Channeling through the electronic stimuli within your Sacred Heart
NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK ó The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 ó types of travel

chapter 2 ó awakening to you

chapter 3 ó settling in at home

chapter 4 ó astral projection

chapter 5 ó energy travel

chapter 6 ó dream time

chapter 7 ó inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Channeled messages from
God of Intellect,
Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword,
God of Truth, Justice, and Honor ó Keeper of the Light,
The Holy Father,
and Athena; Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Ani Ausar

mmanuel ó Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword & Cronus (1/2/18)

 Well, it's a long one and it's my "Earth Birthday" as Diane. Coeus, or should I say; Emmanuel / Immanuel explains how I channel his messages from a scientific viewpoint, while I explain it more graphically. Cronus speaks of the upcoming energies that will affect our planet.

 People say to adjust (?) we use a hammer and nails.

 (D) I was...zzzzz

  Why donít you start.

 (D) Sorry, Iím so relaxed that I canít get my mouth to work. Youíre talking, but Iím not repeating it.

 (D) Youíre still using your Irish brogue.

  You ainít hurt Lassie.

 (D) I thought at first you were talking about a dog; Lassie. I'm not hurt; I was just tired.

(D) I missed you.

 Flip your heart this way.

 (D) (Iím rolling over and yawning.)

  The purest of heart indeed learns to take the time to dictate accurate (?) of the truths.

 (D) Rats! I missed the word after ďdictate.Ē Was itÖ

  Your core being is relaxed; your wits are cantankerously controlled by your willingness to report truths within the confines of human logic.

  Tell them that you wanted to see my face. Tell them the rest.

 (D) It's kind of a long story. When he showed me his face, it reminded me of Harry who was an earthbound entity; it's all in my book. I visited Harry on the Astral Plane and also found him in several other dimensions. He felt like my husband. There was such an intense love.

(D) I tried to touch his face and he grasped my hand, rolled it up into a fist within his own, and sweetly held it to his face. What a beautiful birthday gift. I couldn't have asked for a better one. What a beautiful love story.

  There is a lot of love there within the confines of the human heart.

 (D) Iím getting hot all of the sudden.

  Youíre suppose to be relaxing, without the human need to resist the temptation to report the truths with your mind; not your heart which needs time to synchronize with these fine messages.

  Your realities exist in two parts. They contain logic and truths concurrently.

 (D) I thought that you said something about free will?

  Itís your choice to determine which road or path to follow; down that rocky road to conquest realities that need to control project (?) outcomes.

 (D) I got stuck on the word ďpro-ject.Ē

(D) I find it fascinating how you can control my bodily functions. All the sudden I got constipated. Heís trying to point out that my brain is constipated. LOL

  Project! ...project the truths!

 (D) Laughter/joy seems to help open up my heart. It gets my blood flowing through my heart and it beats harder; so I can more clearly hear your words with each beat. I seem to have to yawn a lot too and roll around in the bed. Then my heart beats harder, making it easier to hear, see, and feel you. I'm always concerned that if I move, it will be more difficult to hear, see, and feel you; but it actually helps.

  That defines a space, to which you can confine the words.

 (D) It would be helpful if we could talk more about channeling messages.

  Itís an electronic stimuli, to which certain conditions exists simultaneously within the walls of your central nervous systems ability toÖpulses and waves; sine waves.

 (D) I have no idea what those are by the way.

The synapses in which your heart regulates.

 (D) I listen to the beat of the heart and I hear a word or two, then I pause.

  Youíre perplexed by your ability to think, talk, and listen to every little phrase confining your own wants and needs to record both my words simultaneously, with transcribing messages. Donít think!

 (D) He has a point there. I kind of have to repeat his words sometimes, because when I pause to listen, I have to listen to the heart beat to hear a word on the beat. So I probably shouldnít be thinking so hard. Oh, never mind, you already said that! OK, so Iím just rambling again arenít I?

  The truths exist in your minds ability to comprehend whatís being said currently with your need to exist in the moments solitary...

 (D) You said ďmomentsĒ not moment.

 (D) Heís giving me a hand gesture, like a wavy sign. Oh a sine wave. Up and down; a smooth flowing wave.

 (D) So, I had to make a trip to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the potty, he was showing me two waves. I was worried about getting back into the groove once I got to bed. But he explained that itís not my head; but my heart, and yawning brings more oxygen to the heart.

  Itís a confidence and willingness through knowingness to receive these words accurately. NOT; use ďCAP's,Ē NOT your brains CAPacity.

 (D) Oh, thatís cute. LMAO. Heís making a joke.

  CapASSity; not your brains capacity.

 (D) Thatís hysterical. You make me laugh. Youíre making me snort. Thatís so funny.

  My dry sense of humor and wit proceeds me.

  I love your ability for you see my words of truths for humanity sake.

 (D) Iím still laughing.

  You donít fail to recognize truths as they exist. Come on, it wasnít that funny.

 (D) Yes it was, it was really good. OMG, youíre making me snort. LOL

  Your sense of humor precedes your willingness to record the words within the worlds linguistic receptive states of pleasure.

 (D) LOL, stop it. Oh, you wanted me to ask a question earlier. I was talking to Chris about the Bible about dialect and how they talked 2000 years ago. What would happen in 2000 years, when people listen to my words as your scribe? When they hear my words, they will probably be misinterpreted because of my dialect.

 Would you like to elaborate on that?

  Tell them what youíre feeling.

 (D) Iím getting really hot again and Iím feeling something here in the center of my chest.

jesus christ mother mary sacred hearts3/12/18 Update. I thought that I'd find a picture of the Christed sacred heart online. I was shocked to find out that many pictures show Jesus; The Christ and Mother Mary show them pointing at it.

  Donít point at it; tell them where it is; the sternum.

 (D) Itís the point in between the breasts on the big bone in the middle of your ribcage. It doesnít hurt, it feels like a tightness; it's a pretty good size, about 6-8 inches. Itís almost up to my throat area. OK, I'm getting there, itís the Sacred Heart as we call it.

 (D) Its almost throbbing like a heartbeat; a pulsing sensation. The reason it feels tight is it's like an electronic thing or a pulsing sensation; similar to the physical heart. I probably shouldnít use the word ďthing,Ē as people won't know what I mean.

  Itís an electronic stimulus that pulses out, like a radio wave or sine wave, and it receives. This is your centralized core for synchronizing...

 (D) Wow that was wild...

 ...massive amounts of data.

 (D) All of the sudden, my head was flooded with a pulsing sensation.

   It was like a bowl of jello; giggling.

 (D) It was just for a moment.

(D) Heís trying to explain by showing me. He says that itís happening here; pointing to his head, but itís within the sacred space.

 (D) OK, I see.

  Itís within the minds ability to perceive the information.

 (D) So the words are up there in the brain, but not in the heart. Wow, this is going to be so hard to tell people.

 (D) So itís like, oh man. Itís not like the brain and heart have to work together, butÖif you need to do it again, go ahead.

 (D) There are all these little "side notes." Iím sorry, Iím going to confuse everybody.

(D) I said, ďoh man,Ē and he doesnít like it and says, ďoh WOman,Ē because in the future someone might think that there were only men on this planet. He has a valid point.

 Öback to the core message.

  You get a little side-tracked with my exuberance to report the truths. 

(D) Imagine that.

(D) So the heart space respondsÖ

  to the stimuliís sent.

 Pulsing cosmic waves are bombarding your hearts synapses.

  (D) Iím getting a light show. How am I going to describe this one. Iím see a mass of lines, with more mass in the middle than the outside. It spreads out in the center.

  Radiates out, like a burst of fresh air on the morning dew.

  Youíre getting side-tracked by the pictorial image. 

 Itís important to accurately record the entire sequence of the visual equity and the hearts willingness to receive these accurate truths; represented within your sacred heart sanctÖ

 (D) Heís showing me a twisting and stretching motion with the word. Iíve been hung up on it for several minutes.

 (D) Iím starting to see a really beautiful light show. Itís one of those 4th eye ones. Wow that was gorgeous.

 (D) So itís coming from the upper-left corner of my eye, and Iím getting this pale blue, pulsing blue light, and some cobalt blue pulsing in as light.

 (D) Iím not sure what I'm seeing now, some of this is very difficult to describe.

 (D) OK, so if you can picture a brain or intestines, like crunched up tubes. It wasnít normal colors; more psychedelic. I think it's Cronus. He showed me baby blue or pale blue colors last time.

 Cronus, God of Truths; but discordant energies.

(D) I'm going to be interjecting quite a bit of information during this message.

  Todayís societies need to display wanton cruelty through acts of discordant behaviors. It causes chaos within humanities need to expose untruths.

 (D) It's important to describe Cronus' energies. They are quite different from that of Coeus'. When Cronus comes in, (they are showing it to me like a big block) itís much heavier like a sledge hammer or gavel coming down. Itís not bad energy by any means. It just feels very blocky like a big weight.

  Human discordant behaviors are running ramped through societies needs toÖ

 (D) He talks extremely fast. So fast that I can't repeat his words fast enough.

  Öcontrol the dysfunctions.

(D) OK, Iím sorry, but I have to say something. Youíre just going to have to wait a minute, because I want to say something.

(D) Cronus feels very intense; super powerful with strong feelings. Coeus feels more light-hearted, gentle, and concise.

(D) The energies that Cronus is projecting out on humanity are heavy, discordant energies. Itís very important how this feels, but I canít seem to find the words for it. I think people are going to feel these energies in a bad way and not know what to do with them.

 (D) I donít know if heís trying to make a point or what. My head felt very congested, and then suddenly it went away. Similar to that of a sinus cold or headache.

 (D) Now Iím seeing an energy pulse. It starts at the back of my vision and pulses forward, then reverses and gets smaller as it gets farther away.

 (D) I should have known that it was you, when I saw that baby blue color.

 (D) I keep seeing an arm with a hammer pounding down.

  You get the idea. You have the desire to see the energies.

 (D) Iím getting something else visual. He definitely has a LOT of energy around him.

 (D) Iím starting to think there is an owl collective. Iím one of them as Athena and Coeus is a sweet, sexy, smart owl. For a second I saw an angry owl that didnít look happy; Cronus. He looks wise, but disgusted.

 (D) OK, Cronus and I are having a bit of a disagreement on how to present these materials to the readers. He says that I have a need to control the information.

 (D) Iím telling him that he needs to soften the blow. I told him that he is going to scare people. Heís very forceful and there is a better way to present things.

    Öan understandable format.

 (D) I'm wearing full body armor and Iím pushing on Cronus chest saying, ďYou have to let me do this!Ē He's quite a bit taller than myself, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind, as he doesn't intimidate me.

 (D) OK, I think that we resolved our issues.

 (D) His energies are very electric and colorful; multi-colored bursts of energies; an unavoidable energy that will be feltÖ

 (D) Iím getting hot again.

 mother mary finger chakras over sacred heart(D) Iím not sure whoís talking here, I believe its still Cronus. Heís showing me someone in prayer. He is showing me the need to pray and transmute the energies through my sacred heart. 

(D) I put my hands into a prayer position over my sacred heart. My, what I refer to as ďauxiliary chakrasĒ in my fingertips are pulsating with my sacred heart; in unison.

  There is going to be a need to go within your sacred spaceÖ

 (D) The pulsing is intense; all the way throughout my body.

  Öto transmute...

 (D) My face is pulsing on the one side of it. He has a lot of energy.

  Ödiscordant energies.

 (D) Iím seeing Mother Mary and Quan Yin. Youíll need to work with both of them, because much compassion will be required, and SELF-CONTROL when the discordant energies shift. (I'm not sure if he said that for me.)

 (D) I donít like to be a barer of bad tidings, but there is going to be a lot of prayer and meditation required from all peoples over the earth through your sacred heart. Cronus' energies are going to be rolling through everyone and everything on the planet, and they are an unavoidable force. I HIGHLY recommend feeling his energies with compassion and mercy for all.

 (D) These two energies of Coeus and Cronus are very, very strong, and very loyal to the Holy Father. The truths are extremely powerful and can be quite painful. Energies will be shifting up, down, and all around in an instant; BE PREPARED!

NOTE: The Violet Flame prayers and decrees of forgiveness, transmutation, and protection are available on this website as a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file for all your electronic devices. Download it and PRINT it out. All electronic devices are going to become obsolete soon. I highly recommend that you memorize all of them.

  Which is why itís important to always walk in the truths and not deviate because of dysfunctional acts.

 (D) Iím telling him that we should leave the discussion for now. There is much to discuss, and it can be overwhelming to most. It's also a bit frightening for most of human kind.

  Be careful what you choose. Choose through your heart; not your head.

 (D) Iím getting a pictorial; heís motioning through your heart and pointing at his head.

 (D) Coeus stepped in and puts his arm around me, and then hands me a *white cup.

  Take this and drink this.

 (D) Coeus did this quite eloquently. I think he had a tuxedo on and had a white towel over his arm, being very gracious

  The old must go, before the new must come in.

 (D) Interesting words for the time of year; January 2nd.

  Harmony exists for those on the path to ascension.

 For tensions exist throughout our control systems. The need to examine the truths through ones own confines of reality.

 (D) You sure like to use the word ďconfines.Ē

  ... as the truths do play a role in the confines of reality. Needless to say, confines exist throughout your need to control the topic.

 (D) Sorry!

  Demons exist throughout your pain and sufferingÖ

 (D) Heís speaking about humanity in general.

  they are of your own making. Clean them up, cleanse them with the sacred flames of transmutation and forgiveness for those are yours, and your, and yours alone. Each devouringÖ

  Youíre getting sleepy.

 (D) I can manage. I want to finish that sentence.

  Your heart is a sacred symphony; what goes in, is what comes out.

Revelation 16:19
The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.

Revelation 17:4
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.