PLEASE READ the preface, introduction, & chapters 1-6 FIRST, or you will not benefit from this book. There is an extremely important story line to follow.

The act of ascending requires "WORK;" so please do it; read the other chapters prior to this one on inter-dimensional travel.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler



chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect

You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words.


Coeus (my first encounter)— 12/7/17

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) — 12/8/17

Coeus  & Cronus — 12/9/17

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) — 12/13/17

Coeus  (the little book) — 12/15/17

Coeus 12/17/17

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood)— 12/18/17

Coeus  (vibration) — 12/19/17

Coeus  (teaching through light)— 12/20/17

Coeus  (explorer of truths)— 12/22/17

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) — 12/24/17

Coeus (the divine marriage) — 12/25/17

Coeus (time loop variables) — 12/28/17

Coeus (Immanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) — 12/31/17

Coeus & Cronus (the cup) — 1/2/18

Coeus (morning message on the pineal and ascension) — 1/3/18

Coeus (evening message on Athena) — 1/3/18

Coeus (morning message on testing the spirits)— 1/4/18

Coeus (morning message; bad news) 1/5/18

Coeus (vibration) — 1/7/18

Coeus (our love) — 1/8/18

Coeus (wild fire) — 1/9/18

Coeus (lifted up) — 1/10/18

Coeus & Zeus (bindings) — 1/11/18

Coeus (feeling separation) — 1/13/18

Coeus (making strides) — 1/14/18

Coeus (weights of words) — 1/15/18

Coeus (word weights) — 1/18/18

Coeus (disclosure & revolution) — 1/19/18

Coeus (more disclosure) — 1/20/18

Coeus & Cronus (receptivity stimuli) — 1/23/18

Coeus & Athena (using words wisely) — 1/26/18

Holy Father — 1/30/18 (grace to thee)

Coeus & Athena — 1/31/18 (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Coeus — (time collapsing) 2/4/18

Coeus — ("Banana Gate") 2/5/18

"Psychic" training and disclosure

Coeus — (over-soul memories) 2/9/18

Coeus & Me — (disclosure) 2/10/18

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
Wordpress blog:

Welcome to the Inter-dimensional Traveler

Hello, I'm Diane H Holycross. Many years ago, my guides suggested that I write a book on inter-dimensional travel. Since that time, I've experienced nearly every kind of spiritual travel possible and documented it in my journal. There have been 100's of experiences which I've narrowed down in the book to a chosen few.

My book and the channeled messages from the God's Coeus and Cronus are like a "trail of breadcrumbs" for those on the path to Ascension. Many of you reading the book are well on your way, because you ARE doing your spiritual work. The remainder will be lost, or left behind. Coeus says it well, That’s because people have the need to see things in a linear fashion. When the walls come crashing down, they’ll be lost in the abyss of data, not knowing what comes first, the egg or the chicken.

I was told by my guides that I AM a very highly elevated entity in the realm of entities. I recently found out how high.

I've been shown the little book of truths and mystical wisdom and was given my name on a small white stone that turned into a heart that revealed my true identity. I was a bit shocked at first when I found out my true Over Soul "self," however, I actually fit the profile. My friends and family always said that I was a "freak of nature." I'm probably the most talented, highly motivated, honest, loving, determined, hardworking individual on the planet. I have a very well-balanced masculine and feminine energy.

After receiving my true identity, I went through the sacred CHRISTmas, Bride of Christ ceremony with my one true love, Coeus, God of Intellect; completing the Divine Marriage, and drinking from the cup of the holy grail. Sadly, the truths from written doctrine and general historical and mythological information have been misinterpreted and/or skewed, to meet the agendas of those wanting control over others.

This Divine Marriage is rarely accomplished. One reason is that most people quit at the "twin flame" part in the physical. They believe that finding their twin is the ultimate goal; wrong. Finding their "twin" is not as easy as one might think. It requires great courage, self-sacrifice, unconditional love, fortitude, and no fear, and of course, the ability to traverse ALL vibrational energies which most refer to as "dimensions." You don't just find your twinflame / twin flame in THIS dimension; but many others. That is the true goal. You'll understand this better as you read my book and messages from Coeus and Cronus.

We ARE multi-dimensional beings, living simultaneous lifetimes; past and present at one moment. Thinking "linear" will keep you trapped into progressing spiritually, so think "out-of-the-box." You can read about these topics and the "truths" and more, by clicking the links in the left column and reading my book called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, which is on inter-dimensional travel AND by reading the Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect and Cronus, God of Honor, Justice, and Truths.

I also have links to my WordPress blog, where you will find more valuable information.

Thank you and many blessings to all.