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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


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The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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A Channeled Message from Emmanuel / Emanual / Immanuel 1/26/18

Before I went to bed, I asked Emmanuel about a friend’s “situation” that we spoke about during the day. I’m not going to use his/her real name in this transcription, because of the type of message, instead I'll call him/her, "Chris; like my boyfriends name that is bi-gendered. That is Chris' name; not Chris! LOL

Immanuel / Emmanuel is showing me something through dreams and it’s very important. I can’t remember exactly the details of the dream, and I hope that he doesn’t make me do it again, because it hurts. During this dream, I kept awaking from tendon foot spasms. The dream was incomplete; divided. It had to do with the way things were worded in the dream, or the lack of the words that should have been spoken. So there was a short dream, then I’d spasm, then the dream would continue. This happened a total of three times.

The odd thing was, instead of continuing at the end of the dream, I could see the dream more as “data,” and I would slip into the center of the dream with the next segment; like something was missing in that spot that wasn’t addressed; words. It was extremely important to include them in the dream and apparently in "real-life."

After bouncing in and out of the dreams a few times, I realized what was missing; the truths. They were missing from the dream and causing an illness; pain.

Wow, that was interesting when I was transcribing, the audio started reverberating in this spot; creating an echo of my words. I went back to listen to it again and it was gone; normal playback. It’s similar to the dream experience.

(D) Your scribe waits.

(D) What did you say? It was something about the way I was conceived?

 You thought it, so it became.

 This all came about when she asked about her friend, “Chris'” motives.

(D) Imagine the inside of a watch with cogs and wheels. If you stick something in between the cogs, it gets jammed up.

(D) I can feel Chris'  “situation” in my sacred heart. It feels like a blockage and the energies are not flowing, which causes illness. The “wheels” cannot turn; they are obstructed with something.

(D) Now I’m hearing the song, “Today my World Slipped Away,” by Vern Gosdin. It seems appropriate…”Today my world slipped away, we buried the plans that we made, now I’m so lost and afraid, for today my world slipped away. Guilt stinks.

(D) Oh man, now I’m feeling really yucky. All of the sudden, I have a big knot in my stomach and a hole in my heart. I’m also nauseous with a gulping sensation in my throat and I have a slight headache in my left eyeball, which indicates that it is a tension headache. This all has to do with leaving out a few words and not speaking the truths.

(D) This all needs to be transmuted. My entire chakra system is messed up. I’m glad that I always speak the truths. They must flow from the heart in the correct manner; not from the head. I know this is how my friend is feeling; it’s terrible. There is so much FEAR bottled up inside.


(D) Exactly. He/she did it to himself/herself.

(D) Coeus and I are just chatting a bit. An interesting comparison….recently, a volcano erupted in Japan and it created an avalanche. This is a metaphor; a similar situation to my friend. By withholding the truths, they can erupt and can cause a landslide, collecting more and more debris as it goes down the hill; more untruths to hide and bury. This is not good. One creates another until your buried so deep that you can't get out or keep track of the lies.

(D) I’ve been silently saying the Violet flame prayers.

(D) This is the last time that I ask you (Emmanuel) what is going on with a friend. You gave me every conceivable physical symptom she was experiencing; ichy.

(D) So I'm lying here thinking about the Twin Flame Prayers and Decrees; part of the Violet Flame prayers. “Wherever my twin flame is, cut him/her free. Cut me free. Cut us free now to fulfill the divine plan and attain union in the level of the Christ, in the level of our chakras. And if it be the will of God, draw us together in a lifetime service. We thank you and accept it done this hour in full power according to God’s will. Amen.”

 (D) I didn’t realize at the time that I started saying the prayer, the true depth of the prayer; I was thinking very "linear" and from the body. Every single person that I have met believes that their twin flame exists in the “physical.” You were hiding in the dark realms, where I had to “set you free” just like in the prayer. I talk about how people, live so much from the physical in my book that they forget they are spirit having a physical experience, and do not think out-of-the-box; out of the game.

(D) I don’t fit the “twin flame” profile at all. I’m a “pure soul,” not a split apart soul like most people believe that are, and that they are on a "quest" to reunite with their twin flame. I don’t really fit the “profile,” as I was never "split-apart" into two beings; the male and female. Then you said…

 Divine love.

 Union is first; the joining of two hearts as one reveals the cutting…

(D) He’s showing me some scissors.

…and letting go of urgent thought patterns.

(D) Why are you talking this way? It’s not coming through in the normal way. It sounds like a bunch of people in a party; reverb or echoing. I’m waiting for a word to “pop out” of the crowd; trying to find you in the crowd.

 Sacrifices exist.

(D) It seems like there is someone there and he's speaking a different language. I saw a friend. LOL, I actually saw his bald head first; sorry Stone, but it’s bald; or shaved. Then you were talking about sacrifices with Stone and I recalled that he speaks light language.

(D) Hot, hot, hot. I’m saying the Violet Flame prayer with each word being said to the beat of my heart. My sacred heart is open quite wide.

(D) One of the reasons that I started saying the prayer was because of a sharp stabbing pain in my knee. I use the prayers to release and transmute energies within my body. As I start saying the prayer, the pain vanishes. The interesting thing is, this time I was noticed “how” the words were flowing though the beat; the in-and-out of the beat of my heart. This is the "key" as you say, to transmuting deep-seeded, unwanted energies.

(D) As I was saying it, I noticed how the energy was flowing through the chakras; similar to the time loop variable we talk about; throughout the entire chakra system; cleansing, cleansing, cleansing.

 Exuberance pays off!

(D) If people would only listen to me and try what I have discovered.

 There are weights to the words.

(D) So I AM is actually an upbeat and downbeat of the heartbeat. There is an obvious rhythm to it; two 8th notes (the up-beat and down-beat) to one quarter-note (both the up and down beat combined,) two 8th notes...

  • I AM" equals two 8th notes,

  •  “the” is a quarter note,

  • violet” equals two 8th notes,

  • flame" is a quarter note,

  • in action“ equals two 8th notes,

  • in” is a quarter note,

  • me now...” equals two 8th notes.

(D) This method of reciting the decree literally pulses it through the entire chakra system; cleansing it.

(D) It goes back to what Coeus was showing me in the dream. If there is a false-truth and you leave it out, the weight is off.

 Your ability to relay the truths is an act of love.

 I’ve come to know the act of “wisdom-onic” ways eludes rational thinking beyond your way to determine...

(D) Wait…for it...


(D) Darn, I have no idea what you just said when we were just chatting. I’m getting distracted again by the “lightshow.” Oh, It’s my over soul; Athena; I'm a shade of pale, pale blue. It's similar to Cronus blue and how it moves.

athena logo owl We live in the age of miracles that are ripe for the taking.

(D) They are showing me picking miracles like fruit on a tree.

athena logo owl Choose your path appropriately; a-procreate-ly.

(D) Like giving birth?

athena logo owl Giving birth to ideas.

(D) This is very important as we are co-creators with Father.

 You are the light of God; shining every hour.

(D) That’s from one of the Violet Flame prayers.

 Enough pillow talk.

(D) A little while ago, Coeus suggested that I take a walk inside the boat to help get rid of the energies from my friend that was having a traumatic experience. My body is literally purging the energies through my nose.

(D) When I got back to bed, I told him, “You’re a marvel in your own mind!” He started dancing around in his owl body; he’s so cute!”

  The marriage of intellect and beauty; sublime.

(D) LOL, you literally make my little feet dance!

 I love when you smile.

(D) I’m laying here in bed with a smile painted on my face and my feet are wiggling in my physical, and in my etheric owl form.

(D) You do know how to make me smile that is for sure.

(D) We were chatting for a bit, when I said, “Thanks for the reminder.”

 Titans, fit for a King!

(D) There is a lot of truth in that statement; The Christed King.

(D) Wait a minute, this is very interesting. Camelot and the Titans have a round table where there is “no beginning and no end; the Alpha and the Omega.” The Christed King; another name for King Arthur?

(D) I just had a moment to search with an online Bible and found the reference, once again, it's from Revelation.

Revelation 22:12 — 16

“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

NOTE: The Violet Flame is a cleansing prayer to literally wash your robe; your aura clean, transmute energies, heal and seal it. "Everyone who loves and practices falsehoods" is someone that "lies" or  speaks/acts upon "untruthes."

Embodied love is good. And his peoples fell into a state of amnesia.

(D) This would explain why nobody has found Camelot, or any other religious places of “paradise;” The Garden of Eden, Atlantis, Lumeria, etc. all were lost to poor acts of free will. I believe these are from a higher-vibration; an unseen dimension that is similar to "New Earth." Something to further delve into at another “time.”

Update, 1/29/18: I read this message a few days later and noticed something interesting about the picture of the watch cogs and gears. When I selected the picture from the web, I thought it was a beautiful picture, but really didn't look that closely at it. Can you see it?