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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


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The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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A Channeled Message from Emmanuel, Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword 1/18/18

The past two days, I've been spending my dreamtime in "night school." It felt like groundhogs day. The same lessons all over again.

I mention in my book about journaling your dreams. These are often lessons and other spiritual events.

(D) Last night, I only heard Emmanuel speak once; between dreams.

 Little Darling.

(D) That would be me! Back to last night. So, spoken words resonate as specific frequencies; depending on how fast, slow, loud, or soft you speak, as well as the dialect spoken.

(D) Last night and just now, I saw a flash of light. It starts from the upper right corner and shot down to the lower left corner. I believe this light, carries the frequencies of the words in "weighted-pulses," enabling them to be received and translated within the sacred heart. Emmanuel talked about it in some past channeled messages.

(D) If you notice in my transcribed messages, I often get hung-up on a word. This has to do with the weight associated with the word; how it's used, phrased, spoken, etc.

 There is truth in that statement.

(D) There is another flash of light. It actually starts out larger and gets smaller as it reaches the lower left corner of my vision.

 Frequency bursts.

(D) So do all words contain frequency bursts? Well, I'll take that as a yes. All vibration contains frequency bursts. The ice just cracked and there was a loud bursting sound that boomed throughout the hull of the houseboat. LOL

(D) Odd, I was dozing off, when I noticed that I was writing you a letter about the frequencies of words, which is obviously a very important topic. I was actually writing it on paper, not texting or emailing, which is significant.

(D) A couple days ago, I was talking to a client and she was saying that texting will be the downfall of mankind. There are too many mis-communications. Chris has the same problem with his sons.

(D) Emmanuel and I are sitting here talking "off-the-cuff; inter-dimensionally." Chris has driving me nuts lately. Every time I start to say something, I only get a few words out and he cuts me off. I keep telling him that he needs to let me finish my sentences, so he'll get his answer. He has a very short attention span.

I actually got mad at him and raised my voice. Within an hour I had what felt like cold symptoms, from the sudden drop in lower vibrations of the frequencies of the words that I used. I had this happen last week too. I believe you talked about this in a previous message about it becoming a necessity to transmute lower energies. I definitely see your point. I said my Violet Flame prayers of transmutation, and I felt better in just a short time; like an hour or so.

Many, many of my FB friends and my neighbors here in Tennessee are sick. They all believe it's some odd kind of flu or a cold, but that is completely wrong. It’s the higher vibrational level of the planet. Without transmuting the lower vibrations, they literally get “stuck” on the aura. Then they get trapped within the body; causing illness, which we also discussed in another channeled message.

(D) Another thing, I still believe that Chris is Cronus. He has the same discordant energies that rip right through you Most of the time, Chris is mad at himself; not me. His energies feel like Cronus’ energies, when he gets mad at the tiniest of things and kaboom; frequency burst! It literally cuts right through my sacred heart and it causes a physical pain.

 You are brave hearted.

(D) Argh. One has to be. Loving unconditionally is crucial.

 It’s a scientific opportunity; your mother’s hair is tootie fruity.

(D) What? LOL, you’re being weird. Why are you rhyming stuff? Another one...

 Willy nilly.

(D) I have a feeling that the lesson in word frequencies continues tonight with light hearted words and phrases; this should be interesting!