Wild fire
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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Channeled messages from
God of Intellect,
Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword,
God of Truth, Justice, and Honor — Keeper of the Light,
The Holy Father,
and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ani Ausar

mmanuel, Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword —1/9/18

(D) The song Wildfire, by Michael Martin Murphy is playing in my head. It's about a horse and its rider.

(D) I listened to this song other day with Chris. We stumbled across it again in a YouTube play list yesterday. It was buried within a couple hours of pre-recorded songs. It has a hauntingly beautiful piano introduction.

 IMPORTANT! When Emmanuel says the word "wildfire" is NOT one word like in the song, but two words “wild”-”fire.” These types of phrasing are crucial to being a good “scribe.”

 (D) I thought that I just heard you singing the words, “In the stillness of my dreams…”

  They’re packets of data information waiting to be heard.

 (D) You’re singing that song from yesterday.

  There’s a hoot owl outside my window now for six nights in a row. On wild fire we’re both going to go.

 (D) Stranger than strange. These dreams are all spiritual. People didn’t believe. I was trying to explain to them, but they wouldn’t listen. I’m not sure what is going on.

  Listen to my words carefully.

 (D) I keep getting that song with those words and weird flashes of lights.

 (D) There is a hoot owl outside my window now for 6 nights in a row. He’s coming for me I know, on wild fire we’re both going to go.

 (D) There’s that same dream again. There are people in a building and a guy said, “You were accurate.”

 (D) These  are similar to a “lucid dreams.”

 (D) Then I saw me put my hands outside and I said, “I love my horses.”

 (D) I saw someone kick their shoes off. Then I heard someone say, “Why did you do that? Someone yelled, “Hey!”

 (D) There’s that song again. “They died one winter, when there came an early snow.” I don’t think those are the words, but that is what I heard.

  It’s teaming with possibilities.

 (D) You usually use your words very carefully; “teaming” is a horse term.

(D) This song keeps repeating. “They say it came one winter, when it came an early snow. Then I felt a jarring sensation.

  You’re feeling disoriented. The truths depict realities need for…

 (D) It sounded like desertion, indecision? Oh boy. Interception? I’m having a hard time here. I think that I've heard it before. Interpretation? Emmanuel is making that "come on" facial expression.

  Say what is inside of you.

 (D) Inter-depiction?

  Listen to me. Inter-decipher-ization.

 (D) Is that even a word? It must be, because you broke it out for me into three parts.

  The needs to determine these truths reaches far…

 (D) He’s waving his hand showing “far off.”

  …outside your grasp,…

 (D) Now he’s an owl again, using his wing and demonstrating grasping something.

  ...of the finer delicacies of these truths. Seeing the delicate nature of truths is the most glorious and tallest imagination.

 (D) I’m getting a lightshow again. It looks like you and that burst of blue energy that I’ve seen before.

 (D) Now I see an owl looking around, moving his head in a “360 degree” fashion. I heard something, but I can’t remember now what was said.

 (D) That song again, “They’re coming for me I know…”

 *(D) I see myself leaving on my horse Scarlet bareback, a Red Roan. I'm wearing winter gear. I'm "ponying" Bud, my Palomino, as I'm riding Scarlet down the road to a small dirt road called "Slaughterhouse." It's off of our road. I'm not sure what's going on, but I feel a bit anxious. I just stop on the road and was waiting for something.

NOTE: 5/18. I recently Google Earthed our property, to see how it now looks after its complete renovation. They mistakenly changed the name of the road Slaugherhouse to another name; Johnson Hollow. That road is in another area near us. People keep using their GPS  software to locate Johnson Hollow, and end up on Slaughterhouse; getting stuck up that abandoned, unimproved road in the mountains. People show up at our farm looking for help. None of our neighbors answer their doors to assist the people, except for us. This is very sad that these "fine Christian's" here in Tennessee are NOT following The Way and the truths.

 (D) This is so weird that song is relentless. “He’s coming for me I know, and on wild fire, we’re both going to go."

 (D) I’m a bit confused by why you keep having me hear these words.

  Be prepared to release what it is you carry.

  We can stop.

 (D) No, I don’t want you to stop, I’m trying to figure this out. Perhaps I shouldn’t try and I should just keep watching.

  Be prepared to release what it is you carry.

 (D) It doesn't feel physical, rather everything in general.

 (D) I just heard someone knocking, like on a door, but nobody is there.

  Fortuitous foes travel; likewise, your ability to release untruths through your ability to decipher the lies within, without, that’s what it’s all about…

 *(D) Isn't that a Violet Flame prayer?


 (D) That’s a song. “What’s it all about Alfie.” Mom used to play it on the piano.

 (D) This is strange, now I saw a man running all around scatter-brained and he fell into a box, or at least his big head fell into the box. He was running around like he was lost or clueless, and keeled over into a box.

 (D) I’m back now to the other dream with the people and I heard, “Stand up!” I was standing up. I told him that “I have no brothers and sisters.” Then I heard the words, “Riverboat Steve.”  I think he's a gospel singer. Then I saw an older lady and another person getting into a small boat and they said, “It’s not too late.”

 (D) I was concerned. The man said, “Don’t worry, you’re over there.’ And he pointed. Then I saw something like a ball of yarn?

  In areas that need to be explained, it’s necessary to diversify your abilities to perceive the information in an understandable format.

  Your need to interpret these messages of truths requires skills far greater than the truths that can be explained in the vernacular sense.

 (D) Well that’s scary. You can’t explain it and I’m trying to explain it through these scenes that you’re showing me. Which are in themselves hard to describe and are disjointed.

  You’re worried about the time. Reality is a fortuitous foe within the sense of the mind, shaping itself salvation survival in the vernacular sense of the statement. Fortuitous foes exist within your minds willingness to accurately see and relay these messages in the human confines of an academia state of being.

 (D) I REALLY have to get up. (I have to pee!)

  Being human forgoes your awareness to decipher truths reliably, efficiently forgoing all others. The pious reality of understanding the concepts perceived throughout societies inabilities to perform within confinements of human evolution.


 (D) And his fingers up in the air again.

 …is the mathematical key to…

 (D) I’m so sorry, but I have to pee!

 …reveal the truths…

 (D) OMG, I have to go bad!


 (D) I’m sorry, but I have to get up.

 …within realities perception of the data presented…

 (D) I quickly went down the hall to the potty, but I had to run back, because he was still talking...

 …in an understandable format.

  Chaos pursues for those that persist negatively. The choice is yours to proceed without society’s determinations to elude those misfortunate souls caught in the web of deceits, through societies need to control the pursuits of others wanted misbehaviors. The facts speak for themselves.

 These are the truths as I know them; the end.

 (D) I was talking to Emmanuel “off the cuff; inter-dimensionally.” I said, “Chris believes that what you’re saying is out of order in the Book of Revelation, so it doesn’t make sense.”

  That’s because people have the need to see things in a linear fashion. When the walls come crashing down, they’ll be lost in the abyss of data, not knowing what comes first, the egg or the chicken.

  And on wild fire, we’re both going to go.

 (D) Oh my gosh, I know what you mean about "wild fire" and "we're both going to go."

*Revelation 6:4

Then another horse appeared, a red one. Its rider was given a mighty sword and the authority to take peace from the earth. And there was war and slaughter everywhere.

New Living Translation

*Violet Flame prayer of Transfiguration
I AM changing all my garments,
Old ones for the bright new day;
With the sun of understanding
I AM shining all the way.
I AM light within, without;
I AM light is all about.
Fill me, free me, glorify me!
Seal me, heal me, purify me!
Until transfigured they describe me:
I AM shining like the Son,
I AM shining like the sun!

1/30/18 See the channeled message from the Holy Father. There is a reference to Zechariah, who also talks about the horsemen.