PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

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Chapter 1 — Types of Spiritual Travel

I cannot tell you how many times over the years that I told spiritual people that I travel inter-dimensionally, and they say, “I do that too.” From what I understand from my guides, it was/is EXTREMELY rare until around 2013. I do feel however that it will be the “norm” soon, and that I have started to meet people that are actually experiencing this beautiful gift.

There are several different types of spiritual travel. I am going to try to describe them to the best of my abilities and my own personal experiences; not those of others found on the Web. It will better help you determine what form of travel you are encountering by reading my experiences.

Nearly every person on this planet has a “silver” or “gold” cord that attaches their spiritual body to their physical body; I do not. As a highly evolved entity, I AM un-tethered to my body. Usually, if you do not have a cord; you are dead! It is what keeps you tethered to your physical vehicle; a cord. I am obedient and very mission-oriented, so I ALWAYS return to my body. And if not, there is a big Archangel that returns me; Michael.

Intra-dimensional travelers have cords; inter-dimensional travelers do not have an etheric cord. If you are conscious of your spiritual travels, look behind you, there should be a tether or cord. If you look behind yourself, and see a cord attached to another being that is dark, this is called an “attachment.” These cords should be cut with the assistance of Archangel Michael, at the appropriate time of your spiritual growth. Cutting a cord too soon could alter your divine purpose; so do not react without ASK’ing first.

Some people that are afraid or jealous of you will “attach” to your own energy, much like a leach. Many do not mean to attach their spiritual being to yours. This often happens out of fear of death, or negative energies. Some do it because they want a “free ride” on your spiritual gifts. These cords can be seen by a Shaman during an energy reading; a form of astral or energy travel which occurs within a dimension; intra-dimensionally. Shamans can also see holes in your etheric field that indicate illness. Many can see your aura and both lower and upper chakras. By examining these things, the Shaman can determine if any spiritual work is needed to remove a blockage from a specific chakra.

If you are an inter-dimensional traveler, you will have no karmic blockages in both your lower and upper chakras. You will also have ALL of the travel abilities that I am about to discuss in this chapter. Traveling intra-dimensionally occurs within your dimension. It can be fun or frightening. Inter-dimensional travel, including traversing parallel, alternate dimensions, and time, requires great skill and no attachments. You just cannot take anyone or any "junk" with you.

Types of spiritual travel

Before I jump into different types of spiritual travel, it is important to understand what is inside and outside of your body. This is my version of what I have experienced through different forms of travel.

First, you have an Auric field that is comprised of a physical and a spiritual plane. These coincide with your lower chakras and are represented in this diagram by colors.

The auric field is a vessel that contains your physical "ego" body: etheric, emotional, mental, and astral bodies. Your spirit-body contains 3-parts; an etheric template which operates through your heart, and celestial and causal bodies that are used to connect with the divine.

It is extremely important to keep a "clean" and well-balanced auric field. Imbalances within it affect your chakra system and your health. Holes can develop in your energy field causing disease, so be mindful.

The lower chakras are what allow you to intra-dimensionally travel (within) 3D via different spiritual modalities. These chakras do not have to be opened, balanced, or free of karma.

Spiritual travel occurs during “dream-time” on the Astral Plane. I consider the astral plane a place of energies where "spirit" can exist without a physical vessel as "freed" pure source energy. The astral plane is like many onions with many onion layers; each layer is a different vibration of energy. Depending on where you visit, depends on your ability to attune with the energies of that dimension. Travel in and out of different dimensions is also dictated by your chakras. Whether the lower are not fully functional, are fully functional, and if the higher chakras are fully functional and clear of karma.

The upper astral plane is a place of learning. Much of it is done in 3D and 4D; either in or out of your body. When basic lessons are learned, and you work on increasing your vibrational frequency, then you can visit higher dimensions; inter-dimensionally, based on your frequency achieved.

There is actually a pitch to your vibration; your "soul song." The higher you vibrate, the higher the pitch. Angels have a very high shrill pitch, where a guide sounds lower. Everyone has their own sound, so in higher dimensions, most guides do not have names; rather are identified by their soul song. I identify my guides by their soul song; not a name, but I may use names while writing this book.

When you give up your body suit to cross into the light realms, you must first exit the 3rd dimension (3D). This is what I believe is referred to in the Bible as "The Valley of the Shadow of Death." Many souls get stuck on the 3D Astral Plane, and need assistance from those on the spirit plane, the higher dimensions, to move into the higher frequencies of light.

Psalm 23:4
Yea, when I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I will be awed by no evil for You are with me. Your rod and Your staff, they will comfort me.

I believe the "Shadow of Death" is the Astral Plane and that they are encountering Archangel Azrael. He is the one that carries a rod and staff; a sickle and "appears" as a dark angel. He is also known as "The Comforter." This Archangel is a grief counselor and consoler of souls. He is unconditional love, which is dark and warm. This is to the contrary of what we have been taught in many religions. I can only assume that this is because when someone has a near-death experience, they always see a bright light.

Archangel Azrael is the only angel that is allowed to be present on the astral plane, because it is his job to guard the "doors" to the light realms (higher vibrational frequencies.) Nothing but unconditional love can cross into the light realms via the Astral Plane. This is why many souls get stuck there when attempting to access the light (heavenly) realms. They do not love themselves unconditionally.

Whether you are in or out of your body in 3D, it is still a "free-will" zone. You have choice in these vibrational frequencies, because the divine is not present. So if you have given up your body suit, or still have it available, and are just taking a stroll without it, makes no difference; karma still applies.

As a young child through early adulthood, I would find myself in school hallways on the Astral Plane during dream-time. Many of you reading this book are probably experiencing schools as well. Remember that the higher end of the Astral Plane is a place of learning; a school and you have to start off in Kindergarten first; baby steps.

When I first found myself on the Astral Plane, I could not even walk “as spirit.” I could in the physical, but in spirit, I would fall down in the hallways and be forced to crawl. As I got older in the physical, I learned how walk in spirit, in the school hallways. These were lessons in navigating the energies. I cannot tell you how many times that I have visited friends and family in “Heaven” and they were unable to stand or even speak.

Learning on the astral plane is not like learning here on earth in the physical. Everything here is very "linear." You do this first, then there is a result, then you do the second thing and you get another result. On the astral plane, things are not linear and often do not make sense, until you really think about them later, when you awake back into your physical vessel.

My astral dreams eventually began to progress out of a school; outside and into buildings that I would have to traverse. There were never any staircases to be found and I would have to pull myself up through small crevices to the next floor. I can remember thinking, "Not this again. There are not any staircases here! I do not like crawling though these dark and dingy spaces."

It took me about 50 years to figure out that all I had to do, was to pause, and ASK someone at a kiosk, where the staircase was located. I have never had another one of these dreams, since I ASKed; staircases are always present now.

So how does ASKING change things in or Earth reality?

It works pretty much the same as it does in a higher dimension. It’s all about frequency and how you hold that vibration to a certain frequency.

A few years ago when I lived in NY, I was at a prayer meeting. People took turns praying out loud, individually, for things for others or themselves. They were in tears, concerned that their prayers were not being answered.

When it was my turn, I told the group that all of my prayers are answered. It's very rare that one isn't responded to; one way or another. They had shock on their faces.

So how do ALL of my prayers get answered? You MUST be in a vibrational state of "receiving." Coeus talks about this in a couple of his channeled messages. The state of receiving is done ONLY through the sacred heart. If yours is NOT hardened you WILL receive. If it is hardened; it will NOT receive. It's that simple.

ASK and you shall RECEIVE.

Without being in a state of receptivity, your request will not be heard, and there will NOT be a response. Just like in ANY relationship, you must FOCUS and LISTEN; MEDITATE. Through listening, you will get a response, or one will automatically manifest in your reality based on the frequency you emit.

SEE IT DONE; FEEL IT is done, and don't ask again; it's unnecessary. Be one with the energy of RECEIVING. If you find yourself "worrying" it causes a block or wall between you and receiving. So STOP IT!

Out of body (OOB) experiences

OOB’s occur intra-dimensionally and is an example of a “voluntary with consciousness” state of being. You have control over the experience. It is a form of Astral Travel; not Astral Projection. Astral Travel has no sense of vibration in the astral body as when Astral Projecting, which has vibration.

For me, OOB's are “flight” experiences, where I find myself flying through a landscape, or floating above my bed; out-of-body. When flying, you will most likely be trying to move your shoulders to get airborne, as if you have wings. You probably do! Once you get airborne, you will have to traverse an obstacle course of trees, high power lines, hills, etc. This is very common if you talk to others that fly.

I discovered in 2015 that these flights are a training program. While flying, you might even feel fear or excitement. A friend of mine defines fear as “false evidence appearing real.” The most important thing to remember is; you cannot get hurt if you crash; you do not have a physical body, rather a spirit body that cannot be damaged, so have fun!

Note: Take notice of the terrain and what is on it, as well as the season of the year when you fly. I have found that when I fly, it is the same season of the year that I am currently in; in the body. You are flying “in the illusion.”

All of the people that I have talked with about “flying” in dreams do not stick with their flight plan. They get scared and do not finish. They consciously choose to wake up.

I cannot express this enough; fly as long as possible and do not quit early if you get scared. Fear is your biggest obstacle when flying, not the high tension wires, mountains, trees, or even the ground; those are an illusion within the flying lesson. You will get better with practice. Remember, these are learning experiences.

I still have not met anyone in the physical that has successfully completed the lesson in flight. Do not give up halfway through the course; there is a surprise for you at the end of a successful flight. Mine was a big, beautiful, spreading shade tree with stained glass lampshades hanging from it. A couple of people were there standing beneath the tree identifying their lampshades. Most of the shades were absolutely lovely; then there was Diane's. Mine was a basic one that looked like something out of the 1970's; olive green, orange, and gold squares.

In the spring of 2017, I started gliding using my wings. I found that when I came across stairs that there was no longer a need to walk down the stairs, rather I would jump off the top step and glide effortlessly to the bottom. People would look at me strangely, like, "How did she do that?" Then I started jumping off of one or two story stairs over railings, gliding down to roads or sidewalks. This is practice and remembrance of who I AM; beautiful.

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced.

Astral projection
Astral projection occurs intra-dimensionally; outside your body and encompasses the emotional and mental bodies. When you astral project, it is not to another world, but an “exiting” of your body suit onto Earth. You will have a strong sense of vibration of your astral body; unlike astral traveling that has none.

Remember that you are not the only being capable of this gift. You might encounter other beings during the process of astral projecting. Some are earthbound entities, others can come to you inter-dimensionally into the astral plane. You will not find "divine" beings in this dimensional frequency.

Once again, if you find yourself astral projecting; do not be scared. You might appear on the lower end of the Astral Plane. Many of these entities feed on your fear. They also know that you do not know what you are doing and will try to take advantage of you.

IF you are on the higher end, the upper edge of the 4D Astral Plane, THE Higher Christ Self or a guide might be there, IF you're planning on exiting the Astral Plane to a slightly higher dimension. You will most likely be completely unaware that he/she is nearby; look around and listen. During projecting off of the Astral Plane into a higher dimension, THE Higher Christ Self tries to keep me calm, because I get very excited. He will say, “Watch! Relax!, or Breathe!”

You will always astral project, out of your body on Earth first, prior to going anywhere else. You should find yourself in your own bedroom or possibly another room in your house. When I was first learning, I would be in my bedroom. There were always earthbound entities there. I could not believe how many there were on our property. Best guess would be over twenty, before I blocked them using angels. Some were nice; others were not.

If I astral project, it is usually somewhere in my house, outside, or at a friend’s house. Once you step out of your body, you will have the ability to move around freely. As I mentioned earlier, you should see a silver or gold colored cord attached to your body so you will not get lost.

Astral projection is a launch-point for inter-dimensionally travel, which will be explained in the inter-dimensional travel chapter.

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced.

I cannot say how much I have been enjoying my relocation to Tennessee. I have met several people that are awakening.

Today, I met a man called, Kenneth. He used to “hay the pasture” for the previous owners of my farm. I cannot remember exactly what spurred the conversation, but I told him about my book on inter-dimensional travel that I am writing. I am in the Bible-belt and I seem to have no fear as to who I tell about my spiritual abilities and adventures.

I mentioned to him, how I step out of my body sometimes, and travel intra-dimensionally; within a dimension. I said that I will find myself outside walking around and everything is so vivid and I am buzzing all over. His eyes lit up and he told me he used to do that when he was in his 20's. He thought he was going crazy and only told his wife.

Later, he introduced me to his wife. He wanted me to tell her what I told him. Then I struck up a conversation with her and she mentioned a “little voice” that talks to her. When she listens to the voice, everything works out OK. I explained to her that was her guide, THE Higher Christ Self, or guardian angel and to start talking out loud to her/him. Start asking for things and watch what happens.

Lucid dreaming
Lucid dreaming occurs intra-dimensionally. I usually do this after I have had enough sleep and I am trying to catch a few extra “z’s” in the morning. You will realize that you are dreaming through conscious awareness.

You will realize that you are “watching” the dream like a bystander. You might even say to yourself, “This is a weird dream. I do not like this one,” so you change it or wake up. Then you go back to sleep and “watch” a different dream. You are quite aware you are watching a dream and can alter the dream; IF you try, so try to change your dreams.

For me, lucid dreaming is relatively easy to achieve; I just lay there and watch my dreams. It is a form of astral plane entertainment.
Note: You might want to keep your pets out of the room. Cat’s are extremely sensitive to energy shifts and will jump on you to wake you up. Dogs might nudge your arm.

From my own experiences with lucid dreaming, it seems to be part of the 3rd eye’s activity. Because THE Higher Christ Self and guides are what I refer to as “guides of few words,” they like to give me numbers and have me read documents, watch slide presentations, and give me other pictorial messages during this state of conscious awareness. I also communicate through clairaudience with the angels in this “zone.”

One of my favorite things that I do between the lucid dreaming and the conscious state is to watch my own Lightbody grid develop; mutate. I first noticed this grid in 2014. It has a black background with white lines that were similar to Optical Art (Op-Art). White images would occasionally pop out of it.

My grid has completely changed over the years, to look more like an intricate bull’s-eye; similar to how the water looks when a stone is cast into it. In December of 2016, my grid began to change shape once again. I have noticed that in times of stress, my grid changes shape and can get distorted. I just want to make note of it in this book, in the event anyone is encountering the same thing.

When your 4th eye develops, it will send signals through the 3rd eye. In my case, I would see cobalt blue blobs in my 3rd eye, but one day chartreuse ones appeared in addition to the cobalt blue. Days later, rainbow blobs appeared, and then an arching rainbow formed; the arc of the covenant. You can read about this and see graphics of my experience by clicking my blog link in the left column called, Fourth Eye/4th Eye. From what I understand, this event usually occurs at the Lightbody 8 phase of development.

Daydreaming occurs intra-dimensionally. It is a form of lucid dreaming in the illusion. I have to admit, I am a master of daydreaming. I know that I spend the greater part of the day in this mode, while doing my art. Even as I am writing my book, I can completely free my mind by traveling elsewhere, within this dimension, and in full color. Everything through my eyes vanishes completely and I “see” another world of my own making. It is a wild form of multi-tasking and manifestation at its finest.

As a child, Mom always said, “Diane, you are such a daydreamer.” She had the worst time keeping me here in the physical. This is an excellent example of walking in spirit; not the physical. Living through the heart; not the brain.

Over time, my daydreaming has served me well. I have visually manifested my current reality through daydreams. I have pictured every detail of my life and made it come to fruition, as a successful artist that is happy and content in her own skin.

I have found daydreaming to be the most successful way to ask the Universe for supply and abundance. Archangel Jophiel says, “You get lost in the dream, while doing your art." She is correct indeed. This place is one of peace and freedom; a world of my own making.

Daydreaming is very similar to worrying, because YOU create the result. Worrying makes things worse, as it is a lower vibrational state of being. Day dreaming is a higher vibrational state of being. You become the creator.

There is one very important thing to remember when you day dream. Everything we think and day-dream sends a message to the universe. “Create what I am thinking.” If it is something that you want in this dimension, it starts creating it, either here or in an alternate energy / dimension.

Your daydreams also get recorded in the Akashic Records; the complete collection of all knowledge and thoughts in the non-physical plane. It is also referred to as the Hall of Records or Library of Records. So be extremely mindful of ANY thought; as they immediately start to manifest.

I have also discovered that daydreaming sends a telepathic message to others. It puts you into an almost “meditative space” where signals can be sent and picked up by others. I do this daily with my significant-other Chris. We have become quite proficient at it. Our signals used to take minutes, now they are seconds to receive.

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced.

Dream walking
Dream walking occurs intra-dimensionally on the Astral Plane. Apparently, I am also a master of dream-walking according to Archangel Jophiel. So, sorry, I do not really mean to intrude; it just happens. It appears to be "desire-based" response.

From what I understand, dream-walking is a form of telepathy where you can leave your body and enter someone else’s dream to change its direction or to observe it. Because this is a form of telepathy, you should be able to interact with the person in their dream; a form of mind-control. If they are good at remembering their dreams, they should recall you being there, and the discussion or interactions that occurred.

Note: Recently I discovered that some of the lower entities on the Astral Plane are capable of entering our dream state and dream walk within it. They will disguise themselves as friends to take advantage of you. Just tell them NO and wake yourself up.

I do not always remember when I dream walk to others; but my friends do. Sometimes I will visit several friends in one night. Dream walking has no sense of vibration, which probably is why the visitations are not remembered by the dream walker.

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced.

Energy exchanges
I think that inter-dimensional travel and energy exchanges are my two favorite forms of travel. They are very different; yet interesting and fun. Energy exchanges happen intra-dimensionally; not inter-dimensionally. You do not leave this dimension; you are on the higher level of the Astral Plane.

I only energetically travel on an as-needed basis. It appears that my visitations are dictated by THE Higher Christ Self, as I have no control over who I visit. Desire; the brain rarely has anything to do with me energetically traveling to another; rather it is out of love and from the heart.

Most of my energy exchanges are related to someone that will be crossing over or to read someone’s “karmic junk,” by examining any blockages in their chakras. They are often in black and white; not always in color.

Normally, I like to ask someone if it is OK to come to them energetically. From what I have been told by people that I travel to in this manner, they get a MASSIVE energy boost from me. It is like I ripped the veil of forgetfulness off of them myself.

Oddly enough, I do not always remember going to my friends energetically. They will call me and tell me. Once again, there is no sense of vibration during this type of traveling, so you are not astral projecting, but astral traveling.

Often times, I recall the energy travel, but the recipient of the visit does not. I still have not established the reason behind this occurrence of both of us not remembering.

I had asked my friend Rae, who is a very gifted Shaman, for an energy reading in 2015. Normally, Rae has to coax someone’s spirit to leave their body for the reading; it is very bashful or it is not sure how to interact. When she was preparing for my energy reading, I was standing there, patiently waiting for her to get ready for the reading. She knew immediately that I was a highly-evolved spirit that is capable of easily navigating the energies.

From what I have ascertained while doing energy travel, most spirits are not use to traversing the energies on the Astral Plane nor have experienced any place beyond it. Many just stand there in a slump, unable to talk or interact in any manner. Their guide does most of the talking.

Even the most robust person that is full of life in the body can appear shy or excessively docile. They might think they have it all together "in the body," but out-of-the-body, that is an entirely different scenario.

I have found that this is extremely common with newer spirit incarnations and those carrying a lot of karmic baggage that requires repair, through their earthly experiences, or after their passing. Their vibrations are not high; rather at the "lower end of the light spectrum."

I have also experienced this docile behavior while visiting friends and family, in the “heavenly” or “light” realms. Those that have not been "repaired" from their bodily experiences need work remembering how to navigate the higher light energies.

You never really know what a person holds inside of them until you visit them energetically and examine them at their core; their soul-level. That is why it is so important not to judge people by the "cover of their book." You need to open the book and examine the pages. Every story is special, unique, deserves a second look, and certainly a second chance.

Rae told me that I was the first person that she had ever seen with a halo. You can actually see mine in photos when taken with the sun behind me. I have been taking pictures of myself with the sun behind me for a number of years now and watching how the New Earth sun’s energy is increasing daily. The rainbow light is quite intense.

I went to Rae energetically when my Dad was dying. There are further details of this energetic travel later in my book. It is a beautiful story of how truly connected we are energetically, when not in our bodies. It also demonstrates the power of a “well-oiled” spirit team; mine!

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced, HOWEVER it helps!

Intra-dimensional travel
Intra-dimensional travel is any form of travel within a dimension; not without. Old Earth is both 3D and 4D at the present time, so intra-dimensional travel occurs on the Astral Plane only; not in the higher realms of light, rather in the lower denser ones, as described in previous descriptions.

Intra-dimensional travel is performed on the conscious and subconscious levels of the brain and are usually performed through the emotional and mental bodies; not the spiritual or physical ones.

All forms of intra-dimensional travel are a function of the lower chakras, and are "desire-based." That means THE Higher Christ Self is NOT necessarily dictating these experiences, rather your own desires and willingness to travel. I have also found these experiences to occur if they are part of my divine purpose / soul path.

It does not matter if your lower chakras are clear and spinning to travel intra-dimensionally. These soulful travel experiences are very fun energies to enjoy, once you conquer your false fear of the unknown. If you do not, you might as well not read the remainder of my book, because you must be “fear-free” to be able to inter-dimensionally travel into the unknown, without a guide or a cord.

I urge you to have an open heart to experience these very fun energies. They can be used in service to others; which is why we are incarnate on this learning planet. Acts of service, of all kinds, raise your vibrations, and are highly praised in the higher light realms. They make you glow like what you truly are; a beacon of light.

Note: Do not require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced.

Inter-dimensional travel
Inter-dimensional travel can occur two ways; first intra-dimensionally and then inter-dimensionally for New Earth, or by exiting the body, directly into higher dimensions or “light realms.”

To be able to accomplish this feat, you MUST clear your karmic “junk” from your lower chakra system to open up the higher chakras; you must transmute all fear-based darkness into light, and be able to attune vibrationally to the higher dimensions. ONLY then can you inter-dimensional travel.

Note: DO require your lower chakras to be cleansed, open, & balanced, upper chakras activated, and a connection with THE Higher Christ Self.

You must become the "like-vibration" to which you travel; you must match the frequency.

The ability to inter-dimensionally travel is dictated by THE Higher Christ Self ONLY; not you. You do not have "choices" where you travel; they are ONLY for you highest good. When this change occurs, you are completely "mission oriented" and following flawlessly on your soul path; following your divine purpose. At this point, traveling to the lower light realms of the Astral Plane is often dictated by THE Higher Christ Self, once you reach a certain point in your vibrational frequency. It is integration or "merging" of the four lower bodies with THE Higher Christ Self.

To inter-dimensional travel, you must embrace unconditional love for all beings; including yourself; FIRST. Just like taking off your organic body suit for “heaven,” you can only take one thing with you when you inter-dimensionally travel; unconditional love. It is like a big open DOOR, to a magnitude of dimensional experiences. You will never find an open door without it. You will also not get into heaven without embracing unconditional love of SELF, and possibly get stuck in a "Limbo of your own making" on the Astral Plane.

Inter-dimensional travel comes from the spiritual body and is a complete release of the subconscious and conscious minds; of free-will. These two things will actually block your ability to inter-dimensionally travel. Being able to inter-dimensionally travel involves the complete submission of free-will to the divine one, Holy Father, and is a gift; one of grace.

When you first start to learn to inter-dimensionally travel, THE Higher Christ Self will be present during this process. This is where I first met most of my guides; inter-dimensionally. They helped me to stay in the higher dimensions and helped me learn how to "think" in them, without being pulled back into my body.

In my inter-dimensional experiences, there is a “physical” spirit-contact of sorts, when first learning to travel. Often times, there is a hand-holding, hugging, or even kissing out of love. This is most likely one of your guides that you love. It is a beautiful greeting.

It keeps me calm, enabling my ego body’s, conscious mind, from kicking and screaming; wanting me back in it. Remember, we are made up of several types of bodies, not just the flesh. These are the mental, emotional, etheric (spiritual), and physical bodies, and they all need to be refined and integrated into one smooth-running spirit machine.

I prefer talking with my guides by visiting them inter-dimensionally. The only drawback is that it is more difficult to remember our conversations. Keeping a voice recorder next to your bed is crucial. Record or write down your message(s) as soon as you awake to your conscious mind. These messages vanish VERY quickly, leaving you thinking, “Now who and what was that all about?” This is what I call a “dimensional shift.”

Inter-dimensional travel is also a very vivid and colorful experience, because you are in higher dimensional frequencies. Once you start traveling in this manner, everything on 3D Earth, begins to look very flat; not what we call 3-dimensional. Another thing you will notice is the people you meet seem to be looking right through you.

I am a very “polite” traveler. I always like to introduce myself to the entities that I visit. In turn, they would just laugh at me and say, “We know who you are!” Then you feel really stupid, embarrassed, or confused; depending on how long you’ve been traveling. This happens most often in parallel dimensions or when meetings with your guides. That is why they know who you are; it is one of your multi-dimensional experiences in another dimension.

Inter-dimensional travel is a function of the higher chakras’; the 11th. I have found that if I have any buried karmic issues, or blockages, they generally reside in the 8th chakra. If this happens, I discovered that my 11th chakra can go haywire, resulting in tangible things around the house vanishing. It also inhibits my ability to inter-dimensionally travel.

To recap:

Inter-dimensionally travel—requires that ALL of your lower chakras are open, karma-free, and spinning, and your higher chakras must all be developed and not have blockages. A connection with THE Higher Christ Self MUST be made, as travel experiences occur in the light realms.

Intra-dimensional travel — does not require balanced lower chakras or developed upper chakras; it is merely based on matching vibrational frequencies. It does not happen in the light realms.

It is highly possible that you might find yourself inter-dimensionally traveling for years, then all of the sudden it stops. From my experience it is caused by an unhealthy attachment. You cannot inter-dimensionally travel being tethered to another being or “material” things that do not result in an act of service to others, or is not part of your divine purpose / soul path. Remember, this is a gift; it is not about you.