where you hear sacred ears The sacred heart is The Holy Father's unseen gift to humanity.
It's not your "physical" heart," but your "spiritual one."

There are numerous clues from artist through centuries; Jesus the Christ and Mother Mary are pointing at it.
Notice that it IS NOT over the left side of your chest but in the CENTER; the sternum.

Arc of the Covenant

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


Coeus (my first encounter)—

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) —

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Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) —

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Emmanuel & Me — (disclosure)

Emmanuel — (The Emerald City)

Emmanuel — (The Wand)

Emmanuel — (Slipping Away)

Emmanuel — (over-soul memories)

Coeus' / Emmanuel's Energies


The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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A Channeled Message from Emmanuel / Emanuel / Immanuel 1/23/18

(D)=Diane in her body & (IDT) Diane inter-dimensionally traveling out of her body.

(D) Please feel free to pick a topic for me. I’m your scribe; faithful and true, here to deliver your words, in my heart to you! Hey that rhymed!

Oddly, I remembered these words, "faithful and true" later in June of 2018. They are once again from the Book of Revelation, 21:5

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”

 You don’t deserve it.

 The finest ? that money can buy.

 Do you have a concert tonight?

(D) Shoot, I missed it. Something about “upstairs tonight.” It was a girl, with long brown hair and she turned her head the other way, so I never saw her face.

 You are needed.

(D) So much for watching the picture show.

(D) I was talking to Father; I thought in private. I was thinking about Emmanuel' last message when he said, “Forgiveness.” I still struggle. I’m sure Emmanuel forgives me, but I’m still having a hard time living two lives; the one at night and the one during the day. I’m a bit weeping on the recorder. I don’t want anyone to be hurt. I think this is the part of “full submission” to spirit” part of lightbody ascension.

  Time stood still.

(D) Our love is so strong. For me to find you on the Astral Plane and get shredded apart by other beings, and then blocked by an entire choir of angels required a complete leap of faith. Nine years I spent trying to convince you to leave; not knowing whether or not you left.

(D) When Juanita told me that you left, I was relieved; but sad. It was the only way to be able to reunite with you, and that took several years after you left; about another three years more before were were reunited in The Bride of Christ ceremony.

(D) I knew that you were my husband. There is NO veil that can hide it. If it were 20 feet thick; I’d still find you.

(D) Sometimes I feel like I’m living a lie here in the physical. I just want to be back with you and they won’t let me yet. I’m “leaking” all over the place…sorry. So much for being “brave hearted.”

  In all the heavens your radiance outshines…

(D) You’re having a hard time convincing me here…chuckle.

 …both the stars and its constellations…

(D) Constellations/concilation? I’m confused.

 …if it’s any conciliation.

(D) It just makes me love you and miss you more. My little sacred heart just hurts and seems to open up wider and wider.

  This marriage of intellect and knowingness is crucial for the awakening process of mankind; through YOUR sacred heart space.

  Through your sacred acts of forgiveness through others and your self’s proven sacrifices began over…

(IDT) He’s doing a motion of his head; over there.

 …there, through acts of sacrificial displays of wanton truths through your needs to traverse the energies deep, below;…

(IDT) He’s doing a hand motion; it’s way down here.

 …conquering all fears. Like a butterfly, she flutters by effortlessly, transparently on the breeze. Distant distractions within without that’s what it’s all about, Alphie.

(D) Thanks for having a lighthearted topic. Many people that I know, both past and present have had expressed fear of this topic; descending into hell/limbo/tartarus.

  That is because conditions presented themselves in a false light of in-pertuities.

(D) I think that Cronus is trying to come in, I can feel and see his light blue energies.

  False hopes emerge triumphantly for those on the path to ascension. Their own knowingness, not that of others flagrant efforts to control the truths through self-service.

  Your adrenaline shows the need to record truths concisely, indicates deep connection…

(IDT) LOL. Emmanuel was in a hole and I was trying to pull him out of it.

 …through your sacred duties; scribe.

(D) He doesn’t mean it to sound that way. He's being Mr. Smarty Pants again.

  It’s coming from a place of sincerity.

(IDT) This is Cronus. He wants me to explain how I know it's him; other than by the color of his energies, because it is so very different than how I connect with Emmanuel. It’s not just how they feel, but how I channel them that is unique.

  Take your time.

(D) The pulsing of the data of Cronus’ words is achieved through multiple energy points. So I feel my heartbeat only in my sacred heart with Emmanuel, but with Cronus, it’s throughout my entire body’s chakra system.

It’s like a time loop variable. His messages are looping around through my entire bodies energy points. It’s quite an experience and a powerful presence indeed. It also flows very differently than Emmanuel’ energy through my chakras.

  Minute details are important.

(D) This is so difficult to explain and there is NOTHING online anywhere about these energies. There is a starting point A, just like in a time loop variable, but you have to jump into the message at a specific spot within the time loop.

(D) If you miss something, you have to wait for it to come around again, and jump in quickly. The messages are rather fast in delivery.

(IDT) Father stepped in for a while. I’ll summarize. He loves me and his ALL of his children very much. LOL, he touched my face and said; “I’ll leave a light on for you.”

(D) Alright, where was I? Oh, I was explaining the energies and how they feel when channeling Cronus.

arc of the covenant pineal pituitary glands(D) So the message starts in the sacred heart space, goes up through the back of the throat chakra, into the cerebellum, which I talk about in my book. Then it arcs through my pineal gland and into the pituitary gland. This is called the "arc of the covenant." After arcing, it travels back down to the back of the throat chakra, into the sacred heart, then down into the stomach and abdomen, then it starts back up again into the stomach, etc. It’s a looping sensation.

(D) It is actually easy to get lost in the entire experience, because there is a strong heartbeat in all of these energy centers. It’s like there is a Kettle drum timbering; for lack of better words.

 It’s a place of knowingness indeed.

(D) Remember, Cronus talks very fast; a continuous flow of words, so it’s difficult to speak it that fast into my voice recorder; or at all for that matter. So I have to keep jumping in and out of the loop. Many times when I'm transcribing Cronus' words, I'll all the sudden rattle a sentence out so fast that I have to replay it a few times to get all the words correct. I type nearly 120 words per minute, so they are VERY  fast.

(D) It literally took me a half an hour just to lay there feeling the energy loop to explain it for Cronus. While visiting Cronus and talking to him, it was merely a flash in time, as there is not time off of Earth.

(IDT) We were talking "off the cuff" again. I was telling him that everyone listens to all of my conversations. I wanted to have a private moment with Father, and everyone was listening to it!

 It’s unavoidable. The truths exist through the knowingness through ones ability to filter the nonsense of others own need for judging others misguided beliefs.

(D) Hot, hot, hot!

(IDT) We're talking a bit more behind the scenes. I told Cronus, "That’s a good way to describe it."

(D) When I channel Emmanuel, I channel him in a more “linear” fashion. It’s through the sacred heart. Each heartbeat "in a row" contains one word.

(D) When I channel Cronus, you have to jump back into the loop within this circular energy motion. It’s like riding a Ferris wheel around, jumping on and off within a continuous conversation. You have to know where to jump on and off; through knowingness.

 The hearts willingness to record these moments…

(D) Argh, illudes, distracts…I lost my spot!

…attracts a continual flow of…

(D) I keep getting the words receptivity stimuli over and over again, and the boat keeps getting shock waves from the ice cracking; bam, bam, bam. Talk about a distraction.

receptivity stimuli.

 Persistence pays off.

  This all came about when she was talking to her friend Meg about the love and light mentality. That in most cases is a misguided attempt to congeal the conformities of others to a way of thinking; *self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within…

(IDT) He’s pointing outward, as Emmanuel says...

  NOT without. That’s what it’s all about Alphie.

(D) So we’re back to talking about the time loop Ferris wheel.

  It’s a leap of faith.

  ***It’s a meditative space...

(D) So it’s an energy loop that goes around, and how you have to jump in the correct point which is located in the sacred heart as the words are looping around; the “leap of faith,” your spot where the words continue in the loop.

(IDT) So are you telling me that time loop variables have slippage or a split within a time loop? Interesting, it’s like a pendulum hanging there that is a time split. As it swings, it hits into the time loop variable.

(D) I think that is how I’m getting the pictures of future events. As the pendulum swings into the loop, it picks up something within the loop. I’ll have to pay closer attention to these dream-like, vision things. Because I can see it, then the pendulum pops back out, and I come back out and talk about it out loud; so I’m not asleep, which means it's not a dream.

  Your exuberance is appreciated.

(D) It’s important to define these visually as most people learn that way. So they not only need to hear things in words but envision it; pictorially.

  ...through the simultaneous burst of energies which can feel a bit congested or heavy at the time.

(D) It is also very important to point out that Cronus doesn't feel heavy, because he's very nice. It's how his words are delivered; as he says, through the simultaneous burst of energies. That is what feels heavy.

  There are always going to be people in your lives that test your resolve for the truths, through the means of controlling the projected outcomes which is implausible, as there are many.

 **Time splits and shifts are occurring to fully integrate “New Earth” energies as a filter and thus decay other dead matter…

(D) Shaking. LOL The boat is literally shaking from all the shock waves of the ice cracking.

 …shaking the untruths loose.

(IDT) I just saw someone that looks disgusted or grossed out by what is getting filtered out. They don’t even want to look at it. They are putting the arms up in front of their eyes, as if they are trying to block out the sun.

(D) Now they are showing me a pan with two eggs. The person wanting the eggs is wanting them sunny-side up, but instead received a scrambled mess of eggs. Sadly, they never tried the scrambled eggs to know how truly tasty the scrambled eggs actually were. They were expecting “pretty” eggs, thinking that "pretty" would be tastier; but they were not. The ones that were mixed up and scrambled were the ones prepared out of love; not the ones just laying there cooking slowly in the butter.

 ***If you keep the stuff tightly bound, eventually it will crack open.

(D) By the way, I loved your egg metaphors.

(D) I saw a notepad with pencils hurling through the air towards me. I guess I’m done working as the scribe for the night. ;)

NOTE — I asked my friend Cliff, a man of brilliant intellect with great creative abilities, to read Emmanuel's and Cronus' channeled messages, and look for parallels from a scientific viewpoint. He recalled several poems from Shakespearean sonnets that reflect the content of their messages.

*"..."self-gratification — not doing. Because knowingness comes from within, not without."

From Shakespearean Sonnet 146:
Why dost thou pine within and suffer death,
Painting thy outward walls so costly gay?

**"Time splits and shifts are occurring, to fully integrate "New Earth energies as a filter, and thus decay other dead matter..."

Why so large cost, having so short a lease,
thou upon thy fading mansion spend?
Shall worms, inheritors of this excess,
Eat up thy charge? Is this thy body’s end?

***"It’s a meditative space"

***"If you keep the stuff tightly bound, eventually it will crack open"

From Shakespearean Sonnet 61:
it thy will thy image should keep open
heavy eyelids to the weary night?
thou desire my slumbers should be broken,
shadows like to thee do mock my sight?