

athena logo owl Inklings of beauty can be found around us today, without the need for cruel behaviors, lying in wait like a pouncing lion, over the Serengeti Plains that flood yearly and renew.

athena logo owl You are a young race of fools, waiting for the love within to emerge triumphant, which you need to know is a fortuitous love (by accident) within today’s society.

athena logo owl Beauty surrounds the few that seek it from within, through acts of loving kindness to others seeking the same. Thinking the same and doing the same, results in lies, discordant behavior, and more.

athena logo owl Seek within; your successes are more. Seek without and you die slowly.

athena logo owl Fertile abundance seeks those filling loving behaviors to others. Fertile grounds lie deeper within; CHOOSE WISELY!

athena logo owl Seeking without belief, results in …

(D) It looks like there is a hand holding up a wall that is going to come crashing down; so have belief and faith!

This experience can be found in the Bible:

Revelation 2:17
17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.’

(D) He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit... I talk about this in my book as well. We MUST not listen with our ears; rather our hearts; channel spirit.

I was shown a white blob that turn into a white, 3D heart in Coeus hands. I can see why they said a rock in the Bible, because the heart presented to me was about 1" thick and about 3-4" around. It resembled a rock, for lack of better words.


Based on what I have been learning from Coeus, about my over soul/higher Christ self; Athena, I started doing a tiny bit of web-based research. I have to laugh at a LOT of it, because much is false, however, there are inklings of truth spattered here and there.

"In Ancient Greek mythology the Owl was a creature sacred to Athena, Goddess of the night who represented wisdom. Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom had a companion Owl on her shoulder, which revealed unseen truths to her. Owl had the ability to light up Athena's blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth, as opposed to only a half truth. "

Athena/me morph between an owl and a humanoid-like form or parts of one. I'm not so sure about "Goddess of the night," it actually makes me laugh. I can barely stay awake after sundown.

"The first generation of the Titans of Greek Mythology brings 12 hybrid beings, that is none were completely human and they could still transform into animals. Athena didn't have a "physical" mother during birth, but her "mother" was a Titan with these abilities, so Zeus made sure that she had the best of both "parental parties."

Goddess of the night better represents her ability to SEE through, and IN the darkness; not of the light to reveal the truths; as darkness hides the truths. An easy dialect mistake, for which there are many throughout humankinds history. This is why I AM Coeus' scribe; Athena has the ability to speak the WHOLE truth; not part of it.

Much of history has been either mis-interpreted through dialects. Athena is shown to be an Olympian; the virgin daughter of Zeus. I'm not sure just yet (2/11/18; when, where, or how) Athena received the same abilities. Perhaps it was her marriage to Coeus. A story for another time; READ MY BOOK!